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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well I am back, we all saw my top 10 good ones, now its time for the top 10 disappointment
Before I start I would like to mention the fact that the best expected match of the group rounds was THE MOST BORING match of the tournament, I mean Slovakia provided more entertainment and If you ask me, I am damn sure this match was fixed.

Well Now For The Top 10 Disappointments

# 10: Gilberto Silva
OMG.... A Brazilian? In The Top 10 Disappointments? Aaaahhhhhh....... Yes he is and there is another so don't worry. When it comes to the Brazilians we expect nothing but the best and Gilberto Silva has been among those who hasn't been in their best form while A LOT was expected. He has been slow with his runs, rough with his tackles and slow in giving passes. So he open up my list at number 10

# 9: Emmanuel Eboue

The African wonder, the Eboue effect some of the freaky names for this man but well the Eboue effect had some side effects. A side containing Kalou, Toure Yaya & an injured Drogba with this guy should have performed A LOT better but among the names mentioned above only one of them couldn't perform and thats the guy in the orange shirt with the panther jumping out of embarrassment :P

# 8: Iker Casillias
He is the Spanish captain, A LOT was expected from him when this World Cup started just like how he played in the Euro cup taking Spain to the championship.In this World cup well all I can say is finally the poor guy fell victim to the the curse of Real Madrid. The curse of Real Madrid is an urban legend which has shown us the demise of great players like Roberto Carlos, David Beckham, Van Nisterlooy & Zidane. Casillias fought but he has finally given in and a poor performance by the Spanish goal keeper. I think Valdes should be given his well deserved chance

# 7: Kaka
When all the girls would have started reading this blog they would have crossed their fingers and started praying "NOT KAKA..... NOT KAKA" but I am sorry ladies. I wanted to see him play but he hasn't and he has to be a disappointment. 2 Matches, No Goals, No good passes or assists, chances missed plus 2 yellow cards in one match to get a red and being sent off. You all girls should thank me I kept him at number 7 :P

# 6: The French National Team
The Whole Team?
*No Comments*

# 5: Patrick Evra

If thats his above name. Well he shouldn't be a disappointment because he is a Manchester United player :P ....... but well you have to fill the top 10 list with 10 names and titles. Evra SUCKED

# 4: The Italianos

The Champions....Woooooo.......See the picture above looking such a nice and happy bunch of italians
Now only people with strong heart look below

Draw with Parguay..... Okay
Draw Wtih New Zealand........ WTF?
Loosing to Slovakia........... Kill Em Kill Em All

# 3: Fabio Cannavaro

You know when the captain of the World Champions and the best player of the tournament ends up loosing in group stages, becomes the worst player of the tournament and gets transfered to a UAE club of ALL PLACES..... DISAPPOINTMENT AT ITS VERY BEST MY FRIEND

# 2: Wayne Rooney

The guy for whom it was said that there is no defender born to stop him, YES I have said it time & time again because I want to stand in front of a Manchester United fan and point at him & laugh my heart out. Mr Wayne Rooney has SUCKED big time and believe me till now SUCKED is an understatement

# 1: Fernando Torres

Please ladies don't kill me..... I know I am right now on the hit list of many women & girls all around the world. First Kaka and Now Torres and even after he shortened his hair? You know his hair shortened may increase his looks but it certainly hasn't increased his football skills which were needed in the World Cup 2010 for Spain so without a doubt Fernando Torres who I wanted to watch play superbly for Spain is the biggest disappointment for me.

Thats The Top 10 Disappointments
Now The Round Of 16 Has Started
Gooooooooo ARGENTINA

Argentina vs Mexico
Germany vs England
Spain vs Portugal

Some very good games now
Till next time

Adios Amigos
X Y'All

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Top 10 Footballers Of World Cup 2010

1st of all a shout out to the best footballer in the world
Lionel Andres Messi......... Happy Birthday To The 23 Year Old Legend

Well Now Back To My Deserved Top 10 Ppl On The List

# 10: Shittiano Ro-Naa-Lado a.k.a Cristiano Ronaldo

OH MY GOD, I Never thought of all players he would be in my list, but the guy actually player well. Shows that this list ain't biased. Although North Korea is like the worst team in the world cup but what I liked is that the guy ACTUALLY passed the ball around, plus he got a goal in the 7-0 thrashing as well, a lucky one though. Well done Shittiano, Oh I mean Cristiano :P

# 9: Rafael Marquez

The Mexican captain and the Barcelona defender has lead his team perfectly and qualified for the round of 16 from a group that contained the French & Uruguay and also scored the late equalizer for his team against the South Africa in the opener. Keep up the good work and keep making us proud

# 8: Asamoah Gyan

The Striker for the black stars hasn't failed to impress in his World Cup performance with being the only scorer for Ghana and 2nd highest shots on goal after the legend himself, he scored the penalty against serbia and also scored against Australia and looked quiet impressive against Germany as well missing some chances but who doesn't miss chances. So well done boy


Okay its because of this man that my Dani Alves gets less chance to play in the starting 11 and I hate him for that but that doesn't mean he ain't playing good. He has defended splendidly plus scored the amazing opening goal for Brazil. Enough I have included him thats enough and am not saying anything more cause I still hate him

# 6: Diego Forlan

The Atletico Madrid guy has impressed quite A LOT. With his stunning shoot goal against the hosts plus the penalty score in the same game. He has made some chances and also been on the receiving end of many chances. All in all he has played well till now and has taken his team to the next round

# 5: TIAGO

Sheesh another Portugal guy in the Top 10. Scored 2 goals in the 7-0 thrashing of North Korea and well done as well and thats all I am gonna say :P

# 4: David Villa
The only scorer for Spain and helping Spain get back on the winning track. Two amazing goals the latest signing for Barcelona "David Villa" has been perfect for Spain. The 1st game wasn't that impressive but the 2nd game was perfect for the new catalonian striker. Bravo

# 3: Gonzalo Higuain

Although this guy is the top scorer of World Cup 2010 at this moment but he is at number 3 because he has been able to score goals at other people's attempts. He has missed some very open chances but still goals are goals and a hat-trick is just AWESOME. The only in the World Cup the Real Madrid striker has this spot

# 2: ELANO
The Brazil striker scoring 2 goals in 2 games has been brilliant and both of his goals were absolutely awesome to say the least. His form has been brilliant although he plays in a not so very popular club doesn't mean he ain't short of talent and he is pulling of feats that were expected from the Brazilian star striker Kaka.


# 1: Lionel Andres Messi
Oh-kay was there ANY doubt in THAT?
The player of the year, The Smiling Assassin, Marvelous Magician those are just a few names commentators have given him through his very short but LEGENDARY career
In the World Cup he is at the top with 20 shots but hard luck that either it was the Nigerian goal keeper who stopped his shots or it was the goal posts but he has the highest number of shots, the highest number of assists
His free kick got an own goal, it was his shot that deflected of the goal post to give Higuain his 2nd goal of that game and his cross got Higuain his 1st goal as well, again it was his shot that deflected of the goal post to give Palermo the goal. It was his corner that gave Demichellis his goal.
He has been without a doubt been the most exciting player of the tournament but playing as the play maker and not getting any goals of his own. He also Captained his side against Greece and got the win of 2-0.



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello Everybody
My 1st blog is finally here, everybody had started writing blogs I wondered why not me as well, i haven't got no allergy :P
Well what to say in my 1st blog?
The big cheese of football tournament is going on, The FIFA World Cup 2010
I am supporting Argentina because it is the team which contains the BEST player of the world "Lionel Andres Messi" and after playing as the play maker Argentina has already qualified for the round of 16 and looking good enough to win the tournament.
Spain's lineup looks absolutely brilliant of course containing 50% above of Barcelona player (My Favorite Club & The Best Club In The World ;-)
But I am still supporting Argentina only and forgot to mention Mr. Shittiano Ro-Naa-Lado a.k.a Cristiano Ronaldo who again played as a cry baby and ooh ooh not to forget the biggest disappointment of the tournament..............presenting to you...........*Drum Roll*............Mr. No Defender Can Stop Me a.k.a Wayne Rooney

Paint going on at my house and working all day shifting heavy furniture really takes everything from me, i need some rest now but it aint gonna ending until a while.

I would like to conclude with the the quote of the day
"I Dream Of A Better World...Where Chickens Can Cross The Road Without Having Their Motives Questioned"

Adios Amigos
Until Next Blog
X Y'All