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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Letter To COAS Raheel Shareef

Dear Sir, 

Sir I respectfully request you to please take action on this situation. We are sick and tired of this incompetent government and we are sick and tired of these situations created by these so called political parties. We are also sick and tired of this stupid bought media which twists and turns facts. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOW! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! Its time to act now, democracy has given us nothing over the years except deaths, poverty and expenses. Please I request you to take immediate action and initiate Martial law and please DO NOT leave it at this time. 

  • Its time to hang anyone who has betrayed this nation.
  • Its time to create cases and trials against all those corrupt leaders who have looted us for too damn long now. 
  • Its time to end these sectarian terrorist groups that are killing under the protection of political leaders.
  • Its time to save Pakistan
Please please please! Don't be like the previous ones, we know you are a true soldier and you are a true Pakistani, we know your family's history and we know how much sacrifices your family has made for Pakistan. Please its time to save that very Pakistan for which your family and thousands of other families have given so many sacrifices. Enough is enough for sectarian terrorism that this current government is funding. 


A Request
Syed Sohaib Mansoor Naqvi