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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Letter To Indian/Marathi/Tamil Film Directors


You might not know me but well I have watched your movies A LOT........... Hey hey hey....... Don't get any wrong ideas it wasn't by my consent I travel frequently by a bus service known as Niazi and well they show your movies all the time at high volume so its pretty HARD to ignore those movies and to say the least I have seen from Bobby Deol's absolutely horrifying movies to Ajay Devgan's absolutely comedy ones to the marathi hero one's which I shouldn't even name. Well after watching those movies I noted down some facts and wanted to talk to you about them. Lets go at them one point at a time


Take a look at it, beautiful ain't it? Alright now let me just share a very very little secret with you. This is called a revolver and the MAXIMUM bullets that it can shoot before it needs reloading is 6, repeat after me S I X. Yes the same number that Shahid Afridi has the most in ODI Cricket, lets do this again just one more time so am sure you have got it. S I X & only 6. Not less than that and not more than that while in your movies the miracle of your revolver is shown when heroes and villains alike start shooting with a revolver and keep on shooting nearly tens and fifties of bullets from a revolver. GUYS ITS A REVOLVER not a sub machine gun get a grip over yourselves

Same case with this gun, this one can only shoot 9 BULLETS until it needs reloading again, I don't know if your heroes and villains are supposed to have mutant abilities to reload the gun but it DOESN'T happen in real life


Alright I need to tell you people that although your heroes are in Marathi movies and Tamil movies but please OH PLEASE THEY ARE HUMAN AREN'T THEY? I mean your heroes can beat the living crap out of 50 plus people at one time, they can deflect bullets from their chests, they can dodge bullets, they can shoot bullets from their fingers without a gun. ALRIGHT after these kinda super powers even The X-Men seem powerless. I mean just take a look at this video

If this isn't enough to kill you laughing and amazed wait till you get a load of this, I mean this Rajnikaanth guy can easily give even Super Man and wolverin a run for their money

Well this is just Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for even a guy like me to handle. All I can say is ermmmmmmmm ........ Aaaah leave it


Alright your films have emotions, drama, love, romance, dance, songs & people but the only thing they miss are REALITY.
As my upper two videos have already cleared this part as well and if you will defend that MATRIX was also unREAL well people they made it that way not a normal man making tornados from his leg and beating people without moving his back :P

At the end I would like to say that GET A GRIP OVER YOUR SELVES AND MAKE REAL MOVIES

If you wanna make fiction then make em fiction don't put fiction in real life stories or if you want to then please give your movies then genre of Comedy rather than action. Thank you very much

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Till Next Time
X Y'All

Friday, September 17, 2010

My University GanG

Hey All

Today I decided to go of the track and this time and not blog about topics but this time around I will be blogging about people, yes my people, my University friends

My University Friends contains 5 Categories

1. My GanG

2. Bus Friends

3. Soccer Friends

4. Society Friends

5. My Fans :P

I Will Start From Backwards

5. The fans include my debating fans which include a mystery texting girl and some people passing by :P

4. Society friends include those who I have worked with while working on the newsletters , writing club........ prominent among them has to be Nandana Zubair

3. My Soccer friends enlists a list of some brilliant talent of football from majority the 3rd semester their names and their teams. Ibrahim Nawaz (Barca) , Muneeb Telecom & Muneeb Electronics (Real Madrid Fans), Sohail (Arsenal) , Hammad Ali (Arsenal & Barca Hater :P ) and some more. To make my position clear m a die hard Barca Fan with a die hard Cristiano Ronaldo nd Arsen Wenger hater :P

2. Bus Friends are some REAL cool ones, which include a Rapper (Usman) & another Usman from CS a brilliant programmer from CS. Then comes Shehbaz Bhai who is actually senior to me in class but still younger than me so I can call him Shehbaz :P and can't forget Noman a.k.a Nomi the mp3 guy :P , Then in the ladies department the Honorary Mention goes to my almost elder sis Yumna Baji my total total respect for her , then we can include a clothing accessory :P Anam , Lahza baji, Mehwish baji and Scherzade also join the cool people lists without a second thought. My bus no 3 is the best among all buses in the university

1. Finally down to my gang and those I will describe one by one as they say ladies first so and if I miss someone not my fault those are COPYRIGHTED :P

Maleeha Maqbool a.k.a Genius

Einstein, Newton, J J Thomson, Edison some of the names you have heard in people who were geniuses and did great efforts for science well get ready and meet that girl which taught them in the heavens. Maleeha is an absolute genius as she has been showing throughout the first two semesters and I wish she keeps it up throughout the rest of the semesters and tells us some of her secrets as well while she does this. WAY TO GO girl we are all with you all the wayyy. By the way apart from her genius mind she also has a very caring mind and is a wonderful friend

Omar Farooq a.k.a The Spoiled Kid

From ladies to almost ladies :P ……. Just kidding, Omar is one of the spoiled persons in our group and as spoiled as they get but well however spoiled he is I will never loose hope and will get him straight. I meant nice waala straight. Otherwise Omar is a great person , I mean its just great fun with him insulting him and making fun of him and then looking at his expression just pure priceless. The guy is also a footballer and a Barca fan like me and his favorite player being Lionel Messi. In the end a serious note that he really is a good friend without a doubt

Shaikh Bilal Mohiuddin a.k.a Stand At Ease Major :P

Have u ever seen a decent Metallica fan? NO? How could you have he is right here with me. If you look at him nobody can guess that this guy has even listened to Miley cyrus’s fast songs :P but in real this guy is a real Metallica fan plus a good footballer and an Arsenal fan. Another great friend and some one who I can share my secrets with and a person who I can look at and he can understand what am thinking at the moment and vice versa. Although I gotta say Messi still whupped Arsenal :P

Malik Taimur Ali a.k.a Desi Munda

The desi guy of our group, he is one of those people who has been friends with me from DAY one and has gone without a single problem and I have had some share of problems and friends choices differences with the 2 guys above but Taimur is one of those who has been with me from the start and been my side including Maleeha :) . He is very funny and reply with great points but he is also one of those of whom we make fun of A LOT but he never minds and is a great friend BUT he although being a good defender is a fan of CRISTIANO RONALDO so the rest you can think yourselves :P

Umair Hussain Farooqi a.k.a Buddha Tevez

Got to know him more in the 2nd semester. A real champion footballer and another in the Barcelona fan club. He is the play maker in our team and also the captain and those kinda footballers who are always in the ground exactly where the ball is, a real great friend. Got to know him quiet well as he also joined my bus and we practiced a lot of football and made tactics and formations together. A great friend has some awesome time with him and hope to have him in my friends club for the infinite times to come. His bad habbits? He has left those amazingly. WAY TO GO man

Chaudary Muhammad Hamza a.k.a Shughli Maulvi :P

Alright the last BUT NOT THE LEAST. He is a very religious person but a REAL fun guy at the same time. He is also one of those late comer friends as I got to know him more at the end of first semester but a gem of a friend he turned out to be. Come to him and expect to run him over nd trying to make fun of him thinking he is a guy with a beard? Your wrong day buddy :P . Hamza is a real devil when it comes to devilish thinking and a real angel when it comes to positive thinking. A wonderful friend and a guy who comes in need whenever you want him and especially when I wanted him. Thanks A LOT

Sum it up with the pics with all the other friends mentioned in the other types and all my real close ones



Till Next Time

X Y'All

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gender Malfunction

Hey Everybody

Yeah I know I haven't blogged since a long time and the reason being that I was busy and a little sick bt well now I am back and since I missed a lot I need to give some shout outs before I go to today's topic

Well Now Its Time To Get Back To The Topic

Transforming Cena Into Today's Male Fashion

WOAH.....EWWWWWWWWW.......LOL........ HA HA HA HA HA HA....... ROFL

Some of the diffrent comments on the above transformation that you people would be giving but what I will say is "Shameful" sure this picture is for joke but its not a lie. This transformation is happening these days as I write this blog

I had the chance to go and visit the clothing shops this end of ramazan for buying stuff for eid and then for my university as it is re opening. Well which shop to go for my eid suit and then I decided "Yes I will go to Junaid Jamshed Yayyyyyyyy" but well as I entered that shop and went into the men side of the store my excitement turned into horror as they had completely transformed Junaid Jamshed into a women clothing store, NOOOOOOOO, How could it be? JJ used to be one of the best men shalwar kameez shop in Pakistan and as I was recovering from the pain the salesman came up to me and said "Should I help you find a suit for your size?" and I was like "huh, dude I belong to the male specimen?" and he smiled and said "Yes I know and these are male clothes" and I looked at the clothing section and then at him like somebody had told me that "Cristiano Ronaldo has become a REAL footballer, or if Pakistan had been rid of corruption and the 'Z' effect" and my horror increased as I looked at the colors of the suit that hung there waiting for me to chose them. PINK , PURPLE , PARROT GREEN , SHOCKING PINK and if that wasn't enough insult to injury then the work on them with the suits laced with shiny pebbles, sparkly stuff and what not and then I actually saw three boys of my age come into the store and buy a kameez like that, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH .......... I ran from that store as fast as I could (being a little fat it wasn't that fast as you just imagined) but still pretty fast before the salesman could catch me and transform me as above.

Junaid Jamshed Looked More Like Bareeze (leading women clothing)

Alright I need to calm down.......... phew........ but you gotta understand that was a real close call. I came home and I decided to turn the T.V on just to get my mind away from all this and as I turned on and put GEO on it was near Iftari time and their special transmission started. The host welcomed us and then I noticed his clothes and my eyes opened wide as he was wearing a shocking pink shalwar kameez suit and then I read his name "SAHIR LODHI" so I calmed down a little because its okay for her to wear this because Sahir Lodhi isn't practically a male after all I mean she is a morning show host of a program called "She's on ONE". So I laughed at her and changed the channel but as I surfed the channels I noticed that both genders had taken this "cross dressing" a little tooooo seriously. As women were wearing t shirts nd jeans of dark colors while men were wearing suits of shiny colors nd girly colors. Whats going on with this world. With fashion designers uncontrollable girly hand movements to the models wearing unbelievably stupid clothes.
I mean look at the following pictures

Okay I know this is just to horrific I mean the other day I saw a man wearing a shirt with the tag "7 Reasons for men to wear pink" while all 7 reasons were rather *censored* but still this is just WRONG

The clothes are one place but even the actions of the genders are changing with girls becoming for bold and strong hearted and men becoming more shy and 'soft'. I just get the shudders thinking of such a world. OMG HORROR THE HORROR OF IT

I can't think and write anymore
have to log out

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Till Next Time With Better Points
X Y'All