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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flirts : The Stereotypes



Second thing: Congratulations to Lionel Messi for becoming Ballon D'or second straight year, I think Xavi deserved it but Xavi & Iniesta are already legends. Let Messi become one for now. So gooooooo the magical trio for the catalans :)


Alright now guess whose back? Yeah I know Shawn Michaels returned in WWE but guess again
Yeah I knw Kaka is back from injury in Real Madrid but alright one more guess
NO NO NO M not talking about the return of Beyblade series on cartoon network I was talking about me & my blogs but guess nobody missed them? eh?

Aaaahhh who cares? M still gonna write blogs and you will read em like you always have, you got no choice........ muwahahahahahahahaha

Anywayyyyyyyy...... I was thinking and thinking and thought of many blog topics but then which one to write 1st? Then I thought of this topic and here we go

Flirts.......... Aaaaaahhhh flirts one of the fastly increasing populations of the world. Everyday we see new kind of flirts coming in trying their stuff, while some fail at what they do but the others oh well the others are the ones who don't have to roam around alone.

First lets see what flirting is?

Ans: Flirting is a 1991 Australian coming of age film about a romance between two teenagers starring Noah Taylor & Nicole kidman

Oh wait thats not the definition........... darn u Google....... Lets try again to see what is flirting?

Ans: Flirting is non-physical romantic communication between two people to negotiate mutual attraction through body language and verbal tactics. It is an initiation ritual of human mating and consists of a playful sequence of reveals and challenges that serve to communicate, test, and amplify attraction. Revealing attraction is accomplished primarily through specific modes of body language that indicate contact readiness (hair flicking, eye contact, brief touching, open stances, proximity etc.) and vocal tone (pace, volume, intonation). Challenges (teasing, questions, qualifying, feigned disinterest) serve to increase tension, test intention and congruity.

Alright m pretty much sure that half of that went over your head :P

That is EXACTLY WHY PLEASE use Wikipedia ONLY when YOU CAN :P

So now let me define in simple plain english what is flirting

Ans: It is the ritual when a boy/girl (YES GIRLS FLIRT THERE I SAID IT) come and talk to the other gender in an odd manner trying to impress them with that style is called flirting

Now lets consider the types

1. Cheap Flirts (90% Boys & 10% Girls)
"Is it hot in here or is it just you" well maybe take a look at your dialogue and maybe you might know why are you feeling that way? Oh come onnnnn ........ Seriously you think these work? Well it deserves a slap + heel combo to every cheap flirt out there. These are the ones who have to flirt with EVERY one out there. My university has them and two of them even got their pictures on the new campus advertisement, no wonder :P. They are not just a bad name to the ancient name of flirting but give a bad name to generally that gender as well mostly boys.

2. Amateur Flirts (75% Boys & 25% Girls)

"At last I finally found the perfect girl" ........ Yea I know all you amateur flirts out there waiting for your turn and to tell you the fact you people are the biggest & largest amount of flirts in this category. They are fine but the problem with them is that they don't know when to say what? Their timing is a complete disaster and they can blurt out the most stupidest thing to the most awesomest thing but majorly at the wrong time. Amateur flirts are everywhere and we don't need to go look finding for one just say in your class "OH DAMN" and the ones who look around searching for a girl, VALLA.

3. Nerdy Flirts (30% Boys & 70% Girls)

"Am very good at history so I must be good at dates" Yeah when someone speaks that line he/she MUST have a CGPA above 3.4 Plus ATLEAST. Since many boys are not capable to pull the feat of a 3.4 GPA so its mainly the girls who fall in this category. Starting from notes and rising above is their general method but the problem is that they are only successful if the other one is of their kind too. A nerd can only be good around a nerd otherwise they are not even considered humans, some alien hybrid specie that came down to earth to ruin our grades :P

4. Cool Flirts (65% Boys & 35% Girls)

"Hey flattery will get you everywhere so keep talking" Yea thatx flirting a very diffrent kind of it though. Cool flirts just stay cool and let it be with, they don't care what happens and if they loose one girl/guy for it. They will remain cool and let the others drop for them. To be a cool flirt you need some basic necessities
The rest comes with the 1st neccesity, below I have given a pic of a cool flirt but am seriously not sure if "IT" is a guy , girl OR? :P

5. Professional Flirts (50% Boys & 50% Girls)

"OMG LOOK AT THAT BOY/GIRL, HE/SHE IS AN ANGEL, HE/SHE IS SOOOOOO NICE" .......... Let me break it down to you people there are too kind of nice people

1. Actually nice people
2. Professional flirts

Both have almost the same kind of reputation in a society but BOY do they have the different methods to achieve it. One simple example winning the player of the year award in FIFA :P
1. Lionel Messi (Actually Nice People)
2. Shittiano Ronaldo (The other kind)

These are the MOST Rarest kind and its very hard to find "NICE" people anyway and among these nice people then these come. Sheesh its a hard world to live in. Well no piece of advice because these people are very lethal and they are at the best at what they do so you can't resist. They are called the Pros for a certain reason and everybody should respect that.

Well thats it from my side for this time
I know I have lost my touch a little but will be back with more soon

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Till Next Time (Keep waiting for an upcoming stunner)
X Y'All


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