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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Beloved WAPDA

Hey Allllllllll

I am Backkkk. Was busy spending some great time with my family, had a planned trip to Skardu but it got cancelled due to the weather then we spent time in Muree, Nathiagali & Azad Kashmir. Found a waterfall and lagoon in Azad Kashmir was absolutely beautiful.

Well now on to the topic!!!

Everybody says bad about WAPDA, load shedding all the time, no light and people abuse them, go out on streets and break stuff but they never stop to look at the bright side of WAPDA. Of course there is no light so people don't tend to see the "bright" side but now let me help you.


"LIGHT AA GAYI OYEEEE" Is normally the shouts around the city when sometimes WAPDA decides to give you some of the electricity that they have. Then in that time you have soooooooo much to do, Charge ur mobiles and laptops, wash your clothes, iron your clothes, get ready and many many more. If you know you have just one hour to do all this stuff then you get determined to do all this, in start you might fail but now we all are very brilliant and managing this time and this is EXACTLY how WAPDA managed to help you. They made you efficient and punctual. Be Thankful


UPS Out, Mobile Battery Dead, Wifi Down, Laptop Battery Dead and especially NO TELEVISION. This gives us what? Pure family time, a family time that we never get in this Facebook, Capital Talk & Hamsafar filled world. All sit together in dark rooms and talk stuff that they would never talk otherwise, family time has disappeared from these technology filled times. For this one I REALLY Thank WAPDA


Light is out at 4 am, UPS runs out and its HOT. What do u do? You go out into your front yard/lawn and you walk. You do a morning walk which is not just healthy but necessary for your body.

Then your light is out, no washing machine but you really need your clothes washed, so? You wash them yourselves, see exercise?


In these times we have started to depend on technology too much rather than our own senses. WAPDA again helps us in these times and helps to enhance our senses. Now we can see better in dark, we can hear better and we walk around the house with our eyes closes and touching stuff. How much can WAPDA help?


First all the Mummy Daddy kids go like "ITS SOOO HOTT" and now they are used to it. See the difference? We learn to bear the heat, we learn to sleep in heat, we learn to sleep outside our house. We learn soooo much all thanks to just one department and that is our WAPDA.

Oh WAPDA, We all love you from the darkest places of our hearts, as dark as our houses our without the BLOODY LIGHT YOU OWE US TO WHICH WE PAY YOU ........ Oops I mean we love you WAPDA

This is it for this time

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Ending with a picture of the waterfall I visited

Absolutely B E A U T I F U L 

Till Next Time

X Y'All