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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mechanical Football Team :')

In My Career Of Football At Air University I Have Played With Two Teams
1. Mechanical Department (Department Team)
2. Glorious Bastards (Our Created But Still Mechanical Team)

The Title That I Have Been With These Teams

1. Champions Sports Week Air University 2011
2. Runners Up Football Mundial 2011
3. Champions Sports Week Air University 2012
4. Runners Up Football Mundial 2012
5. Making Into Top 8 Teams From 40 In NUST Olympiad

These Teams Have Given Me A LOT During These Four Years! These Football Teams! My Mechanical People! I Cannot Begin To Thank This Team & Say How Much I Will Miss Each & Everyone Of Them!!! So Here Is A Little Note For Everyone

Waqas Bhai 

From Your Call On My Phone In 2nd Sports Week Saying That You Wanted To Play For Our Team, To This Day When You Played With Us At NUST Olympiad, You Have Been Nothing But An Inspiration For Us, Like A Big Brother. The Shooting Sheer Power, The Speed Like Anything, Those Headers, Those Shouts, Those Later On Funny Times. A Leader & A Legend :) THANK YOU!

Bilal, Taimur & Omar

Tum Teen Tau Khair!! The Day We Started Football In The First Week Of This University Defeating BBA-2 To It Now Being In The Top 8 Teams From 40 In NUST Olympiad, We Have Achieved So Much & Been Through Soooo Much! Love You Guys To The Limit! This Is JUST For Football, Baaqi Baatain Baad Main. :')

Daniyal & Hassan

Jab Tum Dono Jaisay Chiknay Aik Team Main Ho Tau Waah Waah Ho Jaati Hai Sahih Main But I Have To Say That You Two Are The Most Talented Strikers Upfront. From The Start I Managed You Nd We Went To The Semi Finals Of Mundial & Lost On Sudden Death Penalties To It Now At NUST Olympiad, Missed You Daniyal On NUST Olympiad & Hope You Recover From Your Injury Soon But Hassan! AMAZING!!!! Thank You Both

Umer Naeem, Ahsan Afzaal & Bilal Khan

You Both Are A Part Of The Glorious Bastards Legacy :D Umer Key Saath Itna Nahin Khela But I Know This Much Key Iss Key Jaisa Dahoosh Defender Main Nay Nahin Dekha, His Kicks? Pure Power & Best Of All He Is Awesome. Ahsan On The Other Hand Not That Much At Power But With A Great Vision & Great Footballing Sense. Bilal On The Third Hand Is A Ramos Copy Who Wants To Be Ozil :P But A Great Defender None The Less, Solid At The Back & Ability To Play Great Balls (If You Know What I Mean). Will Always Remember Playing With You Guys! THANK YOU!

Minhaj & Shaheer

When I Think Of "SOLID" Defenders The First Two Names In My Mind Are Always Puyol & Pique :P Hahahahaha But Of Course In Reality World They Would Be Minhaj & Shaheer :) . Technically Brilliant, Mentally Calm & Rock Solid. Shaheer Thinks Ahead Of The Game While Minhaj Ki Shoots! I Have Felt His Shoot First Hand & Still Have Crepe Bandage On My Hand As I Type This :P THANK YOU!

Aqib & Fazeel

These Two Are Brilliant Strikers Of The Ball, Aqib On One Hand Is Our Spoiled Boy, Coming Late To Training, Coming Just On Time On Matches But This Person Is A Talent That Few Can Come Upto. His Cutting & Accurate Finishing Is Brilliant. One Sports Week & NUST Olympiad But A Great Time.
Fazeel On The Other Hand Is Sheer Power, His Shoots Are NOT To Be Reckoned With His Height Giving Him Another Advantage. THANK YOU :)

Omar Ahmed

The Kid That Surprised Everyone, What A Player He Is, Amazing With The Ball, Quick, Sharp & Brilliant Finisher. Not Played With You That Much But Still You Will Remain In The Memory, For Your Personality & The Moments :') THANK YOU!

Umair Hussain Farooqi

Last But Never The Least. To This Day I Know That I Don't Have A Better Football Pairing With Anyone As Much As This Guy. We Always Played Handicap Like (2 vs 3) & Won With Goal Differences Of Plus 5. He Was A Pure Talent With The Ability To Score From Everywhere & Dribble Through Everyone. Miss You Bro, I Know You Are Pissed At Me For GOD Knows What Reason But I Wish You A Happy Life & Success In Future :) THANK YOU :)

If I Forgot Anyone Then Please Forgive Me :)

At The End Some Memories :')

With The Runners Up Trophy of AU Mundial :)

Gold Medalists Third Sports Week

Our Ritual of Praying In A Group Huddle  Before Every Match

The Last Minute Waqas Bhai Orders 

Glorious Bastards At Our Finest

Our Secret Training Sessions In F-9 Park

Winning Moment First Sports Week


Trophy :') Champions

The Best!

With The New Addition Omar Ahmed The Team That Is Amazing


I Have No More Words

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