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Monday, October 21, 2013

Pictures Only In Pakistan

Hello Everyone :)

After months of thinking and brainstorming with no ideas I finally managed to pull another idea out of my rusty (writer's block stricken) mind.

When we don't have stuff to write? What do we do? We show the world we see! So here goes my first picture blog with pictures I have taken around Pakistan.

Sarcasm Note : I "DO NOT" Own A DSLR Or A DSLR Page and I still have the guts to take pictures of stuff around and blog about them! BEAT THAT!

First Some On The Lighter Side!

The Lovers Inside Us Pakistanis Just Won't Die

 Vans In The Past "Main Baray Ho Kar Bus Bannu Gi"
Vans Now "Fast & Furious Couch"


 I Don't Even ..........

 Boys Print Very Wells!

Trust Level : Pindi Boyses


 Rules Are Meant To Be Broken!

Super Hero Facepalm! (Batman In Avengers For All Those Who Dnt Get It)

Now Some On A Serious Note!

This Is Our Youth! Studying In An Over Night Protest & Not Going Home! NOT That Filth That Talks To Their Girlfriends & Boyfriends At Home All Night! Smoke & Other Stuff!

Our Shops Get New Boards For Valentine's Day But Nothing For 14th August?

A Bathroom Writing!

None Of These Pictures Are Stolen!

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Till Next Time!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Pakistan Will Develop When ......

Hello Everyone!

After a long long long break! The last time I wrote a blog was in July and that was also written by someone else. I thought about some topics but just couldn't write stuff but then while on my way to Gujrat in a train I thought up of some points. Some points that I believe are the actual full stops in Pakistan's way to development. Somethings that we need to do instead of blaming everything on the government.

The points are as follows


  • When we will play our "National sports" instead of using it as a weapon in fights or for breaking stuff in protests.
  • When we will respect our own language more than other foreign languages.
  • When we will stop being slaves to other cultures.
  • When we will learn that "Revolution / Inquilaab" does not mean a one day Jalsa or long march.
  • When we will learn that "Inquilaab" means to change one self before trying to change the world.
  • When we will learn that "WE" elect the government.
  • When we will embrace our own culture.
  • When we will learn about our history and find out how this country came into being.
  • When a "bat" will be a sports equipment and not a political icon.
  • When a "book" will be something we read instead of voting for it.
  • When we will embrace our religion instead of modernizing it.
  • When we will follow our religion the way it is supposed to be instead of editing it according to our own stupid mind sets.
  • When we will learn that we have to give Pakistan, Pakistan does not owe us anything.
  • When we will learn that Pakistan is a gift to us, a huge gift and the more we take care of it, the less it is.
  • When we will be Pakistanis first before being a Punjabi, Balochistani, Sindhi and Pakhtun.
  • When we will be Muslims first before being a Shia, Sunni, Deobandi, Wahabi.

That's it for this time. Soon will come out with another humor blog!

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Till Next Time
X Y'all