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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What We Are?

Heyyyyyyyyy Alllllllll

M Backkkkkkkk (Not Entirely)

Its been approximately two months of no blogging and I know that all of you are expecting a very hilarious blog from me (my voice booms in an empty reader's column) :( . This writer's block can be a real pain sometimes for a writer. Since still I am unable to think of something funny to write about than this time I am going to blog about some points that I have been thinking over the past few weeks.

First things first I would like to divert everybody's attention to the killings happening in Quetta, Gilgit, Karachi and other places of Pakistan. Outside forces are killing our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons and not just killing they are doing it in the most inhuman and violent ways imaginable. These outside forces are trying to rip us apart in these Shia-Sunni conflicts. As much as I know Shia & Sunnis are brothers and we need to stand up against these people who are trying to rip our mother land by creating sect riots. Shia-Sunni need to combine hands and become how they have become in Bahrain. Bahrain is the perfect example where they tried to target sects and create differences but both sects combined and now they are facing huge problems from a united and powerful crowd.

Now towards the rant

1. Hypocrites

We are hypocrites and nothing but hypocrites. We can only blame other people whilst we are doing the same stuff under a hidden blanket. Talking about Pakistanis only then how much we love to blame Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and others for what is happening in Pakistan but we never for one second stop to take a glance inside ourselves. That would be asking too much wouldn't it?

If Zardari puts his relative as a minister then its A FOUL ACT
If one of us gets our relative a job through a "Sifarish" then its helping each other

If Zardari drinks alcohol then he is considered foul
While we never stop to look at how much alcohol is being drunk in the local community

If Zardari does corruption and sends his children outside of Pakistan its called in corruption and against Patriotism
When you send your children for advanced studies, then its for the betterment of your children

As according to a Hadith of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) (not quoting) that the leaders of a nation are exactly like the public. So that means we are little Zardaris and he is all of us combined into one.

2. Liars

We are not just hypocrites but we are amazing liars. We can give one of the most amazing images of ourselves to someone to impress them but the moment they turn their backs on you then you bring out the REAL self. I have seen a girl who use to say "I don't sit with guys that is Sooooo bad, I don't go out with anyone except my very close "girl" friends I can't stand them, I hate these show off clothes wearing girls" and in recent times I have seen that girl do ALL of those things above and more. 

I have seen a guy who can go to any extent of lying that you can't even imagine. According to him he has done everything from the moment of the great Alexander. Soon we might find out that he was the reason behind the bombing of Nagasaki and then he teamed up with Japan to build them the nation as they are now.

I know of a guy who used to do "unspeakable" stuff and now owns a registered NGO, is very famous among everyone and runs a blog criticizing people who do the same "unspeakable" stuff.

I have seen many people and during this all just remember this that I am trying to say "WE" meaning am not just blaming you but blaming myself as well

In the end as these days "What you think" pictures are becoming very famous then from my side.







Just a rant this time

Its all from me this time

As Always Don't Forget To Join The Group

Till Next Time
Give Suggestions On Group
X Y'all


  1. Very Well. First of all we must consider ourselves, instead of pointing others. We must unite hands to crush the foreign invasion in our motherland... Insha' Allah no one will succeed in crushing out beloved Pakistan and the winners will only be United Pakistanis. So lets unite...

    1. Thats true Muzahir but the point is that we aren't uniting. We know the fact that we are being separated but we are not doing anything about it.

    2. agreed totally, but being optimistic I see a bright future of Pakistan. Insha Allah we will achieve it. Atleast by personal part, we must care even in daily chores to avoid totally any act spreading hatred on the basis of Religion, cast, creed. I m commenting, and student sitting me abused a pathan teacher, just as he gave us less marks.. what the Hell. we must change mentality. atleast be optimistic as every 1 isn't the same...