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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letter To Abidal : GET WELL SOON

Eric Abidal

Today morning I turned on my Twitter to read the latest news on Barcelona through an account called Barcastuff. All I saw was different football players wishing you to get well soon. I got scared I quickly searched the news column and read about your tumor. The news came as a shocker because I couldn't believe what had happened within a night.

I Wouldn't go in this blog saying "WHY YOU? WHY YOU TO GET THIS DISEASE?" because you know that "ALLAH" tests those whom he loves. It is very sad that you have to leave and in WHAT A SEASON you were having.
  • You had already proved that you are one of the BEST Left backs EVER to step in the football ground but in this season in the absence of Puyol you silenced all your critics who said "Abidal cannot fill Puyol's place" by showing that you are also one of the BEST center backs EVER.
  • You scored your first goal and took Barca ahead
  • You stood like a wall single handedly in front of a great team like Arsenal without Pique & Puyol by your side
  • You provided one of the best through balls I have ever seen in my entire life
  • Pique made mistakes but you didn't this season
All in all you made Barcelona proud and you made us Culeans ALL OVER THE WORLD proud. Pakistan is a place where football kits are VERY rare to find and especially Barcelona kits and that too of anyone except Messi. But this season I saw your shirt as well lying around in stores but because of having no money I couldn't buy it.

I know while writing this letter that it is almost next to impossible that you will read it BUT if my luck shines because I will leave no method I know off to get you a hint of this letter. IF my luck shines and you do get to read this letter. I just want one thing, NO NO NO, I don't want an autographed t shirt or you to contact me.

ALL I want you to know that CULEANS all over the world are with you. When you will go into that operating room this friday we will ALL be out there in the waiting area , waiting for the good news because we know that a strong man like you will easily pass the obstacles and then ALL of us will be outside your house waiting for your recovery and then ALL of us will be at the Camp Nou waiting for your glorious comeback.

Nd Easily My Most Favorite Moment Of This Season , WHAT A GOAL , ND THEN AN AMAZING CELEBRATION , ONLY KING ABIDAL :)




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