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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stalking 101

Heyy Alll

Stalking is an art that has been misunderstood by people around the world. It is basically research on people (girls and boys) that has been misinterpreted as spying and now even as a crime. 

As defines stalking as "To pursue by tracking stealthily".

Stealth is considered to be one of the most amazing traits one can have in one's arsenal and if stalking is the prime part of stealth then how can stalking be wrong. Some perverts around the world have just used this art wrong and have given it a bad name. Just like weapons which were used to ensure world peace are now being used as weapons of destruction. The same way stalking has been misunderstood!

Today on behalf of Bilal and I we would like to teach you the art that is stalking.

DISCLAIMER: This course is not for those perverts who will just use these things to search for girls on social networks and search for their pictures. Stalking is an art and it should be given its respect

1. Constant Vigilance All Times

The first and foremost point towards being a good stalker is simple! You have to be vigilant at all times. You can't wait around and let a target come to you. Sometimes you can miss the best of targets if you don't stay vigilant. This is not the same kind of research that you can always come back and find the same. This research changes and updates with time and we have to keep up to the speed of this.

2. Print Screen Is Your Friend

The button on your keyboard that is printed with the letters "PrntScr" is your friend. This maybe not as helpful as a formulae sheet in an exam but sometimes it can come out to be very handy as the evidence in a research.

3. Social Networking Stalking

Now these days the main stalking is happening on facebook and twitter cause basically all of the people are using either of these two networks. The more hidden people use facebook while the more open ones use twitter and those who are leading a double life use both regulalry (including me :P) 

a) Facebook Tickr

The search bar of Facebook is good but for that you have to be in the professional stalker zone to use the search bar efficiently. For this amateur course of stalking I will advise all to be "constantly vigilant" and have an eye on the Facebook tickr. This tickr can let you easily stalk your targets if they are in your friend list. Every activity they do is available on your tickr. They make like pages that will show a lot about them and you can use all this in your research about them. An example can be below where "ONE" of my friends liked a page and was caught :P (Name removed)

b) Tweetdeck

Again searching through Twitter bar takes a lot of practice and I would adivse the beginner stalkers to start with the application Tweetdeck which is available for PCs and Androids. This is the application that will help you find tweets, mentions and followers very easily and quickly as compared to browser Twitter. Got you research project on Twitter? This is the best start to find anything he/she does on twitter. You can even dedicate a coloumn to just their activities. (This part is STRICTLY not for perverts)

4. Google Search

Now sometimes (very rare) do you need to search outside Facebook and Twitter to research for your "Research project" and this is a very amazing tool for research in all fields but it can also be used for researching individuals but this is a very pro level tool and should only be used by professionals or under strict supervision of professional stalkers. Google can take you places but only if you know the right way to use it.

This is it for the first course. I would await all you new stalkers out there to try this and leave feedback and if you want to enroll for regular course then please contact either me or Bilal on twitter

Me --> @SohaibX512
Bilal --> @shbilalm

Till Next Time

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X Y'All