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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Football Fans : The Stereotypes

Heyyyyyyy Alllllllllll

First things first , Ramazan Mubarak to all of my muslim readers :) may ALLAH shower blessings upon you and your family in this Holy Month.

Now onto the topic, first of all why am I writing this blog. I would've never written this blog to be honest if Barcelona hadn't lost in a friendly to Manchester United. I agree that Manchester United was the better team that day without giving any excuses and Manchester United fans were trying to prove that they are better than Barcelona by beating Barcelona in a friendly without Xavi, Messi, Alves, Puyol, Pique or Mascherano and comparing that to the Champions League Final?? I Mean seriously?? So I decided to describe some fans of some teams and some other types. Now if somebody fights with me after this than he/she knows it that this is the truth and he/she can't handle it.

1. Barcelona Fans

I am talking about the real Barcelona fans the other types come in later. The real Barcelona fans who are not supporting Barca only in CL finals but are also there for Barcelona during the Copa Del Ray losses. Who were there for Barcelona when there were no trophies to boast about. These Barcelona fans are very few, very few indeed. Barcelona & Europe maybe filled with real Barcelona fans but in Asian or African countries like Pakistan, India, China, Egypt and others they are very few. A true Cule will always support his team in thick and thin and most important for a true Cule is the element of respect. A true Cule can be recognized by being the bigger person and accepting the loss without giving excuses and giving respect to the other team which it deserves. Some examples can be the standing ovation Barcelona fans gave to their biggest rivals Madrid or the respect they gave to Van Der Saar after his final match in CL even after winning BUT there is a downside as well because once you are a Cule every other team just looks boring to you. A Cule will NEVER accept the other team is better until unless that team beats Barcelona in a fair match. A real Cule will always have the following traits
1. He/She would consider diving as wrong (May it be one of our own player)
2. He/She would not consider Messi being greater than Barcelona
3. He/She would not forget Johan Cruyff and his services at Barcelona at any point
4. He/She would be a Real Madrid hater without taking respect from some Madrid legends

2. Real Madrid Fans

Again talking about the REAL Madrid fans, to be honest these are some great fans although being fans of my rival team, the REAL madridstas are sportsmen and have the spirit. They hate diving and even boo their own players if they dive and that is why I LOVE when Madrid fans boo Ronaldo when he dives. So as to much that he now mostly dives in away matches :P . Madrid has wayyyyyyyyy more fans in Spain than Barcelona as they are the nationalists. I have nothing but respect for the REAL Real madrid fans, one is even a very good friend of mine. (Other type coming later)

3. Manchester United Fans

Oh Yes lets finally get down to business, now Manchester united has A LOT of fans throughout the world. By A LOT I mean A LOT. When I had to chose a football club then all I heard were Real Madrid and Manchester United fans. Now there are two types of Manchester United fans

A) Manchester United Fans

These are the REAL fans and they are annoying. Manchester united is a great team without a doubt and play good football and I have nothing but respect for Sir Alex Ferguson, Van Der Saar, Scholes & Giggs but these fans are not the greatest. They don't know ANYTHING except that we are right. Manchester United is never wrong according to them even if they loose humiliatingly to a team they will NEVER accept that other team was better and they can make A LOT of excuses. This just comes natural to them and they can fight with you hours without giving sane arguments and never accept that they are wrong. They are a major pain

B) Man U Fans

Now for this part read the upper part and multiply it with 10. These fans are 10 times annoying, 10 times stupid and 10 times fake. These are not real fans and are just following the line "glory glory Man United". I met some Man U fans who didn't even knew that Neville used to be the captain of United, they all said Rio Ferdinand was the captain *head desks* They have no knowledge what so ever and they can give some pretty stupid arguments and sometimes even go against there own team player's views

4. Arsenal Fans

These are the poor needy people of the fan world of club football. They are frustrated, they are desperate and they are hungry BUT if you ask someone in 2009-2010-2011 that which club's fan are you? and he/she replies Arsenal then rest assured that he/she is a true football fan. They have not betrayed their club for whatever times they are going through and always follow this club no matter what and according to me Arsenal is one of those very few very good teams which don't have A LOT of fake fans. I always don't get along with Arsenal fans but the truth has to be accepted and they are football lovers BUT they are also frustrated and poor and they really really need to win a trophy sometimes I think they are like the Amy Winehouse of football fans, frustrated, drunk and needs love but lets hope it doesnt end the same way and they learn something from amy's incident but I have one request to all Arsenal fans

5. Liverpool Fans

The best fans award goes to the Liverpool fans. They have seen the heights with Liverpool and they have seen the low with Liverpool and they will NEVER betray this club what so ever. "You will never walk alone" is their way of expressing love for their club and they always follow it. Liverpool might not be the best team at the moment but according to me they have the best fans atm. Sportsman spirit is complete in them, they accept their defeat like men and they love football. Perfect

6. Glory Hunters

2002 - 2006 --> Real Madrid
2006 - 2009 --> Manchester United
2009 - 2011 --> Barcelona

These are the times when the respective teams earned huge success and had all star players now this is the time when Glory hunters come in which are always there to become a fan of the team which is having the best seasons and winning trophies so all they have to do is support a team through its thick and leave that team once its reaches its thin. These days its Barcelona, everywhere you go Barcelona shirts and all and they don't know a thing about Barcelona, when the match will take place, when and how they won in the season. They know that they won :P and thats all that matters to them. Pakistan and India are filled with these glory hunters and they also play a huge part in giving the other football fans a bad name. These people can rant all day stupid and a lot of other stuff.

7. Individual Fans
You are not a madrista

Now this is very important, remember if you love Lionel Messi it is NOT necessary that it makes you a Barcelona fan as well. You will just remain a messi fan , If you changed your club from Manchester United to Real madrid because Cristiano Ronaldo changed his club then neither you were a manchester united fan and nor have you become a madrid fan now, you will always just be a Shittiano Ro-Naa-Laado fan. Great players always have these and these people try and link themselves with the club as well. Sorry people you are neither Culeans, Gunners, Madristas, Red Devil or anything. You are just that player's fan. Majority footballers in Pakistan fall in either this or the above category and they give a bad name to the Real fans of that team.

Till Next Time
X Y'All


  1. wow u kind of resumed the situation greatly me also frustrated when some1 who no nothing on football comment on the team performance!To be honest am a David Villa fan but barca has always charm, if you love foot you got to admire good football and support your team through victory and defeat! Through i really don't like Liverpool! Visca Barca Visca Espana these are not only words am truly full hearted behind my team!!

    1. Thanks! Visca El Barca :) Spread The Blog :)

  2. I am 18 but since 2004 i have been a huge fan of Barcelona. In 2004 i remembered Patrick Kluivert, Quaresma, Deco, Ronaldinho were in the team. At that time i was a huge fan of ronaldinho but when he left the club, I did n't even think of cf changing my integrity and loyalty from Barca. I am always and in future even if God forbid Barca loses every match i will be supporting the team whether in times of happiness and sorrow. Visca barca

    1. Thats what a true fan is about :)

      Visca El Barca! Spread The Blog :)