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Friday, September 4, 2015

Love You Till Suicide

Asalam o alikum

This September began with the tragic news that in Karachi a tenth grade student shot his girl classmate and later committed suicide. This news should not only be a shock for the authorities of Pakistan, scholars, teachers and NGOs, but a major challenge for all of them as well.

Such ultimatums for the Pakistani society are increasingly sagging. The question to ask is, that have the teachers have failed in the deliverance of morals or the scholars and jurists have forgotten their roles? Care of the authorities has been limited to general sales taxes and their payments and parents are forced to work harder and harder, fulfilling material requirements, oblivious of ethical responsibilities towards their children, Who should be held answerable?

This incident is suicidal for our entire generation which unfortunately has such a state of mind with no intellectual reflection. No one cares who dies or where, all spies is the way they died, they loved each other and could not imagine in their tiny innocent wild imaginations their lives without each other. For a few days it will buzz over the ears of the people looking for excitement and thrill, media will upgrade its ratings and then it will be buried forever in the deep grave of social neglect.

(Letters allegedly written by the boy and girl for their parents before committing suicide)

To reach the root of such silent human disasters is not that difficult, the point of issue in this case is to usurp the human rights with attention and care within the society. Responsible institutes are continuously a skewing from realizing the unfeigned awareness of morality in the society. Nobody is there to ask, Is a teacher is merely appointed  in schools and other educational institutes to make students to memorize lessons, prepare for exams and, some twigs of verbal knowledge are beings sung for entertainment, Is this it?

Why there is no strict check on teachers who are neglecting their responsibility regarding moral status of the school or institutes? Children must be taught what they are? Human or any other species? They must be taught why there are given this life? They must know why they are walking over the face of the earth? They should know that they are Muslims. They have some obligations as being one. They must be aware of life as a greatest gift of ALLAH and they should be thankful to HIM.

No one with strong hand and power seems to see it.  With apologies, even scholars and jurists are not paying even a slightest attention towards this declining state of social values.​ Indeed parents are accountable too, as house is place from where the seed of human nature springs about with training and instructions. Yes it s undeniable that this life is bitter for everyone in one way or another, recent economic problems have broken backbone of many families, but even then parents must try to teach the lessons of life which parents themselves had learnt from their life experiences so that a child at least knows the difference between good and bad.

What is in the child's character? How is it possible that the boy and girl are so close in this age, what was that kid taught in co- educational system and what would have been his future in colleges and universities? Awareness of values, norms is crucial for the developing societies, our children must learn to arrive at the right and practical conclusions rather than emotional hasty decisions.

( Facebook profile screenshot of the boy. with his alleged message “Tomorrow I will die” also appears on his page. And the screenshot of the Facebook profile of the girl — is a photograph of Indian actors Emran Hashmi and Vidya Balan from the recent film ‘Humari Adhuri Kahani’)

I am directly speaking to the government to look at each case. The culture ministries in the government regularly inspect issues of this kind. There should be prohibition of culture which is unhealthy and abusive to our Islamic and human values. It is a fact vulgarity of any kind never belongs to any ethical culture, then why our youth is being misled by false figments of ignorant and base passions, wherever such abusive industry is being imported from, establishment of Islamic republic of Pakistan must take practical incentives to ban this smuggling of immorality.

The authorities are being asked for a little attention towards the cultural invasion that resulted in our homes, what message is coming through driven films? What kinds of films are being shown on screens in our own country? I fear that if we do not wake up today, then tomorrow we will be seeing the same breaking news with a new story.

Understand our Priorities
What we are giving to our Next Generation..???

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Syeda Muhaddisa Naqvi

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

To Ban Or Not To Ban

Asalam o Alikum Everyone

Recently a chaos hit the social media of the country after the release of an Indian movie called “Phantom” A Movie which equates against terrorism as a movie against Pakistan, Pakistani censor board decided to ban it after watching the copy submitted for censor.

Even Nobel prize winner MSF is outraged over wrong portrayal of aid worker in the movie. The movie makers did not do their home work before making the movie to cash in the hype. The international charity MSF is going to sue the makers of Phantom on the grounds that it endangers the lives of aid workers and medics in war-torn countries and developing countries.

And Yessss some educated citizens equate support for such a movie as supporting enemies of Pakistan. 

How can such a movie be worth watching that gives terrorists ideas by portraying aid workers as spies and counter-terrorist operatives, thus putting the lives of real aid-workers living with real threats in the real world? What about the lives of those aid workers who will now be in greater danger? 

By watching the film, it acts to signal to the film makers that demonizing Pakistan pays dividends and finances further systematic channel level of the Indian war machine. You are paying for the privilege to push a doctrine which is misleading people by fabrication, exaggerations and distortions portrays Pakistan as a Provocateur and India as the all righteous which is so far from reality!! 

Such is India’s totalitarian reach, Pakistanis like us are growing increasingly accepting to the growing susceptibility of India’s bastions of violence that encourages the only logical solution; war. Pakistanis need to understand that every conflict is fought on at least two grounds, on the battlefields and the minds of people via propaganda.

Now the Question is…

Why don’t people raise voices when Pakistanis are killed by Indians on the border? Where does all the liberalism vanish then? Understand the difference between liberalism and patriotism. It is good to be liberal, but at the cost of the dignity of your country. It's NOT.

Why don’t we understand….

THIS IS HOW BOLLYWOOD WORKS…. First, make a movie like Bajrangi Bhaijan to promote friendship and peace and right after they release a movie showing terrorism with the involvement of Pakistan… A planned pattern…. an act to create hatred in public.

Now this is the time of showing Patriotism… time to show love, the true love by banning their every single movie, drama in Pakistan. It’s time to open our eyes and see what we are doing… we are helping their economy by watching their movies and dramas and in return they are brutally killing our innocent citizens… 


The biggest irony is that we are ready to watch all kinds of Bollywood stuff, whether it is against of our country, our culture, our so called Molvi Hazraat has no issue then… But YESSSS they have issues on releasing the Irani Movie "Muhammad: The Messenger of God" in the country and called a ban for the movie

Now What's wrong with it???????

"Muhammad: The Messenger of God" is made with the goal of presenting the right image of Islam to the world. The world’s perception of Islam today does not match with the truth of Islam. So the movie can bring the true and real picture to all around the world…

Now why don’t we stand for its release… in our country????

To My knowledge I don’t find anyone in social media or anywhere else to stand for its release… our renowned industry people actively stood to Ban “Phantom” but no one stood to support" Muhammad: The Messenger of God"

My question is why you people can’t stand for the release of" Muhammad: The Messenger of God"

Why we make such differences….

Do we know what we want???
We need to think again….

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Syeda Muhaddisa Naqvi