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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Travelers : The Stereotypes

Heyyyyyyyyyyy Allllllllllll

I am backkkkk , Its been long but really had no good topic to write on and just when I was sharing a life incident with a friend of mine thinking that I have run out of stereotypes to describe then boom.......... My friends comes with the idea which I have personally experienced in.


Been travelling throughout from a luxury Honda to a Cabin train to an AIR bus to a Niazi bus service. I have traveled in all of them and I have seen quiet A LOT of these travelers. So here it goes


Lets start with the biggie :P . They are the ones not at fault but basically they are just not a part of modern world and when they come in those areas then scenes are created which are rather hilarious for the people around. Alright enough with the high words and lets get down to biz. These people do insane and hilarious things not knowing of the fact that they are becoming the laughing stock of the area. Two personal experiences can explain better

Experience A (On A Flight To Dubai)

Flight goes as usual and the seat belts signs are taken off everyone removes their seat belts except the guy sitting next to me. Thinking he must be extra protective, I ignore it. Then I need to go to the washroom but he needs to get up in order for me to get to the aisle (since me being fat, i know i know, you guys don't need to say it) but he just doesn't get up. Now I think of it as rude but well I push my way through and then come back the same way. Once the flight end I take off my seat belt and stand up (conversation)
Me: Bhai jaan flight khatam hogayi uth jaayain (Bro the flight's over , get up)
Him: Bhai aik masla hai (bro there is a problem)
Me: What?
Him: Sir jee yeh belt kaisay khulti hai (How do you open the belt) :P

When I opened his belt the guy basically RAN towards the washroom because he was holding it in since the start of the flight :P

Experience B (On a bus that goes ONLY to Faisalabad)

Me: Sitting in my seat
Paindu: Aap bhi faisalabad hi jaa rahay hain? (are you going to faisalabad as well)
Me: Errmmmm yeaa
Paindu: *to guy sitting next to me* Aap bhi faisalabad hi jaa rahay hain? (are you going to faisalabad as well)
Person: Haan (yeah)
Paindu: *to guy sitting at the back* Aap bhi faisalabad hi jaa rahay hain? (are you going to faisalabad as well)
Person: Yeah

and this thing continued for 5-10 more passengers :P

So basically I think you guys got the point :P


Friend 1: *gets in car* This trip is going to awesome isn't it?
Friend 2: *gets in car* oh yea we are gonna have so much fun once we get on the road
Friend 1: *starts car & drives* man finally our road trip begins
Friend 2: Woooooooooooooo here we goooo

After 5 mins

Friend 1: So where do we start with?
Friend 2: ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzz

Yes my friends, this is the case with sleepers. They just need a running vehicle and they can sleep like anything. These people are helpless, a running vehicle is like a drug to them. Its going and they are sleeping. Below I share a personal experience with you for the FIRST time in the form a video.

I literally head butted him, hit him with my shoulder, plucked his hair and he still didn't wake up. The final thing I did to wake him up was by holding his breath (Not showing that part because of violent scenes) :P

I think you guys get the perfect point, whatever you do they just won't get up. 

See they just don't care :P


Really you need to be careful, if you see a person talking to a stranger sitting across him then try and get your seat number changed. My personal bad experience quite a few times but those experiences are not to be explained in words. These people can talk ON and ON about stuff that doesn't even makes sense sometimes. I mean seriously what does doing mechanical engineering from NUST is related to eating Puri Chanay at Peshawar Mor?? Confused?? So was I my friends, so was I. These people just talk and they will blab anything in their mouth from studies to work to travel to technology (met few of them) to even their personal life problems (yes I have met these). Five hours is long my friends when sitting with one of these and the NO the solution is not wearing head phones because these people will say "Leave it dude, lets talk" like we are the oldest of friends :P and if they GOD FORBID get a call on their mobile then GOD save you :P


Alright I didn't used to notice them before BUT since I made a friend who is related to ISI in "some" way since then I started looking around and from that day I noticed that the person who was looking the least suspicious of all was to be an ISI agent for sure. You and I are not able to enough to differentiate but I confirm to you people that, they travel and they will be the ones fitting perfectly in the lot.


These are my favorite type, got a bunch of these in your bus? Rest assured if you are not their victim (meaning the 1st category) then you are DEFINITELY going to enjoy this trip of yours. By Faisalabadis I am not restricting this stereotype to only people living in Faisalabad but since majority of the time it is people from Faisalabad doing this sort of stuff in my experience so I gave the "fun" stereotype this name. (ITS MY BLOG) They are basically going to joke on each other and unsuspecting victims and they will become the life of the bus. Any tension in the bus? they will crack it down
The bus crew troubling? they will get you enough cracks on them
I have sometimes been a part of this group myself as well



These people are just angry over something and they are just looking for a fight, not a major stereotype but a stereotype none the less. These people would be angry and will tell you the story and basically hurl every abuse they knew about the people/thing they are angry on and then will ask "I am speaking right?" and that is the basic point. ALWAYS SAY "YES" , you beg to differ and he will surely bag up your differ and tell you what he feels about you. They are basically a sub stereo type of the talker but they are pretty darn rash and will not care about anything and tell you what they want BY HOOK OR CROOK


Going for two days from your city to elsewhere (for boys only) then what will you pack? 2 jeans, 1 trouser and around 3 t-shirts maximum other than the accessories? Again repeating this question is NOT for girls because they are a part of this stereotype. Then there are people who have 3 suit cases when going for a 2 day trip to somewhere. Women are smart, they know that they don't need to drag their suit cases around one or the other male will do it for them so they travel heavy. Keeping almost all of their household wear with them because for a girl you never know :P . Some men also like to travel heavy like when I was on my way back from Dubai then people had brought SO MUCH baggage that they actually had to place some of the baggage on the empty seats inside the plane because the luggage area was full. Never seen it? I have. 


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