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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Men: The Oppressed Souls - A Reply!

Hello Everyone!!

On the night of February 7th 2012 I wrote a humor blog " Men : The Oppressed Souls" 

The blog was a huge success among my male compatriots while equally the sarcasm never set in for the girls and some even went as far as started abusing. I promised back then a reply from the women's side for that blog and FINALLYYY one of my very close friends "Nandana Baji" has come up with a reply. Its a brilliant reply but shows that even she felt the sting of my sarcasm ;) .. Hahaha! Now I will shut up and following is the reply. Enjoy!

Balance ~ a reply to “Men: The Oppressed Souls”

To “Syed's Xtreme Shenanigans” fans, I would begin with apologizing for being so late on my “promised” reply to the blog “Men: The Oppressed Souls”.
Reading it back then I remember laughing on how a man has described his innocence as being the one “oppressed” by the other half of the society, note here I said “other half” and not the other “better half” of the society (pun intended).
The blog describes various points such as speech, teachers, shopping, manners etc highlighting how the world is so unfair to poor males where as females always are on the brighter side in every one’s eyes.
My dear friend, it is because of the perception that you males have made due to which (according to you) we females ALWAYS get to be on the brighter side and it is due to that same perception that you see yourself as PIGS, we have no hand what so ever in this whole controversy. Take for example “well mannered males – a myth” and “Speech” part of your blog: none amongst us girls prefer using abusive language i.e. “Oh crap” or “what the..” (and hey we all know what usually comes next) but if someone from us do utter such an expression in a relative situation then it is you males who HAD to STOP, voicing a comment on “HOW VERY COOL” it is. You see human nature works on the affection between the two genders; it is how balance is maintained. It is in every religion, we shape each other’s side by what we want of each other. Now if your side likes females who are cool because they go “OH CRAP” then that’s what you are going to get. We on the other hand will always prefer males who avoid such stuff, for us males using such expressions will always be “EWWW”. You are not oppressed, we just expect more from you then you do from us.
“Teacher” misunderstanding:  I once again begin by laughing, these teachers you talk about, aren’t they males themselves? (Point made) – You can rename your blog as “Males oppressed by males” or “Boys oppressed by Men”, we females have NOTHING to do with it (honestly). And I personally do know teachers who are fair with boys as well as with girls, I also am aware of teachers being biased towards males rather than females. Sadly this is how our education system is structured; you got to prove yourself worthy of attention. Try being patient, consistent and obedient it shall work IN-SHA-ALLAH.
As for the shopping part of your blog, that’s highly a “narrow sighted” topic. When a girl goes shopping she knows that she might not be able to make it to market after every hour like her brother/father/husband can. She thinks about the stuff she requires and also plans for stuff she might buy so as to avoid coming back to market often. She prefers purchasing all the stuff she requires in one go – stop looking at the bill, we are doing you a favor or else you would be asked to go get the shampoo because we are out of it. As for a male purchasing an expensive perfume, dear friend if you have 4 bottles of branded perfumes lying at home which you keep spraying on your feet so to get rid of the pungent wet feet smell, I do support that purchasing yet another one just because you have to go meet a “friend” isn’t a wise decision. WASTE it is!
“Poondi” is a term I learnt from boys. I often hear boys saying to each other “Poondi karney chal” meaning “let’s go drool over whatever girl passes by”. It is a common activity amongst boys these days, they have poondi points, I remember my university boys who travelled in bus with me requesting the bus driver to slow the bus as it passes by Zawiya academy because they had to check out “bachies”, so Mr blogger keeping in mind what you males do, if we do label you as drooling pigs, it is highly justified. As for us girls, it is true we all have lost “Haya” over males we see on television just because they decipher an image of a perfect soul-mate, an idea all girls “worship” these days. Thing is, if in a society males have lost their serenity then females too will follow the footsteps towards the darker path. Haven’t you heard that Hadith “Tum apni nazrain neechay rakho, tumhari aurat pak baaz rahey ge”. Then again, it is males who paved the first step towards this despicable deed. I feel highly distressed on the current situation where a young boy as well as a girl owns posters of males and females which they proudly display in their rooms and their parents pass by smiling thinking “bachey jawan ho gaye”. This poondi thing that you males invented is throwing our society off balance. It is making this society as a society of OPPRESSED BEINGS! Then again label your blog that rather than how you have labeled.
Shoving females in male-gender: How your blog makes me laugh!! Every single one of us is allowed to have opinions on what so ever they watch. If a certain girl likes Edward Cullen, (no matter how much her ignorance shines by this action), it is her choice. I do however know boys who themselves copy such characters so that they can come in the limelight. Do I not remember an “Edward Cullen” account you yourself shared with me some months back?  It is you males who are trying to be like us, trying to be pretty so that you can be liked by those girls who have hots for men mentioned in your blog. You males try to keep in your gender and worry not about what people are doing or not doing, it’s a phase and shall hopefully pass, about Lady Gaga and all, they use tricks to gain people’s attention and thanks to people like us they get what they want. Male or female, no one usually cares, the songs go on the charts and money is being minted that is what will keep on happening until we start ignoring.
Watching TV: Let your wives work or encourage them for activities that might help the society as a whole rather than leaving them home around this “television”, more over if you do want to watch a live match then promise them that you won’t watch a repeat telecast, you will not listen to the news later on about the same match you watched live, you will in no way read about it in the newspaper tomorrow morning. Older women in our society have very few activities; I am not talking about “work-house chores”, that they get to do a lot but “activities” as in “work that engages their brains”, if they are thinking about that TV serial all day long and you come home ruining their day’s thoughts than you are in trouble. As being man of the house it is your duty to keep her mentally engaged. Now if you can’t provide for her activities, that can keep her mentally healthy, then at least let her watch that tv serial. Oppressed here are those house wives who have nothing better to do then to wait for TV serials. Rename you blog my friend or better, break it in several many blogs.
The purpose of writing this reply to your blog is not to instill an argument but to make clear that man and woman are both a part of this society and play almost an equal part in shaping the perceptions, yet a female by nature can be tended, her behavior can be mended if the males of the society play their part honestly with care and respect for both parts.

Thank you for letting me write this blog, as for readers keep on reading “Syed's Xtreme Shenanigans”, according to me its “first-hand experience” of a talented writer explained in a witty way to keep the readers entertained yet informed about what or what not is happening in the world around! Happy reading!

That's it for this time!
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Till Next Time
X Y'All

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