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Monday, March 5, 2012

PG: Not For Children

Heyyyy Allllllllllll

M Back, after the grueling success of my blog Men: The Oppressed Souls. I have been threatened, abused and applauded by girls all around. Many girls agreed to my point of view easily, some abused me a lot and then agreed to my point of view and some just went on to threaten me :P

Well still waiting for the reply from the Women side, I thought of bringing to you another blog.

Now there is some stuff which were made and brought forward for children and maybe those things look good when you are children but when you look at those things as an adult then if you are a parent or even someone who cares will try to keep the children away from these AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

I List Some Stuff Down


"I Love You, You Love Me, We Are A Happy Family, With A Big Big Hug & A Kiss From Me To You, Won't You Say You Love Me Too"

You would just find almost all kids back in the time singing this song and I would want to insult Barney but one of my good friends the Pindi Boy (Hammad) (The best humor blogger in Pakistan) has already done this in one of these blogs and I will instead copy some of his lines.

Barney I will not take this anymore. All those sleepless nights all those nightmares of a purple dinosaur coming in my dreams and hugging me and that tune repeatedly going in my head for 4 years of my life.
I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won’t you say you love me too?
Does no one else find this song psychotically messed up? It has pedo written all over it. And to all the Barney lovers out there. I just have one question for you. Was he just hugging you? Was he just simply and only hugging you? Think about it.
It’s Time to Say No to Barney. Because it’s creeps like him that ruin kids like me.

Each smile on each of the child in his show has a story. A sad shocking story. These aren't real smiles these are artificial smiles. Smiles that cover the emotional scar of what Barney did to these kids. If only they would speak up.


Sesame street was one of the most popular kids shows when I was a kid and they even translated it for the Pakistani children in urdu with the name "Khul Ja Sim Sim" but now when I see this program as an adult. People think by watching sesame street children will learn how to "count" and "spell" but now I see that sesame street teaches kids other things. Like how to "judge" people and "label" people.

Like they have the above character named "Oscar" and they judge him right in his face. They treat this guy like crap in the entire show
They would be like
The old people: "Oscar you are so mean, isn't he kids?"
Kids: "Yea , Oscar you are a grouch"

HE LIVES IN A DAMN TRASH CAN, what do u expect of him?
These are the kids that walk over homeless people in the streets saying "Get a job grouch"

Sesame street is a terrible place, I never would want to go there. With six foot pigeons walking around the area :/

Then they have this above character and they call him the "Cookie Monster" , ever wondered why he is always hyper and his eyes are popping out?? You know it is not the sugar :P , Ever wondered what kind of cookies is he asking for?


If there has been a more annoying show than Doremon then I would prefer to die before watching that show. It has been sooooo much annoying in english and in Pakistan they have dubbed it in hindi. It is pure torture and I am damn sure that they have started showing non stop shows of Doremon in Guantanamo Bay as well. This show only teaches kids how to take shortcuts in real life, how to ditch you mothers by using lies and shortcuts, how to bully your friends and how to talk to a blue creature that lives with you. Learning a lot eh?


Okay when I was a kid then my mom didn't even let me play with all the bad kids of the street and look at kids now. They are watching a show and "Idolizing" a cartoon character which is a girl who goes around everywhere without the permission of her parents with a talking monkey?? What the hell are they trying to teach children these days? A fox that loves stealing stuff, stalks Dora everywhere and not even once has Dora tried to tell her parents about it. Cartoons for children?


Disney just totally got off the track to make stuff for children when they launched Miley Cyrus to the children and then things started getting worse and then it hit rock bottom when they launched another girl into the society. The girl being "Justin Bieber" . They made this girl to entertain children all around but her first song was about her chasing a girl all around a bar singing "Baby baby baby oooooohhhhhhhhhhh" , I MEAN WTH?? Except for the word "Baby" there is nothing for children to see or "hear" in that song. Things just went downwards from there.


Cricket is supposed to be a sport for everyone and including children but then came in the "Indian Cricket Team" and made it a complete adult sports. The pictures are enough said.


One of the main reasons behind Mall Road Muree was simple, a place for complete family fun and if as a kid you would look at it as a place with toy stores and arcade gaming but look at it as an adult and it has turned into nothing but a "Poondi" (If you don't know the meaning of this then you still didn't read my Men: The Opressed Souls blog and you don't deserve to know it) spot for boys and girls alike. Pindi boys and girls stand wearing sun glasses in gangs and stay on a look out for good looking girls and boys who are out with family and make them uncomfortable. You really want to drag kids out there?


Majority of the kids remember the above for being the host in the GEO show "Ham Sab Umeed Sey Hain" and then look at her as an adult and she has done some "TOP" class stuff after leaving that show. She has ruined the caste of "Malik" 's name. Absolute disgrace and shame and needs to be kept away from children.

9. F 9 PARK

What the F9 park was built for :)

All clean and good family fun :) Kids playing around as parents enjoy the greenery and have a good picnic :)

& Presenting To You, What The F9 Park Is Being Used For


I may be a Maaya Khan hater but really we do need one of her in the F9 park :P


If you think Miley Cyrus and Justin bieber were not enough for the children of the world to be destroyed and turn into a world of mayhem. Then came "Lady Gaga" , Eminem has seen some REAL stuff in his life and just look at his face in the above picture. You think this "THING" is even anything you would show your kid even kept behind a cage in a zoo?

Well That Is It From This Time
Till Next Time
Most Probably By Next Time I Will Comeback With The Reply From The Woman's Side


X Y'All