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Friday, February 1, 2013

The RoomMate From Hell!

Guten Tag!

The blog has finally arrived
The day has finally arrived

My old room mate (Yes to all those who don't know, I am a hostellite) moved out in the start of January. I spent almost eight and half months with that guy. All the people on my facebook and twitter ( @SohaibX512 ) know how much I used to whine about him. 

Today I take this oppurtunity to describe to you "him"

1. Introduction

Name: Noor Ullah
Age: Above 30
Status: Married With Three Children
Employer: In Some Pak-Iran Gas Company

While the rest information you can take in from the snapshot I once took of his facebook ID when he used my laptop for sometime!

So that gives QUIET a start about his "state" to you people but let me continue. 

P.S: He lives in Lahore but now in Islamabad and is from Karachi!
P.P.S: YES! He is married :P

2. Snoring

This guy was a LOUD snoring machine. I am posting a video which will say it all

P.S: The sounds in the background are of the fan and the cooler and you can still hear him. Imagine sleeping with him in a quiet night of winters with no fans or cooler to bar that sound!

3. Alarm Tone!

What is the MOST disturbing Alarm tone you have heard in your life? Now multiply that with ten, square it, subtract 50 and multiply it by 25 after integrating it with initial condition of x = 25. I searched and I searched days and nights and I bring to you. The ringtone of the Satan himself

Again! Imagine a silent room in the winters in the morning you just slept two hours ago after working at the project all night and are all cozy in your blanket when all of a sudden! *hit the play button*

4. Privacy Issues

Well for all he was, he was a bit too open! Well to be really honest? WAYYYYYY TOO OPEN! He used to talk to his wife all the time in front of me and having a loud voice naturally those conversations would even break the barriers I would try to put on his privacy by wearing ear phones. 
I have a soft spot for Bhabhi (His wife) because the way he fought with his wife all the freaking time. Every time scolding her for the stuff that she didn't even do, trying to make her jealous by telling her stories of girls from office who were flirting on him, always blaming her family and there were hundreds of times I wondered how she bears with this guy. Then again he just didn't fight with his wife, he fought with his mom, his dad and even with the television sometimes.

5. His Pros

Well anyone can't be ALL bad. He had two very good habbits where one was that he was clean all the time and kept the place nice and the second was that he loved food and brought stuff to eat and shared it with me all the time. Remembering the one time when at 2 am he felt hungry and ordered a Pizza for both of us :'D

In the end I would wish him well for his future life
If you are reading this Noor Bhai I am a humor blogger man :P Cut me some slack! You were some great material :P
You sir were a pain but one that I will surely remember for a lifetime.
My first ever room mate!

Ending with a picture of him ...... well let the picture do the talking (censoring for obvious reasons) :P

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Till Next Time
X Y'All