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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

To Ban Or Not To Ban

Asalam o Alikum Everyone

Recently a chaos hit the social media of the country after the release of an Indian movie called “Phantom” A Movie which equates against terrorism as a movie against Pakistan, Pakistani censor board decided to ban it after watching the copy submitted for censor.

Even Nobel prize winner MSF is outraged over wrong portrayal of aid worker in the movie. The movie makers did not do their home work before making the movie to cash in the hype. The international charity MSF is going to sue the makers of Phantom on the grounds that it endangers the lives of aid workers and medics in war-torn countries and developing countries.

And Yessss some educated citizens equate support for such a movie as supporting enemies of Pakistan. 

How can such a movie be worth watching that gives terrorists ideas by portraying aid workers as spies and counter-terrorist operatives, thus putting the lives of real aid-workers living with real threats in the real world? What about the lives of those aid workers who will now be in greater danger? 

By watching the film, it acts to signal to the film makers that demonizing Pakistan pays dividends and finances further systematic channel level of the Indian war machine. You are paying for the privilege to push a doctrine which is misleading people by fabrication, exaggerations and distortions portrays Pakistan as a Provocateur and India as the all righteous which is so far from reality!! 

Such is India’s totalitarian reach, Pakistanis like us are growing increasingly accepting to the growing susceptibility of India’s bastions of violence that encourages the only logical solution; war. Pakistanis need to understand that every conflict is fought on at least two grounds, on the battlefields and the minds of people via propaganda.

Now the Question is…

Why don’t people raise voices when Pakistanis are killed by Indians on the border? Where does all the liberalism vanish then? Understand the difference between liberalism and patriotism. It is good to be liberal, but at the cost of the dignity of your country. It's NOT.

Why don’t we understand….

THIS IS HOW BOLLYWOOD WORKS…. First, make a movie like Bajrangi Bhaijan to promote friendship and peace and right after they release a movie showing terrorism with the involvement of Pakistan… A planned pattern…. an act to create hatred in public.

Now this is the time of showing Patriotism… time to show love, the true love by banning their every single movie, drama in Pakistan. It’s time to open our eyes and see what we are doing… we are helping their economy by watching their movies and dramas and in return they are brutally killing our innocent citizens… 


The biggest irony is that we are ready to watch all kinds of Bollywood stuff, whether it is against of our country, our culture, our so called Molvi Hazraat has no issue then… But YESSSS they have issues on releasing the Irani Movie "Muhammad: The Messenger of God" in the country and called a ban for the movie

Now What's wrong with it???????

"Muhammad: The Messenger of God" is made with the goal of presenting the right image of Islam to the world. The world’s perception of Islam today does not match with the truth of Islam. So the movie can bring the true and real picture to all around the world…

Now why don’t we stand for its release… in our country????

To My knowledge I don’t find anyone in social media or anywhere else to stand for its release… our renowned industry people actively stood to Ban “Phantom” but no one stood to support" Muhammad: The Messenger of God"

My question is why you people can’t stand for the release of" Muhammad: The Messenger of God"

Why we make such differences….

Do we know what we want???
We need to think again….

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Syeda Muhaddisa Naqvi

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