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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Letter To Indian/Marathi/Tamil Film Directors


You might not know me but well I have watched your movies A LOT........... Hey hey hey....... Don't get any wrong ideas it wasn't by my consent I travel frequently by a bus service known as Niazi and well they show your movies all the time at high volume so its pretty HARD to ignore those movies and to say the least I have seen from Bobby Deol's absolutely horrifying movies to Ajay Devgan's absolutely comedy ones to the marathi hero one's which I shouldn't even name. Well after watching those movies I noted down some facts and wanted to talk to you about them. Lets go at them one point at a time


Take a look at it, beautiful ain't it? Alright now let me just share a very very little secret with you. This is called a revolver and the MAXIMUM bullets that it can shoot before it needs reloading is 6, repeat after me S I X. Yes the same number that Shahid Afridi has the most in ODI Cricket, lets do this again just one more time so am sure you have got it. S I X & only 6. Not less than that and not more than that while in your movies the miracle of your revolver is shown when heroes and villains alike start shooting with a revolver and keep on shooting nearly tens and fifties of bullets from a revolver. GUYS ITS A REVOLVER not a sub machine gun get a grip over yourselves

Same case with this gun, this one can only shoot 9 BULLETS until it needs reloading again, I don't know if your heroes and villains are supposed to have mutant abilities to reload the gun but it DOESN'T happen in real life


Alright I need to tell you people that although your heroes are in Marathi movies and Tamil movies but please OH PLEASE THEY ARE HUMAN AREN'T THEY? I mean your heroes can beat the living crap out of 50 plus people at one time, they can deflect bullets from their chests, they can dodge bullets, they can shoot bullets from their fingers without a gun. ALRIGHT after these kinda super powers even The X-Men seem powerless. I mean just take a look at this video

If this isn't enough to kill you laughing and amazed wait till you get a load of this, I mean this Rajnikaanth guy can easily give even Super Man and wolverin a run for their money

Well this is just Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for even a guy like me to handle. All I can say is ermmmmmmmm ........ Aaaah leave it


Alright your films have emotions, drama, love, romance, dance, songs & people but the only thing they miss are REALITY.
As my upper two videos have already cleared this part as well and if you will defend that MATRIX was also unREAL well people they made it that way not a normal man making tornados from his leg and beating people without moving his back :P

At the end I would like to say that GET A GRIP OVER YOUR SELVES AND MAKE REAL MOVIES

If you wanna make fiction then make em fiction don't put fiction in real life stories or if you want to then please give your movies then genre of Comedy rather than action. Thank you very much

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Till Next Time
X Y'All

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