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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Day I Was Taken Hostage

Asalam o Alikum

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So, if you are on the page, you would know that I was held on gun point by two robbers for one hour and robbed of my stuff. Thanks to ALLAH that my life was spared at the end. Having a platform, I would like to share my experience. 

So I was walking towards my gym from a bakery after buying pastries for my niece's birthday. On the way I passed by when two people on bike confronted me, with one on my front and one who had a gun in his hand covering me from the side. They asked me to silently move into the alley next by showing me and shoving me with the gun again and again. When I obliged they took my mobile, my laptop bag and while taking it one of them punched me in the face. I was still in shock mode since I had been walking in that area since almost half a year now. Then he head butted me too trying to administer all the scare tactics he knew and believe me it was working fine. Then he took my purse, I got some senses back and asked for my NIC card and Driver's license as it was of no use to them and they were gonna throw it anyway, so they were gonna return it but with my bad luck they saw the ATM card and wanted more money out of me if they hadn't drained me enough. So on the force of gun point they made me sit on the bike in between both of them like a fried chicken patty between two buns and they started their journey towards a bank. There were banks nearby but it was a public area so they couldn't risk me shouting and them getting caught or in their words "Them shooting me and escaping" because obviously in all this time they had started caring for me :P

Anyway! We moved towards more uninhabited areas which were quiet far and went on bike for almost 20 minutes during the time they told me that if I didn't do anything silly I will be left alive while if I do then things will happen that happened to other people before me, basically using scare tactic, there they finally found a bank. he took my ATM card, asked my pin and went, luckily he gave the wrong pin 3 times and my ATM card got blocked. After that he tried in 3 different banks but to no luck. During the time one went to get the money out of the bank, the other stayed with me trying to talk to me and have a conversation because of course we had become best buddies after all. He told me where they were going, how forced they are to do such things, plus used further scare tactics. After all was in vain, they sent me into 4-5 banks to get the money out with one person accompanying me at all times but since the ATM card was blocked so no transactions were possible. They got tired maybe after that because obviously it was a very tiring work looting someone of their hard earned stuff and they decided that laptop, mobile and the money in my purse were enough. So they dropped me, took my stuff and gave my purse and keys back and left.

Before I continue further, I would like to Thank ALLAH again and again for saving my life.

It was a very scary experience after it happened and whenever I told people they shared their own stories of themselves or others they knew and I got to know that what has happened to me, happened to thousands and thousands of others and happens to many everyday. The ticker we used to read on our news channels were of different people who maybe tried to protest with the robbery. 

The robbers who robbed me also recited the Kalma (Sentences describing a Muslim's belief) two to three times in order to convince me that no harm shall come of me IF I don't do anything stupid. After all this happened my mind wandered on this incident a lot and thought that Yazid had similar beliefs, he also used to recite the Kalma but then he also drank alcohol, he did drugs, he killed Hazrat Imam Hussain's (A.S) family and made the women and children captives. Are we muslims following Yazid's path now?

The two items that I lost were my mobile and laptop! My laptop which I dearly loved and was my partner in crime. I took him along where I went. My FIFA partner, my everything. I miss you :'(

I have no message for the robbers. Maybe if you read this, I say that may you leave this path and go towards more good things in your life. I wish you a successful life (NOT IN THIS CAREER) but in a honest and good deeds one.

Till Next Time!

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