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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pakistan & The Mouse Trap!

Hello All!

Before I turn to the main blog, I would like to thank everyone who have read and supported my blog for it to reach 1,10,000 all time views. Thank you very much :)

Now in the past days, I had sort of a mouse problem at my house. So first I tried to chase it around with a stick in my hand and hoping to catch it or get it out of my house. Since that plan failed, I changed the strategy to something for fatal and brought home a conventional mouse trap. I set the trap with the bait and went to sleep, the next day when I woke up the bait was gone and the trap never worked. I thought I might have failed in setting the trap properly so now with a much more attractive bait, I set the trap again the very next day and in front of my eyes the mouse came and took the bait out of the trap and the trap didn't work again as the mouse ran away with the butter filled treat. So it turns either the mouse is too light weighted or too quick for the trap so I went out and found myself a better trap. A mouse cage and sure enough as I set the bait in the exact same position and slept, the next morning I found the mouse trapped in the cage knowing that since now it had the habit of taking that treat every night and guessed it would be on the exact same spot but did not figure out that the trap could be more dangerous cause it never got caught in the trap before and was unaware of my planning.  

Sounds familiar?

From the day Pakistan was made in 1947 to now we have been pulled into traps, all different kinds of them. From the start with Mountbatten changing the map of Pakistan and giving all resources to India or may it be the recent sectarian fights trying to be instilled in the public so that we can die without our enemies having to even touch us. 

This is just a plot that we have been put through, we have survived some of the traps that were set for us but we survived cause we never knew they were traps and in some we were caught because we still didn't knew they were traps. From MQM trying to raise the Muhajireen to stand against the Pathans to the Terrorist and banned outfits pre planning events to create a Shia Sunni crisis in the state. All of the traps we have fell in cause we are ignorant, we are illiterate and we are not able to differentiate between right and wrong. We have elected the same corrupt governments again and again to rule over us and every time at the end we say that we won't fall for it this time but yet again here we are. Is this not a trap that we have fallen for?

People are fighting over sectarian issues, pulling out fatwas and calling everyone kaafir (Infidel) while those very people I know abuse all the damn time, every word out of their mouth is followed by an abuse and don't even follow the basic points of Islam but they would rather fight over sectarian issues. People even defend the terrorist branches out there killing people because they belong to a sect and they don't like their beliefs. Now killing someone is THAT EASY! 

But if we are Muslims then the Quran (Not a book of any sect) states that killing of one soul is like killing entire humanity. Did our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) ever killed someone cause of their belief? Did he not respect all religions and beliefs and tried to make people realize the truth by his actions and words NOT by force.


America on one hand trying to take over the sovereignty of Pakistan, while India on the other hand always stabs us in the back whenever we extend a hand of friendship. Have we not let this country suffer enough cause of us?

Our enemies are laying traps all around us and we are falling. Why don't we see? That they are afraid of our unity! THEY ARE AFRAID OF THIS NATION UNITING! THEY SAW WHAT HAPPENED WHAT THIS NATION DID UNDER A LEADER! 


Till Next Time!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Creeps: The Stereotypes 2

Hello Everyone!

I am back with another part of my previous successful blog "Creeps: The Stereotypes" with its Part 2.

Although before the blog I want to say something. Whatever happened in Rawalpindi on 10th Muharram was terrible and shouldn't have happened and we need to see that it was a pre-planned attempt to create sectarian feud in Pakistan. Let's stand up against it and show that we are united! ALL MUSLIMS IN PAKISTAN ARE UNITED! Let's fail their attempt to break down Pakistan.

Now back to the topic!

Girls are still being haunted by guys and "profiles" from all over the place and I searched around and finally through a good source got some more screenshots of Creeps.

1. The Sheikh

Ya Habib! Ya Rafiq! I used to think Sheikhs only buy items but now they are out buying friends on facebook as well? Ouch! Prince Fahad of Saudia Arabia should probably kill himself after this photo leaks out on the internet! Such a low standard for a royalty!

2. Beauty & The Beast

He is basically living in Greece and is a beauty admirer and just can't stand the fact of not admiring beauty when he sees it. I can bet he has a DSLR and he lives in Rawalpindi and the only time he was Greece was under his car.

3. Chor Ki Daarhi Main Tinka (Guilty Conscious) 

Now this guy is trying to explain that he "landed" in that girl's profile by magic and he is not a stalker, pervert or anything, its all just magic how he is attracted to this girl. Btw he has also studied an online course from Hogwarts.

4. No Words!!!

I .............. Okay ............ But .............. WHY? :S

5. The Number Guy

A much more direct and proper approach. Just give in your number and wait for the girl to open her FB inbox and get surprised all of a sudden on discovering the number of a stud and quickly adding it on her mobile and sending in a text. GENIUS! FLAWLESS!

6. Personality Disorder

First he goes all Shahrukh Khan from Kal ho na ho on her and then he goes all Emraan Hashmi from well his every damn movie on her. A clear personality disorder case. Choclate Girl? Seriously bro?

7. Religious Scholar

In a time of crisis this is the kind of religious scholars we need! He is above religions, outer beauty and races. He transcends all boundaries and believes in true relations that are based on heart. 

He is the hero we need but not the one we deserve!

8. Wedding Ad!

A clear wedding ad! DUDE! THIS IS FACEBOOK! What you are looking for is

9. O M G !

"U r a wish dat ppl wish for n live in hope of it but only a few can b blessed and i want ...."

I need to stop before I start crying. Isn't he just .......... dreamy?............. Girls?

10. Strangers

Our mom's have always told us to never talk to strangers and probably their mom's told them too! That's why the first thing they have done is to end the "strangeness" between them and the targeted girl! Nice move guys!

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Till Next Time!
Stay United! :D

Ending With Some Honorable Mentions!

Pindi Boyses + Army = Sc3N3 aWn! S1r Y3s S1r!


Poor Bloke!


Izzat Daar Bhai Check Karo Zara!
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