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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Mummy Daddy Phenomenon

Hey Allllllllllllll

It took me lot of time to think of this topic. I was going through a major major writer's block. Every time I thought of a topic then I couldn't think of the material. Many of my friends gave me some awesome topics but I was just blank on them. I even thought of stereotyping girls but that is just tooooooooooooo vast a topic. I can write a book on that instead of a blog. I thought of telling people the top 10 worst movies but waited for some more time. Then just right now I was randomly talking to my friend and he gave me this amazing idea and helped me by giving me the ideas. So here it goes

Now before I start I would like to tell that the research to this topic was basically very very disturbing and depressing and I came to the brink of suicide. I sat lonely in a dark corner listening to Slipknot to bring myself back to life. So I put my life on the line to bring this truth to you people.

The mummy daddy phenomenon basically are the boys/girls who are just tooo soft in this rough world. They are mostly found in modern areas of cities but if I mention them all over the world this topic will become as large. I will restrict myself to the Pakistani mummy daddy people. The majority of them is found in either Islamabad or the very posh areas of Lahore or Karachi. Let me tell you some of their traits


"Yo, I went to dis concerrttt and it was soooo kEWWllll , atif aslam is a rawk star"

Now when you see "kEwL" or "RaWk" then should know that's the type. No normal or even for that matter abnormal person would write scripts like these. Its only the mummy daddy type who can write these kinds of scripts. These scripts can give normal people nightmares if exposed for a long time. True story
Some more examples of the horror script

They even have their own magazines the people featuring in these magazines are their likes, more on that later :P :P



When somebody says that in March or April then you have an ultimate mummy daddy before you. They are very soft in speaking, soft in action, soft in eating and soft in strength. All these softness combined and you get a mummy daddy. Roaming around with a "mineral" water bottle in hand to prevent oneself from dehydration in January is one of their trademark moves. Other include
  1. Fake British accent
  2. Avoiding anything oily in food
  3. Diet conscious even if Lahori
  4. Not playing too much sports in sun because of loosing their complexion
& much much more.


For this type you just never know. I mean you could see a boy and call him a dude and get slapped because it turns out he was a girl and see a girl and call her baby doll and get slapped again because she was a boy and the conversion is more female-ish. Meaning both genders resembles girls like in the following pictures it will take at least 10 minutes to differentiate between the guy and the girl if there is any to be honest I can't find any.

Girly hand movements to girly likes (coming ahead, keep waiting) to girly hairstyles for the boys and boys boldness, boys clothes and boys hairstyles for the girls. Some people call them emo but emo is just a stereotype for the bigger picture that is Mummy Daddy. Confusing?? I know I was too. More can be

  1. Tweeting or updating status about watching stars to impress girls
  2. Acting girly to impress girls
  3. Acting boy-ish to impress boys
  4. Tweeting or updating status about the feeling of falling in love
  5. Liking pages like "awwwwwwww I love you" being a boy (supposed)


Now ladies and gentlemen please hold onto your seats because today I will reveal to you one of the biggest mysteries of all times and it is


The Mummy Daddy are the community which like Justin Beiber


Yes yes people I know, these are exactly the ones who would go
"ohhhhhhhh JUSTIN BEIBERRRRRRRR" at any of his extremely vulgar songs like baby baby ooohh :P

The likes just not end there, they also like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Sahir Lodhi, Shaista Wahidi and many many more.
I am shivering right now, GROSS PEOPLE

See?? MUMMY DADDY *shivers*




Another disturbing trait is their nick naming. They just do it in a very weird way like either writing in script or putting words like prince or princess or cute in their facebook ids. Some can still pull it on twitter but COME ON on facebook just put your own name. Some examples are below

I think I have made my point


These types can land only few kinds of professions because they can't handle any thing tough because of them being tooooo softy
  1. Fashion designers
  2. Models
  3. Actors & Actresses
  4. Not Rock Stars but Rawk stars
  5. Pop singers
  6. TV hosts
  7. Cheerleaders

See what I meant
Ending with some pictures

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Till Next Time
X Y'All