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Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Exclusive With Wenger

Ladies & Gentlemen
Welcome To Today's Blog
Today's Blog Is An Exclusive Interview I Took From The British Club Arsenal's Manager "Arsen Insane Wenger"
Never Knew That Was His Middle Name? Well I Didn't Knew A Lot Before This Interview & It Cleared A Lot
Nd After The Interview I Gave Him The Honorary Title Of "Sir Arsen "Insane" Wenger" :-D
Let Me Waste No More Time & Head Straight To The Interview

X: Welcome

Wenger: Hello, how are you?

X: I am absolutely fine sir, how are you today?

Wenger: Am good, Thanks for asking

X: So sir first of all let me ask you about the latest Cesc Fabregas related news?

Wenger: What about it?

X: Well to start with, why are not you letting Fabregas complete his dream?

Wenger: Well first of all I will clear a fact that Fabregas is allergic from trophies. There I said it. The man gets a severe case of good footballing skills whenever he gets near a trophy like these days after winning the World Cup he is constantly practicing and I have no idea for what reason. Here at Arsenal I can safely make sure that Cesc is kept away from any trophies what so ever like I have all this time, the cob webs in our trophy cabinet always refresh him. While with BARCELONA's continuous habit of winning trophies every year I am scared that BARCELONA will ruin Cesc's career by making him one of the best footballer's of all time. What does BARCELONA know about Cesc. BARCELONA gave Cesc to me when he was sixteen, BARCELONA doesn't know anything they don't know at what time Cesc likes to watch cartoons and BARCELONA doesn't know at what times does my lil Cesc likes his favorite meal. BARCELONA knows nothing

X: Oh-kay, why do you shout when you take Barcelona's name?

Wenger: I dont shout while taking BARCELONA's name

X: Yes you did, right there. Are you obsessed with Barcelona?

Wenger: Ha ha ha ha ha ha, Why would I be obsessed with BARCELONA? Although BARCELONA is that club that humiliated us, BARCELONA is that club that whupped us, BARCELONA has that MESSI that scored a record 4 goals on us, BARCELONA has 7 players in Spanish team due to which Cesc never got a chance to play in World Cup 2010 and defeated Persie in the final, BARCELONA is a club that ripped us from our dream of Champions League this year, BARCELONA BARCELONA BARCELONA BARCELONA BARCELONA

X: Sir? Hello? Wenger Bhai?


Smacks a stick on the head of wenger and he gets up

Wenger: See am not obsessed with BARCELONA. I am only doing this for Arsenal's good not over BARCELONA's hate

X: Ahan, yea I can see that. Please make sure you don't see the telecast of this interview on television

Wenger: Why?

X: Oh nothing, well the last question why did you reject Barcelona for giving Cesc and after 2 hours put Cesc on the transfer market for 53 Million and then went home and came back to say to the press that you never want to give Cesc away?

Wenger: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, that was a practical joke. See I was going against my own words, geddit geddit? ha ha ha ha ha.....damn I sometime crack myself up with such a great sense of humour

X: Indeed :-S , Any cool message for anyone?

Wenger: BARCELONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ...... has an A in the end with which Arsenal begins. See am not obsessed

X: Yes I can see, It was a very very strange time with you, hope I never get this oppurtunity again and I will not be airing this interview as I don't want to scare the kids.

Wenger: The pleasure is all mine

X: Oh-kay

Well thats it
I know it was awesome wasn't it
Wenger is an awesome guy
oh am sorry Sir Arsen 'Insane' Wenger :-)

Till Next Time
X Y'All

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