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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day Pakistanis : Feat Bilal

Heyyyyyyyy Alllllllllllll

Today is the big day for which everyone was waiting for. All the red roses being sold all around the world, love cards being given to the ones you love, sending e-cards if your love lives far away, different and expensive gifts being bought for the ones you love, dates will be arranged all over the world in expensive restaurants, events will be organized regarding the big day in cafes, parks and restaurants, everything will be decorated in the color of love that is red, with hearts, roses, ribbons and glitter being the main ingredients. The day of love, the day of expressing your love to the guy/girl you have loved. You can finally ask him/her out. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ITS VALENTINE’s DAY
I Can’t express my excitement in words so I will express my excitement in pictures I took of myself below. Here is to all of you celebrating this amazing day J

 I am trying to keep this as polite as possible but seriously you guys need to get a life. This blog I am writing today is ONLY and ONLY for Pakistanis. I don’t care what anybody else does but I need to deliver my message to the Pakistani youth. You people are celebrating Valentine’s Day? I won’t go into the long stupid history of who made this day and how it came into being because even to this day it is not sure that which of the myths related to this day are correct but it has been widely proclaimed as the day of love. Finally you can ask the guy/girl you have liked out, isn't a dream come true? A day just to do exactly what you wanted. 

NO THIS IS JUST PLAIN STUPID , I was just watching a show on television in which a girl was walking around with a mic in her hand asking girls and boys how they celebrate valentine's day and they all told how they take their girls and boys on dates and how they buy them gifts and they buy them whatever "THEY WANT" and if someone was sensible enough to say that Valentine's day is not a part of our culture and I don't celebrate then she used to get rude and tell them that they are stupid. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL?? 

You are trying to celebrate an event made by English people (not just U.K & America) and are trying to learn how to love from them, from whom?? Those who have places for dogs in their home but who and leave their parents inside an old person home? You are trying to learn how to love from people who don't even know the meaning of it. 

If you really want to learn how to love and celebrate love then celebrate Eid Milaad-Un-Nabi like the way you people celebrate Valentine's day to show your love for your Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) , celebrate Mother's day , Father's day with as much enthusiasm as you celebrate Valentine's day. The youth now have thousands to spend on the people they met days, months or years (in special cases) ago A.K.A loved ones on valentines day buying gifts and going on dates but they don't have bloody "30" Rupees even to buy the people WHO RAISED THEM UP AND MADE THEM WHAT THEY ARE a simple card on mother's of father's day. If this is the kind of love you are learning from this day then please stop it. I live in a hostel room that is right in front of "Cafe Rock Bistro" and I can hear the "LOVE" in my room as well spreading throughout. CHEAP, DISGRACEFUL, EMBARRASSING. 

This is not a long rant because really nobody would give a damn to my blog. I could've named this blog to something against Valentine's day but I decided to name it as such because I at least wanted that those who are celebrating it can get the message by my pictures above. In the end I am just putting a picture of me and my friend who have seen that we are Forever Alone and we despise these stupid activities.

Me & Bilal

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Till Next Time
X Y'All

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