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Saturday, October 16, 2010

GIKI MUN (Mega Ultimate Nostalgia)

Alright M Backkkkkkkkkkkkkk
After lots of days my blog was on a break and so was I as I was roaming in the wide open spaces of GIKI for all those who don't know what this is. Its a wolves , pigs and snakes inhabited university for engineering students in the mountains of TOPI....... Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Of Technology

Well me and my X GanG and some others went there to participate in a Model United Nations and our country was Argentina (LUCKY ME...... Vamos Messi :) )

Well the first bad thing that happened to me was on the morning on when we were about to leave since my committee was CCPCJ and got to know that my topics had been changed. My MUN had ended even before it started. I was broken inside and seriously my CCPCJ chair a.k.a Humayun Bhai a.k.a Chintoo doesn't want to know what kinda things I called him because I was coming there to win and my dream had been taken away from me

Well we sat in the bus and all my friends decided that now since I can't win and that all of them were already not preparing this trip is going to be fun and nothing else.

DAY 1:
We entered GIKI looking at its enormous gate and walls getting impressed by every second we saw its surroundings. All of us were saying COOOOOOL. Looking out the windows as the bus stopped in front of the central library. Yes we have entered the hub of technology GIKI, We came out of the bus with our heads high looking forward to a brilliant day ahead and got our handbags and I shouted "Lets GO" when a question came and I stopped which was "Where?" and then we looked around the HUB of technology was nothing more than a circly building in the center surrounded with 5 other departments and lots and lots of sun and bushes with no shade in sight then one of us answered the question "Lets go to the Cafeee" and okay we proceeded towards the cafe but as we entered our fun turned into horror as the cafe portrayed more of a small flopped restaurant in the hidden and remote areas of Gujranwala. Nothing to eat and only cokes to drink we bought the drinks and decided to roam around a little. After looking into the department and checking out the labs (which were really really cool) we looked for a sports complex and found it but unable to use it because of us being visitors we waited for the opening ceremony to start which was to be 3:30 pm Sharp and as we looked at our watches it was 4:30. The searing heat was starting to get us now and then finally we got the call that opening ceremony was about to start. We entered the auditorium and it was big but then we all started to feel bad and as we put a finger on it noticed that the Air Conditioners were not working. The ceremony was boring although we made it a lil fun by clapping a lot but it didn't matter. Finally we were gonna get the rooms and I stood in the line that would get me the keys to our room. I stood 45 yes u heard me 45 minutes in a line to get to know that my room was already open. Well since we were getting a room so I didn't fight and we went for the room. When we went in the room it was already occupied with COMSATS team. GIKI people told us to wait for 5 minutes in the common room as they would solve this matter. 5 minutes turned into an hour with us being lying like dogs in the common room with our baggage lying all over the place. Finally we got the room and since our time of resting had been taken by the room getting procedure we started to get ready for the Cultural cabaret. We wore our suits and left the place. The only great part about the cultural cabaret was our ramp walk. 5 boys did it among groups having girls and we still got appreciated from both boys and girls and I still can't remember what north korea did on the ramp walk :P
Well as the cultural cabaret ended we decided to run back to our rooms before the ragging session start and get ready in trousers and t shirts and roam in the university as uni students to avoid ragging (as suggested by my GIKI friend) but as we were about to leave we got to know that the room that was given to us was already alloted to FAST team. After another hour of waiting we were finally given the room and FAST team was shifted into another room. We went to TUC shop and bought biscuits and drinks to eat and lived on those for the night. HORRIBLE START

Day 2:
After sleeping after 3 am last night we had to get up at 6 in the morning to attend the 1st session at 7 am. We got ready and with practicing a little and without breakfast we entered the 1st session of our MUN. In the first session when it started the delegate of Brazil scared the hell outta me as she started reading out U.N articles and delegate of France and China spoke in their very hi-fi and energetic accents. I rose my placards sometimes and started speaking and without any prep raised some very good points and even made good work at rebutting some points raised at me. I was happy at my performance in the first session and we all went for lunch and had some stuff (dnt remember now) then we went back for the 2nd session. By now I had run out of all the general points that I had thought of or somebody else already spoke them before my turn could come and the discussion did also went very wayward. I went to most back seat and sat there looking as other fought it out between themselves. The second session ended and I quickly ran outta the hall and towards my room so we all can get ready for the big concert of E.P. It was to start at 7.30 Sharp and we all got ready and reached the place but well the definition of sharp of GIKI people didn't match ours. We ate kabab but still nothing, we went to TUC shop and back but still nothing, then we got in line and after another half hour people started to go inside. We went in and took the best seats in the house which gave us the most clearest view of the whole stage and the announcement came that "Concert will start in 10 minutes" and 20 minutes passed then another announcement "Concert will start in 5 minutes" and then another 15 minutes passed after which finally the announcer came and all I understood was "E.P" and from that moment onwards till the moment E.P left the stage we ALL went into a wild ride. Fawad's head banging and screams, Butt's rap and underground songs, Waqar's absolutely amazing drumming, Guitarist's glow in the dark transformer's shirt. JUST ABSOLUTELY SUPER DOOPERLY XTREMELY WONDERFULLY AND AMAZINGLY AMAZING. We all were very tired and after eating dinner we went back to hostels and slept.

Day 3:

"NOOOOOOOO, My neck hurts, my legs hurt, m sleepy I DON'T WANNA GO TO THE 3rd SESSION" were the calls we were making as we were forced to go to the 3rd session. Throats totally blocked, necks cramped, body pains and mind filled with E.P's songs we went to attend the 3rd session and spoke twice but had to leave early because of a problem. The rest went on as usual and the 4th session began which was the most fun of all sessions as all we had to do was to pass a resolution and then have fun. CCPCJ truly rocked as UNIFEM entered our room to attack us but got attacked themselves and well to say we got some very important prisoners of war as well :P :P *ahem ahem* and we beat those prisoners bad. Those who know already understand from my group. Then we had a dance off with France taking on Kuwait. Oh I also forgot to tell that Kuwait guy was absolutely AWESOME beat boxer and did magic too. Well as the sessions ended with some group photos we all went back to rooms and went to play soccer in the futsal court. We played football and had great fun and I also picked up a foot injury. Then we went to prepare for the Theme Dinner and the theme was Halloween. I decided to become the Joker. Green hair, white face, red smile and black eyes PERFECTTT. Being a die hard fan of the Joker I must say that I was the best among the ones roaming around. After getting ready we started to walk towards the destination and well oh well was it long, with my foot injury killing the hell outta me we walked nearly 2-3 Kms to reach the dinner area where we had dinner. In boys the best dressing would go to me or a guy dressed as SAW. In girls I would give it to the Sri Lankan girl who had AWESOMELY dressed as a zombie bride. After the dinner was the concert of Ali Azmat the KING OF ROCK, we walked again those 2-3 Kms to the auditorium. Yeaaaaaaaaaa

It was not supposed to be for weak hearted people but well even laced with a band consisting of Waqar at drums and Momo at Guitar after one hour of Ali Azmat's concert half of the hall was empty and we decided to leave too. Very disappointing concert it was as I went to escort my friend Maleeha to her hostel my foot really started killing me. Well I went to the medical wing and without a doctor in sight the nurse gave me pain killers on which I called my friends and went back to the room. After 35 minutes of washing I got all the paint and spray off from my face and hair without damaging the hair. Then again we went outside roaming very tired without a person in sight we started to go towards to TUC shop and as we reached we were told about an earth quake and a very massive one too. We never felt it cause our head's were already spinning and after the quake it started to rain. We quickly ran to reach our hostel totally dripping and then we slept

Day 4:

In day 4 there is nothing very special to tell except for the break fast we had and get ready. Yes we did a 900 Rs Breakfast. Yes people I can write this off my bucket list. We 5 ppl spent 900 rs on our breakfast eating 2 burgers each and a large glass of milk shake. The rest in day 4 was boring and nothing special happened. Had a great time back before we had to pay for a very stupid idea of the other team. We had to pay 200 per person because we hired a stupid van instead of going in the GIKI bus for free just to make a stop of 10 yes 10 DAMN minutes on a lake. STUPID AS U CAN GET

Things I Learned While In GIKI:

Definition Of Sharp:
When GIKI People put sharp at the end of their time please ask them this simple question your clocks are according to GMT (Greenwich mean time) or PST (Pakistan standard time) :P

AIR University ROCKS:
Yes AIR University is one of the best universities and I perfectly know now living in GIKI. The life there is fun yes but AIR still rocks.

Avoid GIKI Ragging:
As I heard from victims , if you are going to GIKI as a participant or a student do what we did and avoid the nastiest of raggings

ALL IN ALL It was a v good experience and was made memorable with my friends thea
We all will never forget room number 41
Many many memories lie there

My Committe also rocked , thanx Chair (He was the best among all chairs) , thanx Shabbo a.k.a Hasan, thanx to all the friends I made thea. CCPCJ ROCKS

Ending With Some Memorable Pictures :)

Till Next Time
X Y'All