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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Day Islamabad Ran Out Of Food!

As the clock struck 5 pm, the four of us left our class room holding our stomachs as all of us were starving. We decided to go out and get ourselves a good heavy meal so we headed towards our first stop which was “Qeemay waalay naan” , we reached F-8 and ordered four special Naans and were waiting for the delicious naans to come but the waiter came back only to tell us that they had just ran out of Qeemay waalay naan.

Disappointed and rejected we got up and quickly chose our next food option to be scrumptious Chappal kabab of “Sufi” restaurant in F-10, we quickly hired a taxi and raced to the venue only to learn that the restaurant only serves the Chappal kababs in the evening. Looking at each other with hunger filled faces we made our decision to trust the only chain a student can depend its life with – SAVOR.

We quickly hired another taxi and made our way to Savor near double road and were happy that finally we will be in no time munching on the unlimited rice offering but when we got near the area we found out that due to a cricket match in the adjoining cricket stadium the restaurant was not serving today.

The frustration began to grow on us and we decided that enough is enough, now we will eat a huge meal or we won’t eat at all. So we decided to ditch the restaurants and quickly made way to one of the friend’s home who was alone at home and was very close to Savor. We quickly did a search of the ingredients available to us and deciphered on what sort of dishes we could make out of them. After a quick search of food items from Food Panda’s website we decided to make our very own bread pizzas and spaghetti.

The next hour was almost a blur as our energies came dropping down in the heat of the kitchen and adding to that was the fact that we were hungry since the morning, but finally after lots of hard work we completed our task with three of us working in the kitchen the fourth went to the market and got the soft drinks and then we ate. We ate with our lives depending on it and didn’t stop until every single molecule of food had been swallowed by us. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

The Final Product! VICTORY!

P.S: Only three pizzas cause one of us doesn't like cheese!

Till Next Time
X Y'All

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