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Monday, November 26, 2012

Have We Forgotten?

Hello All

9th & 10th Muharram just passed and I thought to share some views I had of the situation
Before anyone tries to judge this blog let me tell you. I AM A SHIA! I AM A MUSLIM!
Please continue reading ONLY if you are Muslim or a Terrorist (Part dedicated for you as well)

For Fellow Muslims:

Our Sects differ? Okay!

Our methods of praying differ? Okay!


Do our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) Differ? NO! We all conclude to the fact that Rasool ALLAH (S.A.W) is the final messenger of ALLAH and there will be no Prophet after him (S.A.W). Our Prophet (S.A.W) was NOT a Shia, was NOT a Sunni. Just a MUSLIM! Agreed?

Then Holy Prophet (S.A.W) told us to keep hold of two things after his death!
  • His Family (Ahl-e-Bait)

This hadith has been copied in Shia as well as Sunni books (I can provide references). 

SO! I have a question. When Muharram comes then why do people dedicate this to Shias? Was Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) some specific sect’s Prophet's grandchild? Did some sect’s prophet said about Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) that “Hussain is to me, like I am to Hussain” NO!! It was OUR Holy Prophet (S.A.W)
  • Then do my readers know completely the details that happened in the incident of Karbala?
  • We know who Selena Gomez is but we don’t know who Bibi Sakeena is
  • We know that Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor got married but do we know what were the names of the wives of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S)?
  • We know that Steve Jobs died and who was he but do we know the names of the 72 martyrs of Karbala and how they attained martyrdom?
  • We know what happened in “Hamsafar” but do we all know what happened in “Sham-e-Ghareeban”?

Has our world led us apart from what our Prophet (S.A.W) said?

Sunnis have a belief that maatam (beating one self) and crying is wrong for this incident! Okay fine! I will say we are wrong BUT!

You say Maatam is wrong? Then don't do maatam! Read THE Quran on 9th & 10th Muharram
You say crying for a martyr is wrong? Then go and give food to the hungry and give water to the thirsty
What are you trying to prove by listening to songs and watching movies in these days?
Are you supporting Hazrat Imam Hussain or Yazid in this? 

When our Prophet (S.A.W) said “There will be after me twelve Amir (Prince/Ruler), all of them from Quraysh." Tirmidhi 

Do you know the names of those twelve? Do you know what happened to those twelve? Do you know the 12th is Hazrat Imam Mehdi who will come and fight against Dajaal?

Please think about it!

I know many will question me, many will fight me, many will stop reading my blogs after this but it is a risk am willing to take.

For Terrorists:

In this part I call on ALL of you! TALIBAN! AMERICA! ISRAEL! & all other small or big terrorist organizations in or outside Pakistan. If you were not sleeping then you can see that your plan failed. 4 bomb blasts in two days before 8th Muharram in Pakistan, killings in Palestine, killings in Syria, killings in Bahrain and then you saw how that multiplied the people that came out to pay their tribute to Hazrat Imam Hussain on Aashura. I am an eye witness and I can surely say that in Pakistan at least this time there were double the number of people as compared to last time. 
TERRORISTS!!! Our Imam has taught us through this war that never to bow your head in front of oppressors. WE WILL NEVER STOP! THIS WILL ONLY INCREASE! We will always come out for the truth and all your bullets, bombs and weapons will count for NOTHING! STOP your worthless tries! PALESTINE WILL BE FREE!!! 
O PRESENT YAZIDS enjoy your time in power on the side of the dajaal. INSHA ALLAH Our leaders Hazrat Imam Mehdi (A.S) and Hazrat Eesa (A.S) will come soon and free all the oppressed Muslim states. That day your leader Dajaal will fall and our leaders will take control!

Till Next Time
Please Think About It

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Party Leaders: My View

Hello Everybody!!!

M Backkkk!!!

2 Months of no blogging and two half written blogs still in my dashboard I leave it all behind and go on towards this blog which I have been asked by many people to write on. It has no "objective" but just a point of view!

So let's start

1. Imran Khan (PTI)

I hope after this PTI fans don't start abusing me like they started abusing media personnel but I will say what I have to say! I myself was a major fan of Imran Khan when the so called "Tsunami" started and I supported him but he has parted ways with his own words. He said he would do a lot in turn he has either done nothing or the complete opposite. 

He wouldn't let corrupt leaders join his party?? --> He has many
He would let the youth have the power?? --> None what so ever
Party loyals will be taken care off?? --> All starting party members leaving

There has been a major downfall to Tsunami from what it started in Lahore to what it has become now which is just a joke. Imran Khan is now doing the same "conventional politics" that others have done. Showing us gold plated dreams and even taking our own dreams away from us. He has thugs in his parties such as "Garvaish" owner of the "Garvaish" hotels in Faisalabad who is a known thug in the area. Disrespectful people such as Inamullah Niazi and MANY MANY MORE corrupt politicians are a part of his "REVOLUTIONARY" team.

One thing PTI fans should engrave in their minds. PTI and Imran Khan are nothing but aiding PPP in winning the next elections as well because all PTI will end up doing is to steal votes of PML (N) and some areas of PPP while PPP will clearly have the majority with PML (N)'s votes divided. So until unless Imran Khan comes up with something brilliant (WHICH I TRULY HOPE HE DOES) there is no hope for PTI what so ever.

2. Zardari (PPP)

Now this is a leader! NONE of his party officials say anything bad about him, NONE in Pakistan has the guts to say anything about him on his face, NONE have it what it takes to fool him, NONE have it what it takes to take him out. He has made leaders (not from his party but from all) dance on his fingertips and those people even knowing couldn't stop him. Zardari is PURE EVIL! 5 years he did everything in front of everyone and nobody could do shit to him. Although he ruined my nation but a super villain of his stature is hard to find. His smaller thugs even of the likes of Rehman Malik are not under people's control what else can you ask about him.

3. Sharif Brothers ( PML (N) )

Here there is one brother who is actually doing something, maybe only in big cities but its showing none the less. The steps he has taken in Lahore, development in Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi is commendable. The work he is doing for youth is amazing such as Laptop scheme, Internship scheme, Punjab youth festival and the world records are just some examples. He goes around and makes sure the work is done rightly by himself.
On the other hand though there is the other brother, the elder. Who has been totally unmatched and bamboozled by the genius of Zardari and the competition by Imran Khan that he has nothing left in his arsenal. He starts his speech to blaming Musharraf and he ends his speech on hanging Musharraf! WHY? Not because he loves Pakistan but it was Musharraf who ended his reign and made him runaway on a deal to Saudi Arabia. Zardari making a fool out of him repeatedly and Imran Khan's competition has made the new hair on his head to fall again. He made promises and forgot, HE DID NOTHING as an opposition and let Zardari rule for five years where people starved to death!

When people say he has no link to America I LAUGH!

Its such a simple equation!

Nawaz Sharif + Saudis = Best Friends

Saudis --> (Allies of U.S.A) = U.S.A

Replace in above equation

Nawaz Sharif + U.S.A = Best Friends

4. Altaf Hussain (MQM)



Nuff said! I still want to live. I am too young to be killed and body bagged!

So now I have raised a serious question! If I hate all of the above leaders then whom do I support



I Believe the Pakistani army should come over and trial and hang all these corrupt leaders and then either rule themselves or hold a new election and bring in a cleaner government. Cause its time to clean up this country!

Thats it for this time! Two blogs might be coming soon!

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Till Next Time
X Y'All

Monday, August 13, 2012

The 14 Days Of Freedom!

Heyyyyyy Alllll


I am not back yet! This is just a small post, a post related to 14th of August!

Whenever August starts we start a  hype on our Independence

  • Shows on televisions regarding independence
  • Television channel logos turn green
  • We remember how we got this beautiful land and the sacrifices our forefathers made
  • We buy Flags and Jhandiyaan and decorate our homes and cars
  • Social media users talk about Pakistan, Turn their display pictures green and talk about "BLEEDING GREEN"
  • We light up our buildings and decorate them
  • People wear cultural clothes everywhere
  • Hundreds and thousands of private and public events are held all over the country
  • People listen to Patriotic songs and dance on "Sohni Dharti" & "Dil Dil Pakistan"
  • There is NO Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi or Pakhtun, all are PAKISTANIS!

14th August Passes! Nd Over The Coming Days!

  • Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi and Pakhtun are born
  • Social media users change their display pictures in time
  • Nobody talks about BLEEDING GREEN anymore
  • Television channels turn their logos back to their normal colors
  • Normal shows of fights between politicians and dismantling Pakistan's image in the outer world start again
  • The Flags and Jhandiyan on our homes remain there till rain and winds tear them up and shred them to pieces
  • We forget how we got this beautiful land and the sacrifices that were made
  • We start ignoring our national language Urdu and go in a race to learn and speak the foreigner's language
  • We forget our culture and start following the culture of the west
  • Television channels start showing Indian and other world stuff
  • People listen to songs and dance on "Munni Badnaam huwi" & "Sheela ki Jawani"
That is our 14 days of Freedom!

Pakistan got its Independence on 14th August 1947

Pakistanis are still slaves!

Think About It!

Till Next Time



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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Beloved WAPDA

Hey Allllllllll

I am Backkkk. Was busy spending some great time with my family, had a planned trip to Skardu but it got cancelled due to the weather then we spent time in Muree, Nathiagali & Azad Kashmir. Found a waterfall and lagoon in Azad Kashmir was absolutely beautiful.

Well now on to the topic!!!

Everybody says bad about WAPDA, load shedding all the time, no light and people abuse them, go out on streets and break stuff but they never stop to look at the bright side of WAPDA. Of course there is no light so people don't tend to see the "bright" side but now let me help you.


"LIGHT AA GAYI OYEEEE" Is normally the shouts around the city when sometimes WAPDA decides to give you some of the electricity that they have. Then in that time you have soooooooo much to do, Charge ur mobiles and laptops, wash your clothes, iron your clothes, get ready and many many more. If you know you have just one hour to do all this stuff then you get determined to do all this, in start you might fail but now we all are very brilliant and managing this time and this is EXACTLY how WAPDA managed to help you. They made you efficient and punctual. Be Thankful


UPS Out, Mobile Battery Dead, Wifi Down, Laptop Battery Dead and especially NO TELEVISION. This gives us what? Pure family time, a family time that we never get in this Facebook, Capital Talk & Hamsafar filled world. All sit together in dark rooms and talk stuff that they would never talk otherwise, family time has disappeared from these technology filled times. For this one I REALLY Thank WAPDA


Light is out at 4 am, UPS runs out and its HOT. What do u do? You go out into your front yard/lawn and you walk. You do a morning walk which is not just healthy but necessary for your body.

Then your light is out, no washing machine but you really need your clothes washed, so? You wash them yourselves, see exercise?


In these times we have started to depend on technology too much rather than our own senses. WAPDA again helps us in these times and helps to enhance our senses. Now we can see better in dark, we can hear better and we walk around the house with our eyes closes and touching stuff. How much can WAPDA help?


First all the Mummy Daddy kids go like "ITS SOOO HOTT" and now they are used to it. See the difference? We learn to bear the heat, we learn to sleep in heat, we learn to sleep outside our house. We learn soooo much all thanks to just one department and that is our WAPDA.

Oh WAPDA, We all love you from the darkest places of our hearts, as dark as our houses our without the BLOODY LIGHT YOU OWE US TO WHICH WE PAY YOU ........ Oops I mean we love you WAPDA

This is it for this time

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Ending with a picture of the waterfall I visited

Absolutely B E A U T I F U L 

Till Next Time

X Y'All

Friday, June 15, 2012

Illuminati : Our Discoveries

Hey Allll

I am back, this time as the title tells its about Illuminati. Now this topic has gained a lot of popularity. People have started to learn and research about it everywhere but still majority have no idea what it is. So just as a start I will give some introduction to what is this phenomena then continue with some discoveries that I personally made. I am underlining some words that will come in later for help.

Illuminati is basically a secret society, a secret "brotherhood" run by the family known as either "Elite" or "Royal" we can say who are basically devil worshipers. These people worship Lucifer/Satan/Dajaal by whichever name you can give to the evil. They never use script as a way to communicate, they basically communicate through signs and numbers. Like devil's number "666" then their basic logos such as a "checkered" floor , the "all see-ing eye" as Dajaal will have only one working eye , the "Pyramid" , The "Star" and many more. Their basic aim is to control the world and destroy the current presiding order of this world namely the "old world order" and bring in the "new world order" to the world which will bring the kingdom of Lucifer a.k.a Satan upon his arrival in the "Promised Land" which is the area of  Israel which is the "Star". Some of the logos are in the pictures as below

Illuminati is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and view it. Al Wafi Mall Dubai, Hard Rock Cafe America, Starbucks coffee = Star (Israel's flag) + Bucks (Dollars). If you want more information then I would suggest the base of it to be "The Arrivals" documentary. It will clear up your mind and open you up to the trickery of these people and how they are controlling the world and who are they. They have people all around and they leave signs which an unsuspecting person will never think of BUT it gets imprinted in his/her mind. Like the back of a one dollar bill

Now lets come to the topic, Me, Bilal & Hasan J made some findings regarding this and I want to share them with you. Now if somebody else has already made the following discoveries then we don't know. The discoveries we are noting are purely what we have found out ourselves.

1. Steve Vai Logo (Bilal) 

Steve Vai is an american guitarist who has released eight Solo albums and has won three Grammy awards but what people don't seem to notice is his logo. His logo consists of his last name "VAI" , While he could've written them anyway possible but he does this how? By symbolizing the V & A as Triangles and giving "I" the symbol of an "Eye" enclosing the eye on top of the middle triangle. If you have seen the pictures above and read the intro then its very clear now.

2. Deathly Hallows Logo (Hasan)

Okay till now if there are any potter heads reading my blog they will be pissed off but just look at this logo and lets analyze it. Okay

The Elder Wand --> The Long Stick --> Makes Perfect Sense
The Philospher's Stone --> A Circle --> Okay I Agree although in the movie the stone is diamond shaped
The Cloak Of Invisibility --> A Triangle?? HOW?
It wasn't triangle in shape, It didn't have triangles printed on it. THEN WHY??

Nd what is the use of the "Deathly Hallows" ?? --> It makes one the master of death

3. Batman Animated Series Volume 1 - Episode 19 (Prophecy Of Doom) (ME)

I love this series but in this episode I was caught back footed as well. I didn't knew how to react because they showed this person "Nostromus" as a bad person and liar but Illuminati's main job is just to make you aware of their presence and bring fear in your hearts. Look at the below picture at the triangle he makes with his hand while he says the dialogue "You are merely an eye trying to view itself". A triangle and an eye?? Remind  you of something??

Then look at his costume that shows an eye on his chest logo. Nothing more clear than that

Then I will some of the dialogues in this episode regarding Illuminati

Scene: (Girl telling Bruce Wayne about her father)
Girl: Daddy is even part of a secret "brotherhood"
Wayne: "Secret Brotherhood?"
Girl: Yes, he won't even tell his family what it is about

Then Nostromus Speaking in various parts of the episode
N: That what you seek and cannot find is the seeker
N: You are merely the "eye" trying to view itself
N: She will believe, they will all believe after the great fall
N: This is the end of the old order, the great fall has begun

P.S: The great fall was referred in this episode to an economic recession.

4. Iron Maiden (Me & Bilal)

Iron Maiden are metal legends BUT they are much more than that
Iron Maiden Logo and please clearly note the triangles

Iron Maiden album art and look at the "Checkered Floor" with the grim reaper in the center.

Another Iron Maiden Album Art and look at the Egyptian style, "The Pyramid" and the Illuminated top of the Pyramid.

Nd Their Songs As Well Such As
a) Power Slave
b) Eye Of The Beholder

5. Ra. One (Me)

Okay so what was gaming nickname of Shahrukh's son in this movie ?? Yes its the name in the picture above "LUCIFER" and Who is Lucifer? Satan
Time to time a skull and bones logo was also shown in this movie throughout.
In this movie also Ra.One (Raawan) of Hindu Mythology was seen to go after Lucifer (Dajaal/Satan) with Satan winning in the end.
Akon also a very popular Illuminati member sung a song for a Bollywood movie and he could've sung for any movie but he did for THIS one

6. AC/DC Song - Highway To Hell (Me)

AC/DC one of the most famous metal bands ever and their song "Highway to hell" has the following lyrics in it.

Hey Satan
Payin' my dues
Playin' in a rockin' band
Hey mumma
Look at me
I'm on the way to the promised land

I have made more discoveries as well but those some other time. Now since there is "Illuminati" then there are Anti-Illuminati factors or better known as K-Illuminati. Tupac was one of the very famous anti-Illuminati persons and he wall killed by Illuminati. 
Then we all know about Michael Jackson. He was an Illuminati member as well from the video of "Thriller" which showed the initiation of him inside the Illuminati but Michael Jackson broke out of the group. This documentary is available on youtube and will be helpful " "

So I made two anti Satan discoveries as well

1. Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone 

Slipknot was a metal band and they were referred to Satanic promotion time and time again. Especially after their song "The heretic anthem" in which the lyrics were "If you're 5 5 5 then I am 6 6 6" 

But in their new album "All hope is gone" they had a song and interestingly since this album Slipknot has started loosing its fan hood.

The lyrics in this song are very anti-Satan and very anti-establishment

The hell is humongous, the devil's among us
and we will burn because we won't unite!

Fifty seconds, a hundred murders.
The bill of rights is a bill of sale.
What will you do when the war is over?
What will you do when your system fails!?

We've seen the fall of the elite,
Bury your life, take your disease
We'll end the world,
When all hope is gone!

2. Slash 2012 Album Apocalyptic Love - Not For Me

The legendary guitarist Slash released his new album with help in vocals from Alterbridge's lead singer "Miles Kennedy" and we all know how Guns N Roses used to roll in drugs and women BUT

His song "Not For Me" has lyrics which maybe as a repent to what he did
But I see them as anti Satan lyrics
The lyrics are

"The devil smiles and laughs at me,
Says you'll be back, just wait and see,
You know I've heard this all before,
And I say,
You can keep your high life in the hills,
Your cocaine lies and whiskey thrills,
I don't need you anymore,
This life is not for me, no,
This is not for me, no,"

Nd more!!!


That's it for this time

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Till Next Time
X Y'all

Saturday, June 9, 2012

If Super Villains Were In Pakistan?

Hey Everybody :D

M Backkkkkkkkkkkkk

Yes ladies and gentlemen the wait is over *Speaks in an empty hall*, it’s been at least two months of the time I haven’t blogged. Exams, projects and the end of semester was just AAAAAAHHHH. Anyhow I am back and my return blog is ready.
A year ago I wrote a very successful blog if I do say so myself, on how all these Super Heroes always end up being in either Europe or American continents, they never end up saving people in Pakistan or even India for that matter and I described what would happen if some of them did came over here. The link is as follows
Well having watched Avengers the movie (Hulk Smashing Loki scene was AWESOME) and watching seasons of Avengers and Batman, a couple of days ago I was wondering that if Super Heroes were in Pakistan they were bound to have enemies and if we take those enemies that they have in comics then how would they fare if they would be in Pakistan.

1.                  Joker (Batman)

If I love any villain beyond measures, then it has to be “The joker” and no biggie that I have even written a tribute blog for him ( The character is pure evil and nothing but evil but when among Pakistanis even the “Clown Prince of Crime” is going to have problems

Situation 1:
Headline News: Joker Striked Out!  

Due to the economic crisis in the country the minions who were hired by the “Clown prince of crime” from local areas have all decided to go on a strike claiming that they are not happy by the way Joker treats them and also they need a raise in their pays, keeping in mind the recent rise in prices of all the items. As crazy as this situation is as even upon threats by The Joker killing these people they have threatened the Joker back with leakage of information of his plans and hideouts to the Lahore police. The unknown location from where these protests have been recorded and given to the media still remains a mystery and police is trying to find the minions. Any settlement between the parties remains to be seen

Situation 2:
Headline News: Terrified Joker Gives In

After the alarming news of the sudden surrender of the clown prince of crime people are still wondering if it’s a trap set by the Joker but till now The Joker seems terrified of something. As we all know that the Joker was not seen since a couple of months back after one of his most devious plans in Lahore and he was thought of as the biggest evil mind in Pakistan. More information is yet to be extracted from the Joker as security officials say that all the Joker has been saying since his surrender the letter “Z” and how scary it is. (If you know what I mean)

2.                 Live Wire (Super Man)

Live wire is the female villain of Superman, she used to be a reporter but due to an electric shock gone wrong she turns into a villain with powers to control electricity.

Headline News: Livewire Become the Bearer Of Good News

Livewire broke free and started causing havoc in Old Lahore city but she was caught and this time not by Superman but instead by local people of the area who were out there doing protests against Load Shedding. She was brought down to near the ground and ambushed with rubber tires and caught and tied up in the rubber. Then livewire was handed over to LESCO who have taken her into custody and put her into the grid after which the Chief Minister of Lahore Mian Shahbaz Sharif has announced that from now on there will be no more load shedding in Lahore.

Bullseye (Daredevil)

Bullseye is the villain of Daredevil with the perfect sight for targets and he never misses his targets, exactly something like Deadshot for Batman.



Mr. Freeze (Batman)

Mr. Freeze is the scientist who was covered by a coolant and now cannot survive without subzero temperatures only wanting to bring his wife back to life. 

Headline News: Mr. Freeze Frustrated!!!

Mr. Freeze was at it again attacking Faisalabad this afternoon but the people of Faisalabad turned it over for Mr. Freeze as none of the people asked for any help as Mr. Freeze went over the town freezing stuff because of the high temperatures and increasing load shedding. Kids started playing in the snow instead and people kept asking for more from Mr. Freeze which frustrated Mr. Freeze to the point that he shouted and left the area without the need of Batman to wind things up. One person also was reported to shout from behind "Para kal wi chakar laa jaana" --> "Brother please come tomorrow as well"

Lex Luthor (Superman)

The billionaire Lex Luthor of Superman, almost everybody knows about him, having no superpower except money

Headline News: Superman Takes Lex Luthor To Supreme Court

The billionaire businessman Lex Luthor has been called to supreme court by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary after Superman lodged a complaint on his corruption cases regarding importing many illegal weaponry and forbidden metals such as the Kryptonite. Cheif Justice has taken up the case and the first hearing of this case will be done tomorrow. 

Kingpin (Daredevil, Spiderman)

The crime lord of the comic world is Kingpin

Headline News: Kingpin's Dead Body Found Inside A Bodybag

The whole Karachi was shocked today when the body of Kingpin was found inside a body bag in Azizabad. Kingpin who self proclaimed himself as the "King of crime" in Pakistan yesterday has given turned this total shocker as maybe he turned to piss some bigger "Bhai" of Pakistan. This maybe a great clue that Azizabad is the area of MQM's main head office and fortress "Nine-Zero" but with the death of someone as powerful as the Kingpin, I am no one to blame anyone

Green Goblin (Spiderman)

Green Goblin is the super villain of Spiderman who is the businessman Norman Osborn who after a genetic enhancing experiment and some creation of new weapons becomes the Green Goblin. Remember that Spider man died in my previous blog :P

Headline News: Green Goblin Caught By Load Shedding Riots

After the death of Spider man nobody ever thought that the Green Goblin can be caught but the things turned over unexpectedly when a load shedding riot unexpectedly broke into Norman Osborn's house because he had generator's running. While breaking through the house the rioters broke into the room where Norman Osborn secretly kept the weapons of Green Goblin. People started using those weapons and gliders of the green goblin on his home and in the city. Upon the arrival of Police they captured the people using the weapons and also captured Norman Osborn who never had time to run away.


No Super Villains can harm us, we have our own though :P

That's it for this time (Next time will be an Illuminati blog)

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Till Next Time 
Leaving You All With One Of My Most Favorite Pictures of Heath Ledger's Version of Joker 
X Y'All 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Girls : Defense Against The Dark Arts


Well FINALLY I got the topic, sitting around thinking to continue the Men: The Oppressed Souls blog with the reply from the girls side but I will wait for NZ to get free and write that, till then I noticed the amount of girls who abused and literally ran after me to beat me up after that blog so now I decided to write a blog to support girls because you never know my future wife might be among my readers. So this one goes to the girls

Before I need to give one Shout Out


The Myth, The Legend, The Man has finally decided to end things with Barcelona and all I would say to him is THANK YOU PEP!!! THANK YOU ........... Nd Best of luck to Tito Villanova for the future

Well now onto the topic

No matter how much I can STRESS on the fact that men are being oppressed by females all around as you can see in my previous blog

BUT , there is a small percentage of men who are haunting females as well and that haunting is BAD.  So this blog goes out to all those females and ladies who have been haunted at least once by THOSE type of men/boys. This blog ladies is a lesson on how to save yourself from these creeps.

NOTE: This blog is NOT for those girls who enjoy all of this, because trust me there are a lot of girls who do and even become girlfriends through these methods. You are AS disgusting as the guys who do this.


The majority stand in this category. Boys who don't want to turn into men turn into Poonds instead. Poondi is the local term for checking out girls by the boys. Some boys are good at this Poondi thing and they can check a girl out without the girl even getting a simple hint that she is being checked out while the others are just dumb enough to look at her while she passes by again and again from head to toe


Is there a group of boys standing in your way to the cafe or some place checking you out? and shouting names on you? The solution is simple girls, walk pass them without a single drop of weirdness on your face, that place to walk is as much yours as theirs. Basically why these Poonds do this is because they are alone and they have no girls to talk to and by doing this mostly girls turn up to them and call them bad and leave and they get happy that a girl talked to them so they will do it again to you. If you don't give them any sort of reaction then after two-three times they will leave themselves. Just hold your head high and don't even give them a little bit of attention.


Got a recent friend request or a fb message from a guy saying "Waant to be fraaandshap with me? =D =D <3 " ???  FIRST of all that is a "Pindi Boy" right there :P (Learn the difference). I have seen this through my career with the friends I have had and also with my fake profile (Yes, I ran a fake profile once for fooling my friend reasons :P) Guys jumbling out friend requests like the girl is supposed to accept them and if she does accept it the guys think that accepting a friend request = She accepted my proposal to become my girlfriend.   


Ignoring ain't gonna do the trick ladies because they are gonna keep messaging you until you finally loose your temper and say bad stuff to them. The solution to this is simple, a BURNING insult and no no no not one of those "Tumharay ghar main maa behan nahin hai kya? (Don't you have mothers and sisters in your home?)" go for something new. Insult them bad and they will never bother you again because these stalkers ain't the brightest of folks they can't think of comebacks that easily.


Getting a lot of text messages or even calls lately from an unknown number with the same kinds of messages like "fraandshap" or "u R vErY bTfL" or stuff like that *shudders at his own examples* These people are just like online stalkers but more dangerous because online stalkers can affect you only when you are online but these can hunt you all the time because they have your mobile number. 


The solution for both online stalkers and mobile stalkers is NOT the same. For an online stalker they know its your profile and if you insult then they know they can't get anything more so they might leave BUT if they get to confirm that it is actually a girl's number with them they will NOT leave anyway. So the simplest most solution is NOT to reply to the messages and if he calls OR make a call and hand over your phone to your brother or your some male friend that you trust and just give them some private time with the stalker. I am sure he will not bother you again.

So that's it for this time
I repeat that this blog is NOT for those girls who tend to enjoy this shit

At the end first a picture of the newborn Aayan Abbas , my cousin Auj a.k.a Queenie's son :)

Nd Then Its A Thank You PEP Guardiola :D

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What We Are?

Heyyyyyyyyy Alllllllll

M Backkkkkkkk (Not Entirely)

Its been approximately two months of no blogging and I know that all of you are expecting a very hilarious blog from me (my voice booms in an empty reader's column) :( . This writer's block can be a real pain sometimes for a writer. Since still I am unable to think of something funny to write about than this time I am going to blog about some points that I have been thinking over the past few weeks.

First things first I would like to divert everybody's attention to the killings happening in Quetta, Gilgit, Karachi and other places of Pakistan. Outside forces are killing our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons and not just killing they are doing it in the most inhuman and violent ways imaginable. These outside forces are trying to rip us apart in these Shia-Sunni conflicts. As much as I know Shia & Sunnis are brothers and we need to stand up against these people who are trying to rip our mother land by creating sect riots. Shia-Sunni need to combine hands and become how they have become in Bahrain. Bahrain is the perfect example where they tried to target sects and create differences but both sects combined and now they are facing huge problems from a united and powerful crowd.

Now towards the rant

1. Hypocrites

We are hypocrites and nothing but hypocrites. We can only blame other people whilst we are doing the same stuff under a hidden blanket. Talking about Pakistanis only then how much we love to blame Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and others for what is happening in Pakistan but we never for one second stop to take a glance inside ourselves. That would be asking too much wouldn't it?

If Zardari puts his relative as a minister then its A FOUL ACT
If one of us gets our relative a job through a "Sifarish" then its helping each other

If Zardari drinks alcohol then he is considered foul
While we never stop to look at how much alcohol is being drunk in the local community

If Zardari does corruption and sends his children outside of Pakistan its called in corruption and against Patriotism
When you send your children for advanced studies, then its for the betterment of your children

As according to a Hadith of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) (not quoting) that the leaders of a nation are exactly like the public. So that means we are little Zardaris and he is all of us combined into one.

2. Liars

We are not just hypocrites but we are amazing liars. We can give one of the most amazing images of ourselves to someone to impress them but the moment they turn their backs on you then you bring out the REAL self. I have seen a girl who use to say "I don't sit with guys that is Sooooo bad, I don't go out with anyone except my very close "girl" friends I can't stand them, I hate these show off clothes wearing girls" and in recent times I have seen that girl do ALL of those things above and more. 

I have seen a guy who can go to any extent of lying that you can't even imagine. According to him he has done everything from the moment of the great Alexander. Soon we might find out that he was the reason behind the bombing of Nagasaki and then he teamed up with Japan to build them the nation as they are now.

I know of a guy who used to do "unspeakable" stuff and now owns a registered NGO, is very famous among everyone and runs a blog criticizing people who do the same "unspeakable" stuff.

I have seen many people and during this all just remember this that I am trying to say "WE" meaning am not just blaming you but blaming myself as well

In the end as these days "What you think" pictures are becoming very famous then from my side.







Just a rant this time

Its all from me this time

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Monday, March 5, 2012

PG: Not For Children

Heyyyy Allllllllllll

M Back, after the grueling success of my blog Men: The Oppressed Souls. I have been threatened, abused and applauded by girls all around. Many girls agreed to my point of view easily, some abused me a lot and then agreed to my point of view and some just went on to threaten me :P

Well still waiting for the reply from the Women side, I thought of bringing to you another blog.

Now there is some stuff which were made and brought forward for children and maybe those things look good when you are children but when you look at those things as an adult then if you are a parent or even someone who cares will try to keep the children away from these AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

I List Some Stuff Down


"I Love You, You Love Me, We Are A Happy Family, With A Big Big Hug & A Kiss From Me To You, Won't You Say You Love Me Too"

You would just find almost all kids back in the time singing this song and I would want to insult Barney but one of my good friends the Pindi Boy (Hammad) (The best humor blogger in Pakistan) has already done this in one of these blogs and I will instead copy some of his lines.

Barney I will not take this anymore. All those sleepless nights all those nightmares of a purple dinosaur coming in my dreams and hugging me and that tune repeatedly going in my head for 4 years of my life.
I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won’t you say you love me too?
Does no one else find this song psychotically messed up? It has pedo written all over it. And to all the Barney lovers out there. I just have one question for you. Was he just hugging you? Was he just simply and only hugging you? Think about it.
It’s Time to Say No to Barney. Because it’s creeps like him that ruin kids like me.

Each smile on each of the child in his show has a story. A sad shocking story. These aren't real smiles these are artificial smiles. Smiles that cover the emotional scar of what Barney did to these kids. If only they would speak up.


Sesame street was one of the most popular kids shows when I was a kid and they even translated it for the Pakistani children in urdu with the name "Khul Ja Sim Sim" but now when I see this program as an adult. People think by watching sesame street children will learn how to "count" and "spell" but now I see that sesame street teaches kids other things. Like how to "judge" people and "label" people.

Like they have the above character named "Oscar" and they judge him right in his face. They treat this guy like crap in the entire show
They would be like
The old people: "Oscar you are so mean, isn't he kids?"
Kids: "Yea , Oscar you are a grouch"

HE LIVES IN A DAMN TRASH CAN, what do u expect of him?
These are the kids that walk over homeless people in the streets saying "Get a job grouch"

Sesame street is a terrible place, I never would want to go there. With six foot pigeons walking around the area :/

Then they have this above character and they call him the "Cookie Monster" , ever wondered why he is always hyper and his eyes are popping out?? You know it is not the sugar :P , Ever wondered what kind of cookies is he asking for?


If there has been a more annoying show than Doremon then I would prefer to die before watching that show. It has been sooooo much annoying in english and in Pakistan they have dubbed it in hindi. It is pure torture and I am damn sure that they have started showing non stop shows of Doremon in Guantanamo Bay as well. This show only teaches kids how to take shortcuts in real life, how to ditch you mothers by using lies and shortcuts, how to bully your friends and how to talk to a blue creature that lives with you. Learning a lot eh?


Okay when I was a kid then my mom didn't even let me play with all the bad kids of the street and look at kids now. They are watching a show and "Idolizing" a cartoon character which is a girl who goes around everywhere without the permission of her parents with a talking monkey?? What the hell are they trying to teach children these days? A fox that loves stealing stuff, stalks Dora everywhere and not even once has Dora tried to tell her parents about it. Cartoons for children?


Disney just totally got off the track to make stuff for children when they launched Miley Cyrus to the children and then things started getting worse and then it hit rock bottom when they launched another girl into the society. The girl being "Justin Bieber" . They made this girl to entertain children all around but her first song was about her chasing a girl all around a bar singing "Baby baby baby oooooohhhhhhhhhhh" , I MEAN WTH?? Except for the word "Baby" there is nothing for children to see or "hear" in that song. Things just went downwards from there.


Cricket is supposed to be a sport for everyone and including children but then came in the "Indian Cricket Team" and made it a complete adult sports. The pictures are enough said.


One of the main reasons behind Mall Road Muree was simple, a place for complete family fun and if as a kid you would look at it as a place with toy stores and arcade gaming but look at it as an adult and it has turned into nothing but a "Poondi" (If you don't know the meaning of this then you still didn't read my Men: The Opressed Souls blog and you don't deserve to know it) spot for boys and girls alike. Pindi boys and girls stand wearing sun glasses in gangs and stay on a look out for good looking girls and boys who are out with family and make them uncomfortable. You really want to drag kids out there?


Majority of the kids remember the above for being the host in the GEO show "Ham Sab Umeed Sey Hain" and then look at her as an adult and she has done some "TOP" class stuff after leaving that show. She has ruined the caste of "Malik" 's name. Absolute disgrace and shame and needs to be kept away from children.

9. F 9 PARK

What the F9 park was built for :)

All clean and good family fun :) Kids playing around as parents enjoy the greenery and have a good picnic :)

& Presenting To You, What The F9 Park Is Being Used For


I may be a Maaya Khan hater but really we do need one of her in the F9 park :P


If you think Miley Cyrus and Justin bieber were not enough for the children of the world to be destroyed and turn into a world of mayhem. Then came "Lady Gaga" , Eminem has seen some REAL stuff in his life and just look at his face in the above picture. You think this "THING" is even anything you would show your kid even kept behind a cage in a zoo?

Well That Is It From This Time
Till Next Time
Most Probably By Next Time I Will Comeback With The Reply From The Woman's Side


X Y'All