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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Creeps: The Stereotypes

Hello Everyone

Its time, I am back! Its been ages since I wrote a humor blog, the last one being wayyy back in January. Mechanical engineering degree was in its final moments and now its complete :) THANK GOD! I am officially an Engineer now :)

First things first! I finally hit the 1 LAKH ALL TIME VIEWS POINT! So I decided to make a facebook page for my blog cause even my fridge has one! So go and hit like here " "

Now let's get to the topic. Girls from all over the world have been a target for perverts on social networking websites. While some "abnormal" girls actually enjoy this crap, I contacted the "normal" ones and asked them to share their experiences with me regarding perverts sending them messages over social networking websites. The results ..................... Well the top 10 I found are below!

Note: I am erasing the name of the girls but not erasing the name of the guys!

1. The Fraandship Me

 These are the basic types, asking girls all the time for Fraandhips and accepting their request. Even to the extent that they even keep asking girls to add them on Twitter. *Face palms*

2. The Despo Routine

Hasnat Ali here is showing a perfect example of desperation. He shows that he is in desperate need of a friend like all the boys in the world just died yesterday and only this girl can fulfill the void that is his life now without a friend and within this he also puts words like "Hook up" and "night stand" , lets all stand up for this genius.

3. The Suggestion Maker

Now he is the guy who is trying to suggest his way into a girl's friend circle and one thing we all know is that girls HATE suggestions. Plus this guy is totally opposing what he is saying while saying that jeans suits her in the first comments and later asking her not to wear jeans. We have a short term memory loss genius at our hands.

4. The Nice Guy

How to get a girl to become your friend? SIMPLE! Show her that you are a nice guy and my friend over here is trying this, introducing his name like his profile doesn't show it already and assuring that he is a nice guys over and over again. Seriously? If it worked then tell me too.

5. Straight To The Point

Here our friend is going straight to the point and is sooooo honest, even telling her right away that he likes her sooo much but well not honest enough to show even his own name or profile? He names his profile LIFE? Where we all tell him that he should get one instead.

6. The Lover

Now this guy hot soooo heart broken that he actually had to delete his facebook account after the rejection from this girl! These people show that they have totally fallen for the girl and can't be more helplessly in love and if you ask them what love is. They will surely answer "Jo Amir Khan ko Kareena Sey Huwa Tha In 3 Idiots" SHEESH!

7. tH3 g3n1u$ p1nD1

It took me hardly 5 minutes to write the complete blog but it took me a whole minute to write just the title of this one. The Pindi boyses know their shit when its comes to writing like the guy has written above. Its just v3Ry $sPh1sTiC@t3D !!!

8. The Nelson Mandelas

After what he has said, do I need to say more??

9. The Sympathy Votes

His friend is sick and all he is doing is going around messaging girls on facebook while he talks about his friend in only 30% of the message and in 70% he is actually talking to the girl

10. The Emotional Blackmailer

These people try and emotionally blackmail the girls into sending just one message. Clever girls don't fall for it and they end up deleting their accounts from Facebook. 

After all these I am soooo glad that I am a guy and don't have to deal with this crap every single day. My heart goes out to all the girls out there who have to deal with this crap day in and day out. Ending this blog with some honorable mentions of messages that I also want to show to my readers :)

The Shair! (Poet)

The Vulgar! (but a genius reply)


He shows that he hates her but still he couldn't restrain from messaging her!

Trying to be Sarcastic! (Fail)

Thats it for this time!
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Till Next Time
X Y'All


  1. just two words for the blog: JUST PERFECT..

    1. Haha Thanks :) .. Do share it around!

    2. Nice work. One hilarious article, Nelson Mandela and Suggestion maker :p hahahaha epic.