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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pakistan & The Mouse Trap!

Hello All!

Before I turn to the main blog, I would like to thank everyone who have read and supported my blog for it to reach 1,10,000 all time views. Thank you very much :)

Now in the past days, I had sort of a mouse problem at my house. So first I tried to chase it around with a stick in my hand and hoping to catch it or get it out of my house. Since that plan failed, I changed the strategy to something for fatal and brought home a conventional mouse trap. I set the trap with the bait and went to sleep, the next day when I woke up the bait was gone and the trap never worked. I thought I might have failed in setting the trap properly so now with a much more attractive bait, I set the trap again the very next day and in front of my eyes the mouse came and took the bait out of the trap and the trap didn't work again as the mouse ran away with the butter filled treat. So it turns either the mouse is too light weighted or too quick for the trap so I went out and found myself a better trap. A mouse cage and sure enough as I set the bait in the exact same position and slept, the next morning I found the mouse trapped in the cage knowing that since now it had the habit of taking that treat every night and guessed it would be on the exact same spot but did not figure out that the trap could be more dangerous cause it never got caught in the trap before and was unaware of my planning.  

Sounds familiar?

From the day Pakistan was made in 1947 to now we have been pulled into traps, all different kinds of them. From the start with Mountbatten changing the map of Pakistan and giving all resources to India or may it be the recent sectarian fights trying to be instilled in the public so that we can die without our enemies having to even touch us. 

This is just a plot that we have been put through, we have survived some of the traps that were set for us but we survived cause we never knew they were traps and in some we were caught because we still didn't knew they were traps. From MQM trying to raise the Muhajireen to stand against the Pathans to the Terrorist and banned outfits pre planning events to create a Shia Sunni crisis in the state. All of the traps we have fell in cause we are ignorant, we are illiterate and we are not able to differentiate between right and wrong. We have elected the same corrupt governments again and again to rule over us and every time at the end we say that we won't fall for it this time but yet again here we are. Is this not a trap that we have fallen for?

People are fighting over sectarian issues, pulling out fatwas and calling everyone kaafir (Infidel) while those very people I know abuse all the damn time, every word out of their mouth is followed by an abuse and don't even follow the basic points of Islam but they would rather fight over sectarian issues. People even defend the terrorist branches out there killing people because they belong to a sect and they don't like their beliefs. Now killing someone is THAT EASY! 

But if we are Muslims then the Quran (Not a book of any sect) states that killing of one soul is like killing entire humanity. Did our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) ever killed someone cause of their belief? Did he not respect all religions and beliefs and tried to make people realize the truth by his actions and words NOT by force.


America on one hand trying to take over the sovereignty of Pakistan, while India on the other hand always stabs us in the back whenever we extend a hand of friendship. Have we not let this country suffer enough cause of us?

Our enemies are laying traps all around us and we are falling. Why don't we see? That they are afraid of our unity! THEY ARE AFRAID OF THIS NATION UNITING! THEY SAW WHAT HAPPENED WHAT THIS NATION DID UNDER A LEADER! 


Till Next Time!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Creeps: The Stereotypes 2

Hello Everyone!

I am back with another part of my previous successful blog "Creeps: The Stereotypes" with its Part 2.

Although before the blog I want to say something. Whatever happened in Rawalpindi on 10th Muharram was terrible and shouldn't have happened and we need to see that it was a pre-planned attempt to create sectarian feud in Pakistan. Let's stand up against it and show that we are united! ALL MUSLIMS IN PAKISTAN ARE UNITED! Let's fail their attempt to break down Pakistan.

Now back to the topic!

Girls are still being haunted by guys and "profiles" from all over the place and I searched around and finally through a good source got some more screenshots of Creeps.

1. The Sheikh

Ya Habib! Ya Rafiq! I used to think Sheikhs only buy items but now they are out buying friends on facebook as well? Ouch! Prince Fahad of Saudia Arabia should probably kill himself after this photo leaks out on the internet! Such a low standard for a royalty!

2. Beauty & The Beast

He is basically living in Greece and is a beauty admirer and just can't stand the fact of not admiring beauty when he sees it. I can bet he has a DSLR and he lives in Rawalpindi and the only time he was Greece was under his car.

3. Chor Ki Daarhi Main Tinka (Guilty Conscious) 

Now this guy is trying to explain that he "landed" in that girl's profile by magic and he is not a stalker, pervert or anything, its all just magic how he is attracted to this girl. Btw he has also studied an online course from Hogwarts.

4. No Words!!!

I .............. Okay ............ But .............. WHY? :S

5. The Number Guy

A much more direct and proper approach. Just give in your number and wait for the girl to open her FB inbox and get surprised all of a sudden on discovering the number of a stud and quickly adding it on her mobile and sending in a text. GENIUS! FLAWLESS!

6. Personality Disorder

First he goes all Shahrukh Khan from Kal ho na ho on her and then he goes all Emraan Hashmi from well his every damn movie on her. A clear personality disorder case. Choclate Girl? Seriously bro?

7. Religious Scholar

In a time of crisis this is the kind of religious scholars we need! He is above religions, outer beauty and races. He transcends all boundaries and believes in true relations that are based on heart. 

He is the hero we need but not the one we deserve!

8. Wedding Ad!

A clear wedding ad! DUDE! THIS IS FACEBOOK! What you are looking for is

9. O M G !

"U r a wish dat ppl wish for n live in hope of it but only a few can b blessed and i want ...."

I need to stop before I start crying. Isn't he just .......... dreamy?............. Girls?

10. Strangers

Our mom's have always told us to never talk to strangers and probably their mom's told them too! That's why the first thing they have done is to end the "strangeness" between them and the targeted girl! Nice move guys!

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Till Next Time!
Stay United! :D

Ending With Some Honorable Mentions!

Pindi Boyses + Army = Sc3N3 aWn! S1r Y3s S1r!


Poor Bloke!


Izzat Daar Bhai Check Karo Zara!
P.S : Booo-Hooo

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pictures Only In Pakistan

Hello Everyone :)

After months of thinking and brainstorming with no ideas I finally managed to pull another idea out of my rusty (writer's block stricken) mind.

When we don't have stuff to write? What do we do? We show the world we see! So here goes my first picture blog with pictures I have taken around Pakistan.

Sarcasm Note : I "DO NOT" Own A DSLR Or A DSLR Page and I still have the guts to take pictures of stuff around and blog about them! BEAT THAT!

First Some On The Lighter Side!

The Lovers Inside Us Pakistanis Just Won't Die

 Vans In The Past "Main Baray Ho Kar Bus Bannu Gi"
Vans Now "Fast & Furious Couch"


 I Don't Even ..........

 Boys Print Very Wells!

Trust Level : Pindi Boyses


 Rules Are Meant To Be Broken!

Super Hero Facepalm! (Batman In Avengers For All Those Who Dnt Get It)

Now Some On A Serious Note!

This Is Our Youth! Studying In An Over Night Protest & Not Going Home! NOT That Filth That Talks To Their Girlfriends & Boyfriends At Home All Night! Smoke & Other Stuff!

Our Shops Get New Boards For Valentine's Day But Nothing For 14th August?

A Bathroom Writing!

None Of These Pictures Are Stolen!

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Till Next Time!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Pakistan Will Develop When ......

Hello Everyone!

After a long long long break! The last time I wrote a blog was in July and that was also written by someone else. I thought about some topics but just couldn't write stuff but then while on my way to Gujrat in a train I thought up of some points. Some points that I believe are the actual full stops in Pakistan's way to development. Somethings that we need to do instead of blaming everything on the government.

The points are as follows


  • When we will play our "National sports" instead of using it as a weapon in fights or for breaking stuff in protests.
  • When we will respect our own language more than other foreign languages.
  • When we will stop being slaves to other cultures.
  • When we will learn that "Revolution / Inquilaab" does not mean a one day Jalsa or long march.
  • When we will learn that "Inquilaab" means to change one self before trying to change the world.
  • When we will learn that "WE" elect the government.
  • When we will embrace our own culture.
  • When we will learn about our history and find out how this country came into being.
  • When a "bat" will be a sports equipment and not a political icon.
  • When a "book" will be something we read instead of voting for it.
  • When we will embrace our religion instead of modernizing it.
  • When we will follow our religion the way it is supposed to be instead of editing it according to our own stupid mind sets.
  • When we will learn that we have to give Pakistan, Pakistan does not owe us anything.
  • When we will learn that Pakistan is a gift to us, a huge gift and the more we take care of it, the less it is.
  • When we will be Pakistanis first before being a Punjabi, Balochistani, Sindhi and Pakhtun.
  • When we will be Muslims first before being a Shia, Sunni, Deobandi, Wahabi.

That's it for this time. Soon will come out with another humor blog!

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Till Next Time
X Y'all

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Men: The Oppressed Souls - A Reply!

Hello Everyone!!

On the night of February 7th 2012 I wrote a humor blog " Men : The Oppressed Souls" 

The blog was a huge success among my male compatriots while equally the sarcasm never set in for the girls and some even went as far as started abusing. I promised back then a reply from the women's side for that blog and FINALLYYY one of my very close friends "Nandana Baji" has come up with a reply. Its a brilliant reply but shows that even she felt the sting of my sarcasm ;) .. Hahaha! Now I will shut up and following is the reply. Enjoy!

Balance ~ a reply to “Men: The Oppressed Souls”

To “Syed's Xtreme Shenanigans” fans, I would begin with apologizing for being so late on my “promised” reply to the blog “Men: The Oppressed Souls”.
Reading it back then I remember laughing on how a man has described his innocence as being the one “oppressed” by the other half of the society, note here I said “other half” and not the other “better half” of the society (pun intended).
The blog describes various points such as speech, teachers, shopping, manners etc highlighting how the world is so unfair to poor males where as females always are on the brighter side in every one’s eyes.
My dear friend, it is because of the perception that you males have made due to which (according to you) we females ALWAYS get to be on the brighter side and it is due to that same perception that you see yourself as PIGS, we have no hand what so ever in this whole controversy. Take for example “well mannered males – a myth” and “Speech” part of your blog: none amongst us girls prefer using abusive language i.e. “Oh crap” or “what the..” (and hey we all know what usually comes next) but if someone from us do utter such an expression in a relative situation then it is you males who HAD to STOP, voicing a comment on “HOW VERY COOL” it is. You see human nature works on the affection between the two genders; it is how balance is maintained. It is in every religion, we shape each other’s side by what we want of each other. Now if your side likes females who are cool because they go “OH CRAP” then that’s what you are going to get. We on the other hand will always prefer males who avoid such stuff, for us males using such expressions will always be “EWWW”. You are not oppressed, we just expect more from you then you do from us.
“Teacher” misunderstanding:  I once again begin by laughing, these teachers you talk about, aren’t they males themselves? (Point made) – You can rename your blog as “Males oppressed by males” or “Boys oppressed by Men”, we females have NOTHING to do with it (honestly). And I personally do know teachers who are fair with boys as well as with girls, I also am aware of teachers being biased towards males rather than females. Sadly this is how our education system is structured; you got to prove yourself worthy of attention. Try being patient, consistent and obedient it shall work IN-SHA-ALLAH.
As for the shopping part of your blog, that’s highly a “narrow sighted” topic. When a girl goes shopping she knows that she might not be able to make it to market after every hour like her brother/father/husband can. She thinks about the stuff she requires and also plans for stuff she might buy so as to avoid coming back to market often. She prefers purchasing all the stuff she requires in one go – stop looking at the bill, we are doing you a favor or else you would be asked to go get the shampoo because we are out of it. As for a male purchasing an expensive perfume, dear friend if you have 4 bottles of branded perfumes lying at home which you keep spraying on your feet so to get rid of the pungent wet feet smell, I do support that purchasing yet another one just because you have to go meet a “friend” isn’t a wise decision. WASTE it is!
“Poondi” is a term I learnt from boys. I often hear boys saying to each other “Poondi karney chal” meaning “let’s go drool over whatever girl passes by”. It is a common activity amongst boys these days, they have poondi points, I remember my university boys who travelled in bus with me requesting the bus driver to slow the bus as it passes by Zawiya academy because they had to check out “bachies”, so Mr blogger keeping in mind what you males do, if we do label you as drooling pigs, it is highly justified. As for us girls, it is true we all have lost “Haya” over males we see on television just because they decipher an image of a perfect soul-mate, an idea all girls “worship” these days. Thing is, if in a society males have lost their serenity then females too will follow the footsteps towards the darker path. Haven’t you heard that Hadith “Tum apni nazrain neechay rakho, tumhari aurat pak baaz rahey ge”. Then again, it is males who paved the first step towards this despicable deed. I feel highly distressed on the current situation where a young boy as well as a girl owns posters of males and females which they proudly display in their rooms and their parents pass by smiling thinking “bachey jawan ho gaye”. This poondi thing that you males invented is throwing our society off balance. It is making this society as a society of OPPRESSED BEINGS! Then again label your blog that rather than how you have labeled.
Shoving females in male-gender: How your blog makes me laugh!! Every single one of us is allowed to have opinions on what so ever they watch. If a certain girl likes Edward Cullen, (no matter how much her ignorance shines by this action), it is her choice. I do however know boys who themselves copy such characters so that they can come in the limelight. Do I not remember an “Edward Cullen” account you yourself shared with me some months back?  It is you males who are trying to be like us, trying to be pretty so that you can be liked by those girls who have hots for men mentioned in your blog. You males try to keep in your gender and worry not about what people are doing or not doing, it’s a phase and shall hopefully pass, about Lady Gaga and all, they use tricks to gain people’s attention and thanks to people like us they get what they want. Male or female, no one usually cares, the songs go on the charts and money is being minted that is what will keep on happening until we start ignoring.
Watching TV: Let your wives work or encourage them for activities that might help the society as a whole rather than leaving them home around this “television”, more over if you do want to watch a live match then promise them that you won’t watch a repeat telecast, you will not listen to the news later on about the same match you watched live, you will in no way read about it in the newspaper tomorrow morning. Older women in our society have very few activities; I am not talking about “work-house chores”, that they get to do a lot but “activities” as in “work that engages their brains”, if they are thinking about that TV serial all day long and you come home ruining their day’s thoughts than you are in trouble. As being man of the house it is your duty to keep her mentally engaged. Now if you can’t provide for her activities, that can keep her mentally healthy, then at least let her watch that tv serial. Oppressed here are those house wives who have nothing better to do then to wait for TV serials. Rename you blog my friend or better, break it in several many blogs.
The purpose of writing this reply to your blog is not to instill an argument but to make clear that man and woman are both a part of this society and play almost an equal part in shaping the perceptions, yet a female by nature can be tended, her behavior can be mended if the males of the society play their part honestly with care and respect for both parts.

Thank you for letting me write this blog, as for readers keep on reading “Syed's Xtreme Shenanigans”, according to me its “first-hand experience” of a talented writer explained in a witty way to keep the readers entertained yet informed about what or what not is happening in the world around! Happy reading!

That's it for this time!
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Till Next Time
X Y'All

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Day Islamabad Ran Out Of Food!

As the clock struck 5 pm, the four of us left our class room holding our stomachs as all of us were starving. We decided to go out and get ourselves a good heavy meal so we headed towards our first stop which was “Qeemay waalay naan” , we reached F-8 and ordered four special Naans and were waiting for the delicious naans to come but the waiter came back only to tell us that they had just ran out of Qeemay waalay naan.

Disappointed and rejected we got up and quickly chose our next food option to be scrumptious Chappal kabab of “Sufi” restaurant in F-10, we quickly hired a taxi and raced to the venue only to learn that the restaurant only serves the Chappal kababs in the evening. Looking at each other with hunger filled faces we made our decision to trust the only chain a student can depend its life with – SAVOR.

We quickly hired another taxi and made our way to Savor near double road and were happy that finally we will be in no time munching on the unlimited rice offering but when we got near the area we found out that due to a cricket match in the adjoining cricket stadium the restaurant was not serving today.

The frustration began to grow on us and we decided that enough is enough, now we will eat a huge meal or we won’t eat at all. So we decided to ditch the restaurants and quickly made way to one of the friend’s home who was alone at home and was very close to Savor. We quickly did a search of the ingredients available to us and deciphered on what sort of dishes we could make out of them. After a quick search of food items from Food Panda’s website we decided to make our very own bread pizzas and spaghetti.

The next hour was almost a blur as our energies came dropping down in the heat of the kitchen and adding to that was the fact that we were hungry since the morning, but finally after lots of hard work we completed our task with three of us working in the kitchen the fourth went to the market and got the soft drinks and then we ate. We ate with our lives depending on it and didn’t stop until every single molecule of food had been swallowed by us. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

The Final Product! VICTORY!

P.S: Only three pizzas cause one of us doesn't like cheese!

Till Next Time
X Y'All

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Creeps: The Stereotypes

Hello Everyone

Its time, I am back! Its been ages since I wrote a humor blog, the last one being wayyy back in January. Mechanical engineering degree was in its final moments and now its complete :) THANK GOD! I am officially an Engineer now :)

First things first! I finally hit the 1 LAKH ALL TIME VIEWS POINT! So I decided to make a facebook page for my blog cause even my fridge has one! So go and hit like here " "

Now let's get to the topic. Girls from all over the world have been a target for perverts on social networking websites. While some "abnormal" girls actually enjoy this crap, I contacted the "normal" ones and asked them to share their experiences with me regarding perverts sending them messages over social networking websites. The results ..................... Well the top 10 I found are below!

Note: I am erasing the name of the girls but not erasing the name of the guys!

1. The Fraandship Me

 These are the basic types, asking girls all the time for Fraandhips and accepting their request. Even to the extent that they even keep asking girls to add them on Twitter. *Face palms*

2. The Despo Routine

Hasnat Ali here is showing a perfect example of desperation. He shows that he is in desperate need of a friend like all the boys in the world just died yesterday and only this girl can fulfill the void that is his life now without a friend and within this he also puts words like "Hook up" and "night stand" , lets all stand up for this genius.

3. The Suggestion Maker

Now he is the guy who is trying to suggest his way into a girl's friend circle and one thing we all know is that girls HATE suggestions. Plus this guy is totally opposing what he is saying while saying that jeans suits her in the first comments and later asking her not to wear jeans. We have a short term memory loss genius at our hands.

4. The Nice Guy

How to get a girl to become your friend? SIMPLE! Show her that you are a nice guy and my friend over here is trying this, introducing his name like his profile doesn't show it already and assuring that he is a nice guys over and over again. Seriously? If it worked then tell me too.

5. Straight To The Point

Here our friend is going straight to the point and is sooooo honest, even telling her right away that he likes her sooo much but well not honest enough to show even his own name or profile? He names his profile LIFE? Where we all tell him that he should get one instead.

6. The Lover

Now this guy hot soooo heart broken that he actually had to delete his facebook account after the rejection from this girl! These people show that they have totally fallen for the girl and can't be more helplessly in love and if you ask them what love is. They will surely answer "Jo Amir Khan ko Kareena Sey Huwa Tha In 3 Idiots" SHEESH!

7. tH3 g3n1u$ p1nD1

It took me hardly 5 minutes to write the complete blog but it took me a whole minute to write just the title of this one. The Pindi boyses know their shit when its comes to writing like the guy has written above. Its just v3Ry $sPh1sTiC@t3D !!!

8. The Nelson Mandelas

After what he has said, do I need to say more??

9. The Sympathy Votes

His friend is sick and all he is doing is going around messaging girls on facebook while he talks about his friend in only 30% of the message and in 70% he is actually talking to the girl

10. The Emotional Blackmailer

These people try and emotionally blackmail the girls into sending just one message. Clever girls don't fall for it and they end up deleting their accounts from Facebook. 

After all these I am soooo glad that I am a guy and don't have to deal with this crap every single day. My heart goes out to all the girls out there who have to deal with this crap day in and day out. Ending this blog with some honorable mentions of messages that I also want to show to my readers :)

The Shair! (Poet)

The Vulgar! (but a genius reply)


He shows that he hates her but still he couldn't restrain from messaging her!

Trying to be Sarcastic! (Fail)

Thats it for this time!
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Till Next Time
X Y'All

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Four Years


Today when I left my university I looked back and four years just flashed before my eyes. Four years? YES! Four years have gone by and its time for me to bid this university farewell.

Four years of things BEYOND fun with my friends
Four years of running around completing projects on the final hour
Four years of avoiding making any girlfriends (Having hundreds of offers of course :P )
Four years of learning
Four years of AIR UNIVERSITY

These four years cannot be explained in words so I want to dedicate this blog to people who have been a major part of four years in Air University

1. Bilal, Taimur & Omar

Seriously I don't think we have anything to say now between us. At least not at my end, I have had a great time with you guys. Football, Bowling, Table Tennis, Gaming, Those Pointless Trips, Savor, Naan Pakoray. From the times to beating each other in fun to the times of sitting around remembering and cherishing old times. I have had the time of my lives with you three and I don't think this university would have been the same for me if I hadn't made three friends like you. The rest we will talk on text and facebook, leaving this blog for mentioning others. Haha

The video for you :)

Gems of My Life :') from Syed Sohaib on Vimeo.

2. BEME Fall 09 Section A

Four years I have been the class representative of this class! Many left us during this time (Zahra, Muzahir, Zubair, Atif) due to many reasons while many new joined (Section C) but this class always remained united and fun and made my four years amazing as well.

Some very important shout outs and one of the most important will go to Chaudhary Muhammad Hamza! He has been a very good friend and one of the most hilarious people I know in this world. I will sorely miss your jokes Chaudhary sahib and remember that Imran Khan >>> Nawaz Sharif.

Wasi haider a.k.a Shah jee, is almost like a big brother although he is younger than me in age but he has just that big and huge feeling about his attitude. A nerd he used to be but now he has turned into a much better form of a person. A more socially accepted version of himself. Stay this way shah jee.

Junaid Irfan Abbasi and Syed Inam, the most unstable duo I have even seen in my entire life. These two claim they are best friends but don't even add each other on facebook but still they are with each other all the damn time. Abbasi on one hand is a drunk version of a maulvi while Inam on the other hand is a multani version of Yokozuna.

Family 420 deserves a mention none the less. The four non stop fun having people I have ever seen and they enjoy throughout the semester and in the end get the highest damn marks. Ultimate all time funny Yazdani, The brains Daarhi, The computer genius yet unlucky due to certain reasons (ahem) Ebrahem and Chikna Thr... Oh I mean Ahsum :D

Hassan Ejaz also another member that has been the quietest yet one of the most awesome persons in this class. His choice in movies and stuff is always class and I can definitely have a blind trust on his choice. Hassan bhai is awe-quiet-a-bit :D

Ahsan Afzaal & Bilal khan I put your parts in the football area, once is enough don't you think? :P
Khurram, Zain, Sherry, Uzair, Maleeha, Atif, Usama Mukhtar and I just can't mention them all. All of you are great and remain the way you are.

3. Bus Number 3

My journey in this bus has been on and off but great is just a small word to define this bus. I have had some amazing times in this bus. Found some of the most amazing people and made fun of every single one of them. Chacha Hakim :), Usman (Rapper) , Usman (Ninja) , Rida (Jalebi Bai), Shahbaz Bhai (Shabbo) , Imran Bhai, Yumna Baji, Anum (Hanger) , Fatima, Subayyal (Noon) , Mansoor (Aloo Chaat) , Saadia (Made in china) , Falak (Fruit Ninja), Maria (Angry bird), Talal (Tom Cruise), Humna (Bhool Bhulaiyaan), Shehroze (Willy Wonka) & Daniya (Silent Movie). Thanks to all and remember all those jokes I made on everyone was just for fun and don't take them to heart and forgive me if I ever hurt anyone's feeling. Thanks for making even going home from university and going to university an amazing time!

4. My Football Team

All I needed to say about this amazing team, I said it in a separate blog. Read it here


Ending Words For Air University! I just have to say is that I love this university, the time I have spent here has been beyond amazing and unforgettable. DARE Say anything against this university. THE BEST UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD!

Till Next Time!