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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Party Leaders: My View

Hello Everybody!!!

M Backkkk!!!

2 Months of no blogging and two half written blogs still in my dashboard I leave it all behind and go on towards this blog which I have been asked by many people to write on. It has no "objective" but just a point of view!

So let's start

1. Imran Khan (PTI)

I hope after this PTI fans don't start abusing me like they started abusing media personnel but I will say what I have to say! I myself was a major fan of Imran Khan when the so called "Tsunami" started and I supported him but he has parted ways with his own words. He said he would do a lot in turn he has either done nothing or the complete opposite. 

He wouldn't let corrupt leaders join his party?? --> He has many
He would let the youth have the power?? --> None what so ever
Party loyals will be taken care off?? --> All starting party members leaving

There has been a major downfall to Tsunami from what it started in Lahore to what it has become now which is just a joke. Imran Khan is now doing the same "conventional politics" that others have done. Showing us gold plated dreams and even taking our own dreams away from us. He has thugs in his parties such as "Garvaish" owner of the "Garvaish" hotels in Faisalabad who is a known thug in the area. Disrespectful people such as Inamullah Niazi and MANY MANY MORE corrupt politicians are a part of his "REVOLUTIONARY" team.

One thing PTI fans should engrave in their minds. PTI and Imran Khan are nothing but aiding PPP in winning the next elections as well because all PTI will end up doing is to steal votes of PML (N) and some areas of PPP while PPP will clearly have the majority with PML (N)'s votes divided. So until unless Imran Khan comes up with something brilliant (WHICH I TRULY HOPE HE DOES) there is no hope for PTI what so ever.

2. Zardari (PPP)

Now this is a leader! NONE of his party officials say anything bad about him, NONE in Pakistan has the guts to say anything about him on his face, NONE have it what it takes to fool him, NONE have it what it takes to take him out. He has made leaders (not from his party but from all) dance on his fingertips and those people even knowing couldn't stop him. Zardari is PURE EVIL! 5 years he did everything in front of everyone and nobody could do shit to him. Although he ruined my nation but a super villain of his stature is hard to find. His smaller thugs even of the likes of Rehman Malik are not under people's control what else can you ask about him.

3. Sharif Brothers ( PML (N) )

Here there is one brother who is actually doing something, maybe only in big cities but its showing none the less. The steps he has taken in Lahore, development in Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi is commendable. The work he is doing for youth is amazing such as Laptop scheme, Internship scheme, Punjab youth festival and the world records are just some examples. He goes around and makes sure the work is done rightly by himself.
On the other hand though there is the other brother, the elder. Who has been totally unmatched and bamboozled by the genius of Zardari and the competition by Imran Khan that he has nothing left in his arsenal. He starts his speech to blaming Musharraf and he ends his speech on hanging Musharraf! WHY? Not because he loves Pakistan but it was Musharraf who ended his reign and made him runaway on a deal to Saudi Arabia. Zardari making a fool out of him repeatedly and Imran Khan's competition has made the new hair on his head to fall again. He made promises and forgot, HE DID NOTHING as an opposition and let Zardari rule for five years where people starved to death!

When people say he has no link to America I LAUGH!

Its such a simple equation!

Nawaz Sharif + Saudis = Best Friends

Saudis --> (Allies of U.S.A) = U.S.A

Replace in above equation

Nawaz Sharif + U.S.A = Best Friends

4. Altaf Hussain (MQM)



Nuff said! I still want to live. I am too young to be killed and body bagged!

So now I have raised a serious question! If I hate all of the above leaders then whom do I support



I Believe the Pakistani army should come over and trial and hang all these corrupt leaders and then either rule themselves or hold a new election and bring in a cleaner government. Cause its time to clean up this country!

Thats it for this time! Two blogs might be coming soon!

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Till Next Time
X Y'All


  1. my brother do not keep hope from army... if army could do anything, it should have it by the past... i am sure army is allies with them all.
    the equation thing shows what u study :P
    i just pray for army to wake up and do something, as they have the biggest power here.

    1. If anyone can do something drastic its the army!

  2. @Sohaib: I liked your blog, except some reservations. instead of defending a minor opposite peronal point of view, lets only talk about the Army. Brother let the armed forces do their task, instead of calling them to the government. There's is hardly any example in any case, where a military dictator ruled the nation and took it out of crises.
    Instead of going towards other examples, stick to Pakistan. remember one thing, There is always a semi dictator in between Democracy and Dictatorship that paves a way for happy ending of dictatorship to keep their supporters alive.
    After every Ayub Khan, there comes Yahya Khan before Zulfiqar Bhutto (I m not at all a Bhutto lover). You can say the same thing, behind every Zia-ul-Haq, there comes Ghulam Ishaq Khan. you can even say, behind every Pervez Musharraf, there comes a Zardari. I can bet, that none of the military trained persons could remain pious being acting as a Chief Executive, for more than 90 days, while a single time sleep with the comforts of Chief Executive, every one dreams the same, to stay longer and longer...A single off track(illegal) step teaches a million ways to be off track. + majority of Pakistani nation is too stupid to recognize what happened even within 10 years.
    If you have known Imran Khan in such a small age, I don't hope you calling any kind of dictator to rule over the state. If you have gone through the history of MQM, you would have said, that Altaf Hussain was more than 10 times better than Imran Khan during his youth, and even proved himself, that's y got successful in defeating Jamaat-e-islami in Karachi. what happened to him after being in power, Imran Khan himself has proved, that he will ruin himself and public's confidence even 10 times earlier.
    What former dictators have done, I think they must be punished immediately, so you may suppose atleast a step towards betterment. Remember, what Zardari and his companions do, you know its major part, but will never know what dictators do with such an attitude. You may even go through Asghar Khan case. And then before supporting any kind of army’s rule, simply reply to my question, why so far most of the generals even including General Kiani hasn’t taken oath according to 1973’s constitution?? And please don’t be a kid to reply with the answer, that he’s serving army even since before 1973!!
    with regards.
    your X-mate :P