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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shia Genocide Pakistan: The Facts

I thought my first blog of 2013 would be a humor blog but this situation demands me to spread some information that has been succesfully hidden by media from the people! The brave people of Quetta who are sitting with the dead bodies of their loved ones since almost two days have opened the eyes of everyone regarding this incident. BUT! This incident is just the latest of thousands of incidents like this over the past year which nobody even knows about! Let me increase your information on this!

Ever wondered why #Shiagenocide is being tweeted so much all over twitter. Why protests against Shia killings have increased now a days. 
First the Islamabad dharna in 2012 for seven days in front of the parliament house (Which by the way I was a part of and was NEVER SHOWN in the media) 
Then more protests all over the world (London, america) --> NEVER SHOWN
Now the biggest of them with people sitting with the dead bodies of their loved ones asking for justice. With small ones all over Pakistan like in front of governor house in Lahore, press clubs in Islamabad and Faisalabad but is media showing all this?? NO! They just want to show the fake revolution being brough on by Tahir ul Qadri who even lies abt Islamic rules!

Now let me open your eyes!

In last year ALONE! There have been 1450+ Shias who have been killed through target killing, bomb blasts and mass killings in Hazara, Quetta, Karachi and probably all over Pakistan. You think this is a lie? Here is a list of all those who were killed and exactly how they were killed!

I know all of you would just scroll up and down to the list given in the link above and not even bother to read what happened. These people were taken off from buses and their IDs were checked and on confirming they were Shias they were all shot, bomb blasts in religious processions of Shias and sometimes target killing where at any time any one was shot! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Why doesn't Chief justice takes suo moto action of this? You wanna know why? BECAUSE Chief justice is a family member of one of the biggest terrorist groups involved in Shia genocide in Pakistan. You want to know whose relative is our very own chief justice? He is the relative of RANA SANAULLAH! Rana Sanaullah (PML-N) is a part of the terrorist party involved in Shia genocide. Taliban have also been a major factor in this Shia genocide but NO ONE! NOT SINGLE ONE TOOK NOTICE? No president? No Prime minister? No chief justice? No chief of the army staff? 

Was there not a single little girl whose life was as precious as that MALALA?
Was there not a single boy whose life was as precious as Shahzeb?
Was that slap against an ordinary woman on which chief justice took action himself more important than the brutal murder of 1450+ Shias?
Have you ever thought why media doesn't show all of this?

The media who can show the nude poses of katrina kaif shaking her naked body to vulgar songs and knows when and where Imran hashmi is going to make his next bloody film about kissing and making out with a girl but they don't know how many Shias are being killed in Pakistan? They don't know where the protests are happening against them? Why will not they show this??

If it wasn't for these brave men in Quetta right now this knowledge about Shia killings would still be undercover but I take my hats off to these brave people of Quetta from proving that nothing can stand in the way of truth. This is what our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) taught us and this is what Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) showed in Karbala!

#Shiagenocide #Quetta #Slientmedia #Hazara #Protest

I leave you with a video of an example of how Shias were killed
The decision is upto you

There were sooo many videos uploaded around the internet but all videos have been taken off! This is our government who can take these videos off from the internet but cannot take the video that Insulted our HOLY PROPHET (P.B.U.H) off the internet??


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