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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Girls : Defense Against The Dark Arts


Well FINALLY I got the topic, sitting around thinking to continue the Men: The Oppressed Souls blog with the reply from the girls side but I will wait for NZ to get free and write that, till then I noticed the amount of girls who abused and literally ran after me to beat me up after that blog so now I decided to write a blog to support girls because you never know my future wife might be among my readers. So this one goes to the girls

Before I need to give one Shout Out


The Myth, The Legend, The Man has finally decided to end things with Barcelona and all I would say to him is THANK YOU PEP!!! THANK YOU ........... Nd Best of luck to Tito Villanova for the future

Well now onto the topic

No matter how much I can STRESS on the fact that men are being oppressed by females all around as you can see in my previous blog

BUT , there is a small percentage of men who are haunting females as well and that haunting is BAD.  So this blog goes out to all those females and ladies who have been haunted at least once by THOSE type of men/boys. This blog ladies is a lesson on how to save yourself from these creeps.

NOTE: This blog is NOT for those girls who enjoy all of this, because trust me there are a lot of girls who do and even become girlfriends through these methods. You are AS disgusting as the guys who do this.


The majority stand in this category. Boys who don't want to turn into men turn into Poonds instead. Poondi is the local term for checking out girls by the boys. Some boys are good at this Poondi thing and they can check a girl out without the girl even getting a simple hint that she is being checked out while the others are just dumb enough to look at her while she passes by again and again from head to toe


Is there a group of boys standing in your way to the cafe or some place checking you out? and shouting names on you? The solution is simple girls, walk pass them without a single drop of weirdness on your face, that place to walk is as much yours as theirs. Basically why these Poonds do this is because they are alone and they have no girls to talk to and by doing this mostly girls turn up to them and call them bad and leave and they get happy that a girl talked to them so they will do it again to you. If you don't give them any sort of reaction then after two-three times they will leave themselves. Just hold your head high and don't even give them a little bit of attention.


Got a recent friend request or a fb message from a guy saying "Waant to be fraaandshap with me? =D =D <3 " ???  FIRST of all that is a "Pindi Boy" right there :P (Learn the difference). I have seen this through my career with the friends I have had and also with my fake profile (Yes, I ran a fake profile once for fooling my friend reasons :P) Guys jumbling out friend requests like the girl is supposed to accept them and if she does accept it the guys think that accepting a friend request = She accepted my proposal to become my girlfriend.   


Ignoring ain't gonna do the trick ladies because they are gonna keep messaging you until you finally loose your temper and say bad stuff to them. The solution to this is simple, a BURNING insult and no no no not one of those "Tumharay ghar main maa behan nahin hai kya? (Don't you have mothers and sisters in your home?)" go for something new. Insult them bad and they will never bother you again because these stalkers ain't the brightest of folks they can't think of comebacks that easily.


Getting a lot of text messages or even calls lately from an unknown number with the same kinds of messages like "fraandshap" or "u R vErY bTfL" or stuff like that *shudders at his own examples* These people are just like online stalkers but more dangerous because online stalkers can affect you only when you are online but these can hunt you all the time because they have your mobile number. 


The solution for both online stalkers and mobile stalkers is NOT the same. For an online stalker they know its your profile and if you insult then they know they can't get anything more so they might leave BUT if they get to confirm that it is actually a girl's number with them they will NOT leave anyway. So the simplest most solution is NOT to reply to the messages and if he calls OR make a call and hand over your phone to your brother or your some male friend that you trust and just give them some private time with the stalker. I am sure he will not bother you again.

So that's it for this time
I repeat that this blog is NOT for those girls who tend to enjoy this shit

At the end first a picture of the newborn Aayan Abbas , my cousin Auj a.k.a Queenie's son :)

Nd Then Its A Thank You PEP Guardiola :D

That's it from this time

Till Next Time
Don't Forget To Join The Group

X Y'All

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