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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Day I Was Taken Hostage

Asalam o Alikum

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So, if you are on the page, you would know that I was held on gun point by two robbers for one hour and robbed of my stuff. Thanks to ALLAH that my life was spared at the end. Having a platform, I would like to share my experience. 

So I was walking towards my gym from a bakery after buying pastries for my niece's birthday. On the way I passed by when two people on bike confronted me, with one on my front and one who had a gun in his hand covering me from the side. They asked me to silently move into the alley next by showing me and shoving me with the gun again and again. When I obliged they took my mobile, my laptop bag and while taking it one of them punched me in the face. I was still in shock mode since I had been walking in that area since almost half a year now. Then he head butted me too trying to administer all the scare tactics he knew and believe me it was working fine. Then he took my purse, I got some senses back and asked for my NIC card and Driver's license as it was of no use to them and they were gonna throw it anyway, so they were gonna return it but with my bad luck they saw the ATM card and wanted more money out of me if they hadn't drained me enough. So on the force of gun point they made me sit on the bike in between both of them like a fried chicken patty between two buns and they started their journey towards a bank. There were banks nearby but it was a public area so they couldn't risk me shouting and them getting caught or in their words "Them shooting me and escaping" because obviously in all this time they had started caring for me :P

Anyway! We moved towards more uninhabited areas which were quiet far and went on bike for almost 20 minutes during the time they told me that if I didn't do anything silly I will be left alive while if I do then things will happen that happened to other people before me, basically using scare tactic, there they finally found a bank. he took my ATM card, asked my pin and went, luckily he gave the wrong pin 3 times and my ATM card got blocked. After that he tried in 3 different banks but to no luck. During the time one went to get the money out of the bank, the other stayed with me trying to talk to me and have a conversation because of course we had become best buddies after all. He told me where they were going, how forced they are to do such things, plus used further scare tactics. After all was in vain, they sent me into 4-5 banks to get the money out with one person accompanying me at all times but since the ATM card was blocked so no transactions were possible. They got tired maybe after that because obviously it was a very tiring work looting someone of their hard earned stuff and they decided that laptop, mobile and the money in my purse were enough. So they dropped me, took my stuff and gave my purse and keys back and left.

Before I continue further, I would like to Thank ALLAH again and again for saving my life.

It was a very scary experience after it happened and whenever I told people they shared their own stories of themselves or others they knew and I got to know that what has happened to me, happened to thousands and thousands of others and happens to many everyday. The ticker we used to read on our news channels were of different people who maybe tried to protest with the robbery. 

The robbers who robbed me also recited the Kalma (Sentences describing a Muslim's belief) two to three times in order to convince me that no harm shall come of me IF I don't do anything stupid. After all this happened my mind wandered on this incident a lot and thought that Yazid had similar beliefs, he also used to recite the Kalma but then he also drank alcohol, he did drugs, he killed Hazrat Imam Hussain's (A.S) family and made the women and children captives. Are we muslims following Yazid's path now?

The two items that I lost were my mobile and laptop! My laptop which I dearly loved and was my partner in crime. I took him along where I went. My FIFA partner, my everything. I miss you :'(

I have no message for the robbers. Maybe if you read this, I say that may you leave this path and go towards more good things in your life. I wish you a successful life (NOT IN THIS CAREER) but in a honest and good deeds one.

Till Next Time!

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Everyone Please Take Care!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Women Are To Be Respected (Read: Objects For Lust)

Welcome back Ladies & Gentlemen!

If you didn't know yet then know now! This blog has grown! Now its not an individual, its a team! #TeamSyed. I have recruited some members to my team and in the upcoming days they will also start posting blogs with their respective signatures!

For now I have a promise to fulfill! I promised that once my page hit 1000 likes! AND YES IT DID! :D
I will make a comeback in the blogging world and here it is.

This is a topic I really wanted to write about but my writer's block and the fact that I am a really lazy human kept me from it but now its time.

The times are changing, now is the modern era. Now women want to be bold, they want to be powerful, they want to be equal to men, they want to stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counter parts, they want to do what males do, they want to show that they are not weak. The women are doing that in almost every field and its a brilliant sight, Women taking over many field day by day from men and trust me it is brilliant!

Yes there is a BUT! Not that sort of Butt! I mean BUT BUT!

The but is that Women who are trying to be bold, to be equal, to be shoulder to shoulder with men are trying to follow the media, magazines, social networks, websites, movies, fashion to try and turn themselves into these things while the media, the magazines and this stuff is actually doing the exact opposite thing. The media is trying to degrade women, the media is trying to diminish their respect, trying to turn women into objects used  for sex and for lust or just as objects instead of people, instead of humans. Have you ever seen a commercial of Men Axe products? Have you ever seen a commercial of Gillette men shaving blades? Are these female brands? NO but what does those ads show, just the fact that Women are going nuts in numbers of men who use these products. Example of the ads are below


This is the "WEST" that claims that gives women the "RESPECT" the "EQUALITY" among men that Islam denies. This is the west that claims that women are oppressed in Islam over the freedom they have in the west culture. Do you see the freedom while grabbing onto a male of your choice? and the sad part is that women are going into this, they are being attracted towards this, not grabbing onto males but they are dressing like these women while some are not dressing at all. They think this is freedom which has been so powerfully cramped into their brains by the media and when they are told not to do this, they feel insulted. They feel like their freedom has been captured and they feel happy following this brain washing that the media has put them under. I can name infinite examples of ads, jobs, positions that are just showing that media and the west have turned women into nothing but objects used for attraction and lust for men.

Pakistan is not far out, we have started following the western cultures, we have surely seen
our media following the same footsteps and crossing limits and showing women as objects of lust and attraction. A women is a must have in any sort of marketing stint, women are standing in marketing activities because that attracts customers. Women are dancing in mobile ads and shoes ads just for lust and attraction. Some examples from Pakistan ads

The examples are many but these are just mild ones, one where Mona lisa half bares herself to dance and market herself to sell mobiles and you cannot even guess from the screens that the other is a Servis shoes commercial where all it is showing is good looking girls instead of the shoes that this company is supposed to sell!

Now I am directly talking to the women who are reading this blog!

Is this respect? Is this the kind of respect and equality you want with males? Wearing exotic clothes and thinking this is freedom? Mathira is defending your point of view on television, isn't that enough to open your eyes? I am not asking everyone to right now take out your Burqas and cover yourself and lock yourselves in your room! As I said above I am very happy that my sisters, my mothers are out there conquering the world with their superior intellect and talents BUT please you need to stop yourself from becoming an object, an object that is looked upon for lust. I have seen some girls sharing a quote "Nazar teri gandi and parda main karun?"
I respect women!
Do you respect yourself?

One last question!

Are you an "Axe" girl? Under the "Axe" effect?
Or are you really "FREE" ?

I leave you at that! Please think about it!

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Till Next Time!
Please think about it!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Letter To COAS Raheel Shareef

Dear Sir, 

Sir I respectfully request you to please take action on this situation. We are sick and tired of this incompetent government and we are sick and tired of these situations created by these so called political parties. We are also sick and tired of this stupid bought media which twists and turns facts. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOW! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! Its time to act now, democracy has given us nothing over the years except deaths, poverty and expenses. Please I request you to take immediate action and initiate Martial law and please DO NOT leave it at this time. 

  • Its time to hang anyone who has betrayed this nation.
  • Its time to create cases and trials against all those corrupt leaders who have looted us for too damn long now. 
  • Its time to end these sectarian terrorist groups that are killing under the protection of political leaders.
  • Its time to save Pakistan
Please please please! Don't be like the previous ones, we know you are a true soldier and you are a true Pakistani, we know your family's history and we know how much sacrifices your family has made for Pakistan. Please its time to save that very Pakistan for which your family and thousands of other families have given so many sacrifices. Enough is enough for sectarian terrorism that this current government is funding. 


A Request
Syed Sohaib Mansoor Naqvi

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Letter To Puyol!

Carles Puyol,
Captain FC Barcelona.

Respected Legend,

I Still Am Not Able To Digest The Fact That Now There Won't Be A Puyol In FC Barcelona From Next Season. Its Just Impossible! From The Day I Started Watching Barcelona There Were Two Names ALWAYS In The Back! Victor Valdes & Carles Puyol! If It Wasn't Bad Enough That The Legend Of Valdes Was Leaving Us! Now Puyi? OUR PUYI? OUR CAPTAIN? OUR LION? OUR HEART? OUR SOUL? :'(


THANK YOU! You Were A Wall & I Don't Think We Will Ever Find A CB That Is Even 10% Of Your Determination & Spirit! Rijkaard, Guardiola, Tito & Others May Have Run The Team Off The Pitch In Those Many Many Trophies But It Was YOU! YOU ALL THE TIME RUNNING THE TEAM INSIDE THE GROUND! Making Everyone Work! HARDER & HARDER!

I don't know if you will receive this letter or not, will you be able to read it or not, but this is from me! TO YOU!

I Want To Write More but I Don't Have More Words ......... :(
Et volem, que sempre romandrà en els nostres cors. Vostè és el nostre lleó, el nostre líder, el nostre capità

Yours Truly
A Sad Cule!
Syed Sohaib Mansoor Naqvi

Ending With Some Memorable Pictures Of You!


As Ray Hudson Said It That Day "Captain Tarzan Comes Swinging In His Vine & Scores" 



NUMBER 5! :'(

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Just Some Pakistani Definitions


New blog with new possibilities!
In Pakistan we tend to use stuff the way "WE" want to, we don't use things according to the user manual but we use it in our very own special way and that's why we have made our very own definitions! Below are some examples!

Note: In the coming weeks I will keep adding to it with more pictures as I think of more things and suggestions are always welcome :D

Till Next Time!
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