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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello Everybody
My 1st blog is finally here, everybody had started writing blogs I wondered why not me as well, i haven't got no allergy :P
Well what to say in my 1st blog?
The big cheese of football tournament is going on, The FIFA World Cup 2010
I am supporting Argentina because it is the team which contains the BEST player of the world "Lionel Andres Messi" and after playing as the play maker Argentina has already qualified for the round of 16 and looking good enough to win the tournament.
Spain's lineup looks absolutely brilliant of course containing 50% above of Barcelona player (My Favorite Club & The Best Club In The World ;-)
But I am still supporting Argentina only and forgot to mention Mr. Shittiano Ro-Naa-Lado a.k.a Cristiano Ronaldo who again played as a cry baby and ooh ooh not to forget the biggest disappointment of the tournament..............presenting to you...........*Drum Roll*............Mr. No Defender Can Stop Me a.k.a Wayne Rooney

Paint going on at my house and working all day shifting heavy furniture really takes everything from me, i need some rest now but it aint gonna ending until a while.

I would like to conclude with the the quote of the day
"I Dream Of A Better World...Where Chickens Can Cross The Road Without Having Their Motives Questioned"

Adios Amigos
Until Next Blog
X Y'All

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