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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tribute To "The Joker"

The character that was created in the dark night of 22nd July 1940 by the genius of a mind that was of Bill Finger and drawn by the hands of Bob Kane turned out to be the character that would replace the words “Evil” & “Psychotic” in the dictionary. The character that took the villainy to a super hero to a new level.

Yes as you have seen the picture above it is about none other than “The Joker”. What a master piece did this character turned out to be, this villain doesn't want money, this villain doesn't want to become the president but what this villain wants is to spread fear throughout the hearts of everyone. Even the police gulp and their heart comes into their throats at the mere mention of his name. The character inflicts pain and sorrow into the hearts of his strongest foes by just using his jokes. Yes you heard me this guy has no super power, he was no big strengths to lift stuff, he has nothing coming out of his hands or eyes but what he does has is the most “EVILEST” and “PSYCHOTIC” mind in his upper portion that was ever created. Even Batman a superhero who also is devoid of any super powers but has taken many big enemies down who had super powers but he also shudders at his name and what he loves most is to joke around. 

Almost everybody knows his comic history that how he came into being like this in the comics and almost everybody saw the movie that was “The Dark Knight”. A movie that turned out to be a mega jumbo super block buster hit and broke all records that Titanic made till now in its first week of business. The late and great Heath ledger did that role and what a splendid job he did, nobody has done it better than him as I have seen that movie now 132 times and I remember each and every dialogue in the style heath spoke it and the success shows as he bagged an Oscar but sad that he couldn't be alive to see this movie’s success and he died 2 months before the release of the movie but do you actually think that it was an accident? 

NO!!! It was the character of the Joker that killed him, two people did the Joker role before Heath and they all ended up either in the Mental Asylum or in a hospital under extreme mental pressure and as Heath was the one who did this role the best he locked himself in a hotel room for two months without any kind of interference from the outside world to reach the Joker’s mind and as he did he lost his own. 

This is what the Joker’s character is about total psycho, evil and diabolic. A sentence that Batman says about Joker a lot “Expect the unexpected from the Joker” and Joker has been the most unexpected of all villains. Joker is crazy and fun sometimes while on the other he is a psycho who loves nothing but to inflict fear into his victim’s hearts. He doesn't use any fancy weapons but instead he tends to use knives. 

He is a patent of DC Comics and DC’s rival Marvel comic’s head said this “We here at Marvel comics have bagged many trophies all around the time for many outstanding comics but what we couldn't accomplish was to create a villain who could stand up to “The Joker” and we still strive to make such a villain but its beyond us to make such evil and psycho again as it was made once and only once”The rivals speak such about this character then just imagine what his supporters think. I for one am his biggest fan ever 

His comics that I recommend everyone to read and are classics. The Killing Joke , The Man Who Laughs & The Last Laugh and please do watch “The Dark Knight”I can continue about him forever but its time I sleep but in the end I have to ask a question but I will let "The Joker" himself ask it which will "PUT A SMILEEEEEE ON YOUR FACE"

Till Next Time

X Y’All

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