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Friday, October 4, 2013

Pakistan Will Develop When ......

Hello Everyone!

After a long long long break! The last time I wrote a blog was in July and that was also written by someone else. I thought about some topics but just couldn't write stuff but then while on my way to Gujrat in a train I thought up of some points. Some points that I believe are the actual full stops in Pakistan's way to development. Somethings that we need to do instead of blaming everything on the government.

The points are as follows


  • When we will play our "National sports" instead of using it as a weapon in fights or for breaking stuff in protests.
  • When we will respect our own language more than other foreign languages.
  • When we will stop being slaves to other cultures.
  • When we will learn that "Revolution / Inquilaab" does not mean a one day Jalsa or long march.
  • When we will learn that "Inquilaab" means to change one self before trying to change the world.
  • When we will learn that "WE" elect the government.
  • When we will embrace our own culture.
  • When we will learn about our history and find out how this country came into being.
  • When a "bat" will be a sports equipment and not a political icon.
  • When a "book" will be something we read instead of voting for it.
  • When we will embrace our religion instead of modernizing it.
  • When we will follow our religion the way it is supposed to be instead of editing it according to our own stupid mind sets.
  • When we will learn that we have to give Pakistan, Pakistan does not owe us anything.
  • When we will learn that Pakistan is a gift to us, a huge gift and the more we take care of it, the less it is.
  • When we will be Pakistanis first before being a Punjabi, Balochistani, Sindhi and Pakhtun.
  • When we will be Muslims first before being a Shia, Sunni, Deobandi, Wahabi.

That's it for this time. Soon will come out with another humor blog!

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Till Next Time
X Y'all

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