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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Four Years


Today when I left my university I looked back and four years just flashed before my eyes. Four years? YES! Four years have gone by and its time for me to bid this university farewell.

Four years of things BEYOND fun with my friends
Four years of running around completing projects on the final hour
Four years of avoiding making any girlfriends (Having hundreds of offers of course :P )
Four years of learning
Four years of AIR UNIVERSITY

These four years cannot be explained in words so I want to dedicate this blog to people who have been a major part of four years in Air University

1. Bilal, Taimur & Omar

Seriously I don't think we have anything to say now between us. At least not at my end, I have had a great time with you guys. Football, Bowling, Table Tennis, Gaming, Those Pointless Trips, Savor, Naan Pakoray. From the times to beating each other in fun to the times of sitting around remembering and cherishing old times. I have had the time of my lives with you three and I don't think this university would have been the same for me if I hadn't made three friends like you. The rest we will talk on text and facebook, leaving this blog for mentioning others. Haha

The video for you :)

Gems of My Life :') from Syed Sohaib on Vimeo.

2. BEME Fall 09 Section A

Four years I have been the class representative of this class! Many left us during this time (Zahra, Muzahir, Zubair, Atif) due to many reasons while many new joined (Section C) but this class always remained united and fun and made my four years amazing as well.

Some very important shout outs and one of the most important will go to Chaudhary Muhammad Hamza! He has been a very good friend and one of the most hilarious people I know in this world. I will sorely miss your jokes Chaudhary sahib and remember that Imran Khan >>> Nawaz Sharif.

Wasi haider a.k.a Shah jee, is almost like a big brother although he is younger than me in age but he has just that big and huge feeling about his attitude. A nerd he used to be but now he has turned into a much better form of a person. A more socially accepted version of himself. Stay this way shah jee.

Junaid Irfan Abbasi and Syed Inam, the most unstable duo I have even seen in my entire life. These two claim they are best friends but don't even add each other on facebook but still they are with each other all the damn time. Abbasi on one hand is a drunk version of a maulvi while Inam on the other hand is a multani version of Yokozuna.

Family 420 deserves a mention none the less. The four non stop fun having people I have ever seen and they enjoy throughout the semester and in the end get the highest damn marks. Ultimate all time funny Yazdani, The brains Daarhi, The computer genius yet unlucky due to certain reasons (ahem) Ebrahem and Chikna Thr... Oh I mean Ahsum :D

Hassan Ejaz also another member that has been the quietest yet one of the most awesome persons in this class. His choice in movies and stuff is always class and I can definitely have a blind trust on his choice. Hassan bhai is awe-quiet-a-bit :D

Ahsan Afzaal & Bilal khan I put your parts in the football area, once is enough don't you think? :P
Khurram, Zain, Sherry, Uzair, Maleeha, Atif, Usama Mukhtar and I just can't mention them all. All of you are great and remain the way you are.

3. Bus Number 3

My journey in this bus has been on and off but great is just a small word to define this bus. I have had some amazing times in this bus. Found some of the most amazing people and made fun of every single one of them. Chacha Hakim :), Usman (Rapper) , Usman (Ninja) , Rida (Jalebi Bai), Shahbaz Bhai (Shabbo) , Imran Bhai, Yumna Baji, Anum (Hanger) , Fatima, Subayyal (Noon) , Mansoor (Aloo Chaat) , Saadia (Made in china) , Falak (Fruit Ninja), Maria (Angry bird), Talal (Tom Cruise), Humna (Bhool Bhulaiyaan), Shehroze (Willy Wonka) & Daniya (Silent Movie). Thanks to all and remember all those jokes I made on everyone was just for fun and don't take them to heart and forgive me if I ever hurt anyone's feeling. Thanks for making even going home from university and going to university an amazing time!

4. My Football Team

All I needed to say about this amazing team, I said it in a separate blog. Read it here


Ending Words For Air University! I just have to say is that I love this university, the time I have spent here has been beyond amazing and unforgettable. DARE Say anything against this university. THE BEST UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD!

Till Next Time!