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Monday, October 21, 2013

Pictures Only In Pakistan

Hello Everyone :)

After months of thinking and brainstorming with no ideas I finally managed to pull another idea out of my rusty (writer's block stricken) mind.

When we don't have stuff to write? What do we do? We show the world we see! So here goes my first picture blog with pictures I have taken around Pakistan.

Sarcasm Note : I "DO NOT" Own A DSLR Or A DSLR Page and I still have the guts to take pictures of stuff around and blog about them! BEAT THAT!

First Some On The Lighter Side!

The Lovers Inside Us Pakistanis Just Won't Die

 Vans In The Past "Main Baray Ho Kar Bus Bannu Gi"
Vans Now "Fast & Furious Couch"


 I Don't Even ..........

 Boys Print Very Wells!

Trust Level : Pindi Boyses


 Rules Are Meant To Be Broken!

Super Hero Facepalm! (Batman In Avengers For All Those Who Dnt Get It)

Now Some On A Serious Note!

This Is Our Youth! Studying In An Over Night Protest & Not Going Home! NOT That Filth That Talks To Their Girlfriends & Boyfriends At Home All Night! Smoke & Other Stuff!

Our Shops Get New Boards For Valentine's Day But Nothing For 14th August?

A Bathroom Writing!

None Of These Pictures Are Stolen!

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Till Next Time!