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Saturday, June 9, 2012

If Super Villains Were In Pakistan?

Hey Everybody :D

M Backkkkkkkkkkkkk

Yes ladies and gentlemen the wait is over *Speaks in an empty hall*, it’s been at least two months of the time I haven’t blogged. Exams, projects and the end of semester was just AAAAAAHHHH. Anyhow I am back and my return blog is ready.
A year ago I wrote a very successful blog if I do say so myself, on how all these Super Heroes always end up being in either Europe or American continents, they never end up saving people in Pakistan or even India for that matter and I described what would happen if some of them did came over here. The link is as follows
Well having watched Avengers the movie (Hulk Smashing Loki scene was AWESOME) and watching seasons of Avengers and Batman, a couple of days ago I was wondering that if Super Heroes were in Pakistan they were bound to have enemies and if we take those enemies that they have in comics then how would they fare if they would be in Pakistan.

1.                  Joker (Batman)

If I love any villain beyond measures, then it has to be “The joker” and no biggie that I have even written a tribute blog for him ( The character is pure evil and nothing but evil but when among Pakistanis even the “Clown Prince of Crime” is going to have problems

Situation 1:
Headline News: Joker Striked Out!  

Due to the economic crisis in the country the minions who were hired by the “Clown prince of crime” from local areas have all decided to go on a strike claiming that they are not happy by the way Joker treats them and also they need a raise in their pays, keeping in mind the recent rise in prices of all the items. As crazy as this situation is as even upon threats by The Joker killing these people they have threatened the Joker back with leakage of information of his plans and hideouts to the Lahore police. The unknown location from where these protests have been recorded and given to the media still remains a mystery and police is trying to find the minions. Any settlement between the parties remains to be seen

Situation 2:
Headline News: Terrified Joker Gives In

After the alarming news of the sudden surrender of the clown prince of crime people are still wondering if it’s a trap set by the Joker but till now The Joker seems terrified of something. As we all know that the Joker was not seen since a couple of months back after one of his most devious plans in Lahore and he was thought of as the biggest evil mind in Pakistan. More information is yet to be extracted from the Joker as security officials say that all the Joker has been saying since his surrender the letter “Z” and how scary it is. (If you know what I mean)

2.                 Live Wire (Super Man)

Live wire is the female villain of Superman, she used to be a reporter but due to an electric shock gone wrong she turns into a villain with powers to control electricity.

Headline News: Livewire Become the Bearer Of Good News

Livewire broke free and started causing havoc in Old Lahore city but she was caught and this time not by Superman but instead by local people of the area who were out there doing protests against Load Shedding. She was brought down to near the ground and ambushed with rubber tires and caught and tied up in the rubber. Then livewire was handed over to LESCO who have taken her into custody and put her into the grid after which the Chief Minister of Lahore Mian Shahbaz Sharif has announced that from now on there will be no more load shedding in Lahore.

Bullseye (Daredevil)

Bullseye is the villain of Daredevil with the perfect sight for targets and he never misses his targets, exactly something like Deadshot for Batman.



Mr. Freeze (Batman)

Mr. Freeze is the scientist who was covered by a coolant and now cannot survive without subzero temperatures only wanting to bring his wife back to life. 

Headline News: Mr. Freeze Frustrated!!!

Mr. Freeze was at it again attacking Faisalabad this afternoon but the people of Faisalabad turned it over for Mr. Freeze as none of the people asked for any help as Mr. Freeze went over the town freezing stuff because of the high temperatures and increasing load shedding. Kids started playing in the snow instead and people kept asking for more from Mr. Freeze which frustrated Mr. Freeze to the point that he shouted and left the area without the need of Batman to wind things up. One person also was reported to shout from behind "Para kal wi chakar laa jaana" --> "Brother please come tomorrow as well"

Lex Luthor (Superman)

The billionaire Lex Luthor of Superman, almost everybody knows about him, having no superpower except money

Headline News: Superman Takes Lex Luthor To Supreme Court

The billionaire businessman Lex Luthor has been called to supreme court by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary after Superman lodged a complaint on his corruption cases regarding importing many illegal weaponry and forbidden metals such as the Kryptonite. Cheif Justice has taken up the case and the first hearing of this case will be done tomorrow. 

Kingpin (Daredevil, Spiderman)

The crime lord of the comic world is Kingpin

Headline News: Kingpin's Dead Body Found Inside A Bodybag

The whole Karachi was shocked today when the body of Kingpin was found inside a body bag in Azizabad. Kingpin who self proclaimed himself as the "King of crime" in Pakistan yesterday has given turned this total shocker as maybe he turned to piss some bigger "Bhai" of Pakistan. This maybe a great clue that Azizabad is the area of MQM's main head office and fortress "Nine-Zero" but with the death of someone as powerful as the Kingpin, I am no one to blame anyone

Green Goblin (Spiderman)

Green Goblin is the super villain of Spiderman who is the businessman Norman Osborn who after a genetic enhancing experiment and some creation of new weapons becomes the Green Goblin. Remember that Spider man died in my previous blog :P

Headline News: Green Goblin Caught By Load Shedding Riots

After the death of Spider man nobody ever thought that the Green Goblin can be caught but the things turned over unexpectedly when a load shedding riot unexpectedly broke into Norman Osborn's house because he had generator's running. While breaking through the house the rioters broke into the room where Norman Osborn secretly kept the weapons of Green Goblin. People started using those weapons and gliders of the green goblin on his home and in the city. Upon the arrival of Police they captured the people using the weapons and also captured Norman Osborn who never had time to run away.


No Super Villains can harm us, we have our own though :P

That's it for this time (Next time will be an Illuminati blog)

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Till Next Time 
Leaving You All With One Of My Most Favorite Pictures of Heath Ledger's Version of Joker 
X Y'All 

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