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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

10 History Moments I Would Like To Change

Hey Allllllll

I am back, my last blog turned out to be a success and thank you all for making July one of the most amazing months for me as a blogger as it turns out in just July I hit the 7,394 views mark and now an over all blog views of 21,509. I never thought that I would achieve this success when I started this blog but thank you to all. I would like all of you to don't Forget To Like The Facebook Page for my blogs and please keep me posted with your suggestions and comments. Please Like it :)

Now to the topic, now there are always some moments in history that you want would go a little differently and then things would be different today. Following are the moments I want to change.

1. May 1941

Now I would like to go to Germany this date and stop Hitler from making the biggest mistake of his life by attacking the Soviet Union instead I will tell him to concentrate on the Jews through his holocaust. With him I will make sure he attacks every Jewish city and country and kill them all as I will become the leader and will control Hitler by my futuristic gadgets like a PSP and Laptop and once he is done I will kill him by my own hands :P

What this will do?
1. Kill Jews and free Palestine
2. Free Lebanon from a war
3. Stop 9/11 because it was all a Jewish propaganda against the Muslims as there wasn't a single Jew in WTC that day.
4. I would finally know the true story on how Hitler died :P
5. I have one more use that will be very very helpful for Pakistan (described later)

2. May 31st 1947
Now we all know about the Love triangle of Lady Mountbatten, Lord Mountbatten and the Jawahar Laal Nehru. Some people say that the love triangle was like this and it should be like this (the arrow and the direction meaning interested in)

Nehru --> Lady Mountbatten <-- Lord Mountbatten

but some historians also state including some quotes by Lady Mountbatten herself (which I can't
quote here) that the love triangle was actually like this

Lady Mountbatten --> Nehru <-- Lord Mountbatten

Which ever is true :P what I would like to do is go back to Pre Partition India on 31st May 1947 just before Mountbatten completed his 3rd June plan of finalizing the maps for both countries I would go and make sure that there is a huge fight between Nehru, Lady Mountbatten and Mountbatten himself something like a breakup which will ultimately make Lord Mountbatten so hurt and angry that instead of helping India he will give all the Muslim majority states to Pakistan and we won't have to go through majority of the economic problems we went through and East Pakistan would still be our lovely part :)

3. March 2 1994

Alright things are going to get ugly from here :P . March 2 1994 is the next date I will travel back in time to London, Ontario one day after the day of the birth of this child. The child mentioned above, I am refraining from using any gender because I don't want another big debate about it :P. I will reach there and make sure that when this baby is in its room and the baby's mother or father is not around I will grab the baby and quickly travel back to my time machine and go to Dubai on 4th July 2010 which is the date of the inauguration of the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa. There I will tie this baby on the string of one of the fire works of the opening ceremony and then just let it flow........... Muwahahahahahahahahahahahaha

4. 1st August 2010

Now this is a very important, I will go to England on 1st August 2010 and meet Amir and show him the future that lies in front of him if he balls that extremely huge no ball (by purpose or accident) and make sure that he does not do this so that his career is saved which will totally effect Pakistan's cricket in future and will also change the Cricket World Cup 2011 which we lost because we were an Amir short.

5. 1st October 2006

This is very important for this person's career, I will go to London England on this date and warn him and make sure that he DOES NOT sign an eight year contract with Arsenal instead a 4-5 year contract would be enough so that way it would not turn in one of the most craziest transfer sagas ever with Barcelona players attracting Cesc to his home and Wenger trying to keep him away from Barcelona and in the end Cesc deciding to pay 5M on the transfer fee from himself because Barcelona is short of money :P . It will do all Cesc, Barcelona and Arsenal all good :P

6. October 1st 1492
Alright I may have stopped the 9/11 from ever happening by saving Hitler and doing all the work but America still will be their and am not taking any risk. Am going back to October 1st 1942 about 10 ten days before Christopher Columbus discovered the land that turned out to be America. I will scare him off by using my guns I would've borrowed from the Hitler time and make him run in the opposite direction and make him go home. I know somebody else will discover it but it won't be the same America :P

7. 2nd June 2003

Alright Stephenie Meyer said that she got the idea of Twilight in a dream she saw on the night of 2nd June 2003. So am gonna be at her place in that night and when she is sound asleep I will scare her so bad that she won't sleep again that night. I will keep repeating this for the next week just to make sure and since she will go mad after not sleeping for a week my work will be done and I will have saved the world from the curse that is here by the name of "Edward Cullen"

8. 2nd January 2008

I want to do this just to save this man from dying after completing his most LEGENDARY role as the "Joker" in the "Dark Knight" and making that film an absolute major hit so he can get his Oscar himself and also that he can come in the Batman series third movie. AMAZING AMAZING Actor and he was LEGEN - wait for it - DARY ..... LEGENDARY

9. May 24 2010

I just want to go to this date and hours before Paul Grey's death I would kidnap him and preserve his body. Everybody would be thinking that this person won't preserve Quaid-e-Azam's body but he would preserve Paul Grey's body?? Its because Quaid was a leader and if he would disappear people would say that he coward out on his new state and he couldn't handle the pressure of Pakistan which is wrong. Quaid-e-Azam had to die to forever live in our hearts but this man will just disappear and will never be seen again. People would also say why not preserve Isaac Newton or Einstein well for them I would never preserve them because they ruined life as it is. Soooooo many laws and soooo many equations.

PAUL GREY ........ LEGEND \m/

10. 28th July 1955

Alright now I have saved the best one for LAST. Yes people you guessed it by the pictures.........IT IS HIM. He was born on 26th July 1955 but I will go on 28th July 1955 and grab this baby and using my time machine I would go to Hitler's time once again and give this baby to the torture chambers where they would peel his skin, burn him and kill him. Muwahahahahahahahahahahaha

What this would do??

1. Zardari dies --> Isn't this ENOUGH??
2. Ejaz Butt doesn't get power of PCB --> Pakistan cricket saved
3. Rehman Malik never becomes an important person
4. Benazir is still alive and with a better husband
5. Benazir's family is still alive
6. Babar Awan and all Zardari partners never get into action
7. Karachi is safe from the Zulfiqar Mirza's stupid comments
8. Pakistan doesn't go to this level of worse conditions --> Pakistan is saved
9. No more making new provinces
10. No U.S.A , No Terrorists , No Zardari --> JUST IMAGINE :)

That Is It For This Time
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Till Next Time
X Y'All


  1. good thinking dude! last one is the best of the LOT! =D

  2. AALLAAA..Specially the third and the last one..
    Keep up the good work :-) Thumbs up..