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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Justice League vs The Avengers

Hello All!
I decided to do my take on a potential battle between the two greatest superhero teams in the world! 

Avengers Lineup: Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlett Witch & Vision

Justice League Lineup: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern & Martian Manhunter

P.S: According to some comic experts only the World’s greatest (Batman & Superman) are enough to take on the Avengers but for a traditional fight and to end this debate once and for all. Its 8 vs 6! (Hawk girl emitted from original 7)

Avengers face off Justice League in the middle of a dessert to end the dispute of which team is better once and for all.

Fight # 1: Batman vs. Ironman
Batman uploads a virus into Stark’s suit using EM pulses rendering it useless. Tony stark has two basic powers! Mind & his suit! With his mind turned toward getting his suit back online both of them rendered useless for the fight.

Fight # 2: Superman & Wonder Woman vs. Hulk & Thor
Everybody who knows the power levels of Superman know that Superman is more than capable of taking on Hulk and Thor at the same time all by himself but since Wonder woman never backs out from a fight that will make things just the more easy for the boy scout. Superman taking on Hulk will be a full on power brawl with both power hitters of the team on display with the exception that Superman has also learned battle tactics from Batman. Keeping that in mind, Superman will take over Hulk in a matter of time on the other hand Wonder Woman vs Thor is a typical battle of a Norse God vs a Greek Goddess. If they exist in the same timeline I also (with many comics fans/experts) believe that wonder woman is worthy enough to lift Mjolnir. So Thor’s only power is out of the equation and even if not! Wonder woman is a warrior and deceptive while Thor usually gets tricked by Loki all too often. Even if Thor prolongs his battle with Wonder Woman, it won’t be long when Superman is free and then well things don’t look too good for Thor.

Fight # 3: Flash vs. Hawkeye and Black Widow
*flash’s lighting sound* …………. Battle over. Hawkeye and Black widow knocked out before they make a move.

Fight # 4: Martian Manhunter vs. Scarlett Witch
Scarlett Witch needs to be in touching distance for her hex to apply on someone while Manhunter a.k.a Jon can simply manipulate her mind from a long distance and turning her onto the remaining member of Avengers, Vision.

Fight # 5: Vision vs. Green Lantern (Feat: Scarlett Witch and Martian Manhunter)
This is a tough fight if fought one on one, Vision as described in the movie is almost very powerful and green lantern although one of the most powerful things in the galaxy will have a tough time with vision and I consider this a tough fight and vision might even take this one but with Martian Manhunter already manipulating Scarlett witch and unleashing her on vision. Vision stuck with the dilemma to hit its own team member while Green lantern takes him on divides vision easily to be defeated in a matter of time.

Fight # 6: Batman vs. Captain America
The best of the fights so the near the end. This in my opinion is simply the best fight in the whole argument. Captain America can give Batman a run for his money with his super soldier serum, high strength and speed but Batman has taken on Darkseid and is the only one to ever dodge the Omega beam and with Batman’s mastery of all sorts of Martial arts and fighting techniques. A tough fight none the less but Batman takes out Captain America.

Fight # 7: Ironman vs. Justice League
Stark finally manages to get his suit back online. Flies up to see the complete Justice league staring at him. He says “Oh …..” when Superman punches him into a mountain and then Flash disassembles his suit in a matter of seconds.

Hal Jordan: Hey Flash you know Ultron was right about one thing!

Flash: What?

Hal: Avengers are a waste of humanity.

Flash: OH BURN!!!

P.S: Justice league without Aquaman, Hawkgirl and Green arrow!

The End!

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